What is the Flexible Working Ambassador School programme?

The Department for Education (DfE) launched the Flexible Working Ambassador Schools (FWAS) programme in 2020 looking for 8 schools across the Regional Schools Commissioner (RSC) regions of England that would:

➣ Improve the policies, practice and culture around flexible working

➣ raise the perception of and likelihood of flexible working requests being accepted by schools.

➣ provide personalised guidance to schools and online events to improve the perception of flexible working.

Impington Village College (IVC) is very pleased to have been one of the 8 schools chosen to be a Flexible Working Ambassador school.  IVC is an inclusive, inspirational and internationally established Lead school. It has policies, practices and culture that support flexible working (FW) across management, teaching and non-teaching positions and we believe this is why IVC has been chosen to be a Flexible Working Ambassador School.  We recognise that FW supports employee work-life balance, raises morale, reduces absenteeism and improves our use and retention of staff.

Further information on Flexible Working in Schools can be found on the DfE webpage here and more general information FWAS can be found on the webpage here.

In 2020, the DFE published a report about flexible working.