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Hear from the Principal 10.02.23

I would like to extend my thanks to you all for your continued support and enthusiasm for the first half of this term. I hope that you and your children have a relaxing, and refreshing break. I look forward to welcoming our students back to the College on Monday 20 February; as a reminder, you can find all of our term breaks here

Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week 

At the College, we are always keen to explore the ways we can equip students with the skills, knowledge and opportunities they need to thrive beyond the classroom. I was so pleased to begin the week by welcoming over 30 Cambridgeshire-based employers to the College for an Apprenticeship Careers Fair 2023. The students met directly with employers from different industries and learnt about various apprenticeship opportunities. Not all of our students want to go on to Higher Education, so it is useful to hear from well-recognised employers such as Marshall, Bidwells, Cambridge University Hospitals, and more about alternative pathways to their preferred industry.

Bravo! Brava!

I am tremendously proud of our Performance School alumni who are currently dazzling audiences on the West End. From Billie Bowman starring in Heathers The Musical, Ryan Hutton performing in Only Fools and Horses, and Beatrice Penny-Toure – the first ever woman of colour to play the lead role in Disney’s onstage adaption of Mary Poppins – College alumni have a long history of success in the Performing Arts. 

I was fortunate enough to watch the talented students hoping to follow in their footsteps during recent College performances of Hook’d and People, Places and Things. The two performances couldn’t have been more different stylistically, but both showed off the incredible depth and talent of our performers. Congratulations to all students involved!

Art field trip news – hot off the press 

A cohort of our Year 10 Art students recently enjoyed spending a morning at St Mary’s Arts Centre to learn more about print-making. Each of our students produced a series of personalised images, exploring the different outcomes that could be achieved by using a traditional printing press and different paper-based surfaces. Some of their final pieces of art will be included in their GCSE coursework. It was positive to hear how much the students enjoyed themselves – thank you to Miss Pierce, our Art Technician, and Mrs Conroy, Head of Art at St Mary’s, for providing students with the enrichment opportunity.  

Eureka! We’re inspiring the next generation of scientists 

According to EDF Energy, jobs in STEM account for 7.8% of all jobs in the UK; the equivalent of 2.5 million jobs overall. Showcasing the exciting world of Science to our students is important and I was pleased that a number of our Year 10 students were able to attend the GCSE Science Live! Event last week. The students enjoyed listening to a number of exciting lectures from leading minds in genomics, clinical anatomy, physics, and chemistry. Thank you GCSE Science Live! for helping to inspire the next generation of scientists.

Excavating a medieval village? Our students ‘dig’ that! 

Many years before the foundations were laid for our Bauhaus style, Gropius Hall, the College grounds were home to a medieval village. Last year, with support from Histon and Impington Archaeology Group (HIAG), a number of our students took part in series of on-site excavations. During their weekly iCAS activities, students and their mentors discovered the remains of a medieval clay wall, the remnants of a corn-drying oven, animal bones, and an abundance of pottery; some of which dates back to the Roman era.  

The collection is now being displayed locally. If you are looking for something entertaining and enlightening to do during the Half Term break, I recommend visiting Histon Library to explore the excavation finds on display.

A picture-perfect field trip

Finally, our Year 11 Art and Photography students enjoyed their recent visit to the iconic Tate Modern gallery in London. The trip was an opportunity for the students to explore a wide range of contemporary art and photography to support one of their GCSE assignments. I know that the students finished the visit feeling inspired and full of creative ideas to help them shape their exam projects, and I can’t wait to see their final work later in the year.

February 10, 2023