Protein Data Base Art Project 2020

Earlier in the year, some of our amazing 2019-20 GCSE Year 9 Art students, participated in the European Protein Data Base (PDBe) art and science project; a collaboration between Protein Bank in Europe, local schools and art societies, which aims to inspire the creation of artistic interpretations of biomolecules in the Protein Data Bank.

Throughout the project our students learnt about 3D molecular structures through hands on training, meeting the scientists and visiting Wellcome Genome Campus. They then explored and researched their protein of interest to create the artworks accompanied by scientific descriptions.

Deepti Gupta, PDBe, European Bioinformatics Institute, said: “Impington Village College was one of the first state schools to embrace the PDBe art project and it has been such a pleasure to work with the students and teachers on the project. Each year we are surprised to see the artworks created by these young artists as they go further and further with their inspirations, design, thought, research and learning process. To know that the project has given them an opportunity to bring arts and science together, in a unique way, and at the same time raised their interest and confidence in science, is a brilliant outcome for us at PDBe. We really hope that we continue to inspire the younger generation for years to come!”

Find out more about the project from our students:


December 17, 2020