Pupil Premium

The ultimate objective for our disadvantaged pupils:

To break the link between socio-economic status and educational engagement, experience and progress.

Key elements of our Pupil Premium strategy:

a. Develop and empower teachers to deliver excellent lessons to our disadvantaged students.
b. Support disadvantaged students with targeted academic tuition to build confidence, knowledge and exam success.
c. Ensure that our range of personal developmental and wellbeing support is as thorough and rigorous as our academic interventions.

Key principles:

i. Fostering positive relationships that allow disadvantaged students to feel belonging to/being part of the College.
ii. Ensure that disadvantaged students are understood and pastoral/academic strategies for them are bespoke.
iii. Creating as many enrichment opportunities as possible for disadvantaged students to promote positive experiences of the College.
iv. A commitment to continued self-reflection and high quality research that allows us to understand our disadvantaged students and how best to support them.

Please click below to peruse the pupil premium strategy:

Pupil Premium Strategy Document 2023-2024