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Impington Village College


A Bit About Us

As a core subject we teach Science to all students in the Main School, and a large proportion of the Sixth Form as part of the IB Diploma and Career programmes.

Home Learning Pledges

Years 7, 8 and 9 – weekly tasks, with a range of activities to develop different skills.

GCSE Combined Science: Trilogy – one homework per fortnight per subject

GCSE Biology, Chemistry, Physics – one homework per fortnight, usually learning based.

Where We Teach

Science is housed in 2 blocks, dedicated entirely to the subjects. There are 12 fully equipped laboratories, 2 prep-rooms and a science office split between the blocks. Staff can often be found in the shared office (P10) at break or lunchtime.

The ICE programme

Year 7 and 8

There is a strong focus on “Thinking Scientifically”, with each unit of work including at least one extended investigation.

Year 9

This is a foundation year aimed at developing the skills needed for the new GCSEs in the Sciences. We follow the ICE program until February half term and then begin to cover some of the topics common to both GCSE pathways.  In lessons, there is a focus on developing mathematical and practical skills.  At the end of Year 9, we will review progress and choose a starting pathway for each student going into Year 10. 

Years 10 & 11

All students are following the AQA suite of Science GCSEs, either Separate Sciences (three GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry, Physics) or Combined Science: trilogy (two GCSEs).

The specifications are available at:

In addition, some students may complete the Entry Level Certificate:

The Team 

Lead Practitioners

Rachael Carrington

Lead Teachers

Rebecca Moore
Jennifer Walker


Fiona Brookes
Sarah Carbanero
Georgina Chivers
Leah Cooper
Samuel Crawford
Yair Doza
Chris Wrigley
Amy Brewer
Gemma Eastham
Christine Martin
Mim Bower

Lab Staff

Sharon Chivers    
Caroline Oates    
Lisa-Marie Stevenson    
Irene Tam    

Support Staff

Christine Foster
Tom Blow