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Impington Village College


GCSE Catering and Hospitality

Syllabus content 

The examination will consist of:

            (i)     a theory paper at the end of the course, (40%)

            (ii)    two practical assessments, (40%) (15 + 25 marks)

            (iii)   a coursework project, (20%)

In addition students will follow a further food hygiene module leading to the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Basic Food Hygiene Certificate, which will be taken as an external examination in Year 10.


The aims of this course based on the exam board criteria should enable the following to be achieved:

  • An awareness of the structure of the catering industry and an introduction to career opportunities and further study.
  • The effective organisation and management of resources in relation to the needs of prospective clients in a multicultural society.
  • An awareness of relevant mandatory and other necessary health and safety requirements.
  • A basic knowledge of nutrition and an understanding of the relationship between diet and health.
  • An ability to adapt to advances in technology and scientific knowledge in the catering industry.
  • An appreciation of the consumer situation and an understanding of the importance of cost effectiveness within the catering industry.
  • Opportunities to work both individually and as a member of a team.
  • A basic understanding of the food and beverage industry and the communication and social skills required within it.
  • An interest in and enjoyment of food preparation, presentation and service.

The course will provide a broad background of understanding and core knowledge, whilst allowing scope for candidates to focus on a particular interest area.  The course involves both theory and practical work and is not purely a practical subject.

Students will be expected to wear professional chef white jackets and hats for all practicals; these can be purchased through school following normal procedures.  (Approximate cost £25)

GCSE Child development

What will I learn?

This is a course which will help you learn about children at different stages of their growth and development.  You will learn how to care for and educate children, and how to work with them to help them develop.

How will I learn?

You will complete a project based assignment and a multiple choice question paper covering the two core units.

These are:

  • an introduction to working with children
  • the developing child

You will also complete a period of work-based learning at a local nursery.

BTEC Hairdressing 

Here at Impington Village College , Our students have the opportunity to enroll on a (Vocational) Hairdressing course which lasts for 2/3 years

What Qualification Will I Achieve?

  1.     Level 1 BTEC Certificate in Services
  2.     Level 2 BTEC Diploma in Hairdressing Services

Where will I learn?

We have a  modern 15 seat  fully equipped hairdressing salon, with a reception area, which is a realistic working environment for our students to learn in.

What is involved?

The school will supply all materials, products and training necessary to complete this course.

The students will have to purchase and wear a Hairdressing tunic for all practical lessons, which will be arranged with the school.

What Will I Study?

The course will give you an insight into the

Hairdressing industry as well as the basic skills and Knowledge needed

How can I progress when I leave school?

You can then apply for further courses at Cambridge Regional College at NVQ level or take an apprenticeship in a salon

There are also many other career opportunities that these qualifications can lead to

Eg. Cruise ship work, Receptionist, Media make up, Hair and beauty ie stage work/catwalk styling, working in the Fashion industry, Men’s barbering, business owner.

Subjects studied include:

  • Health and Safety practice
  • customer services
  • Salon reception duties
  • Personal presentation
  • Introduction to hairdressing services
  • Shampooing
  • Braiding, plaiting
  • Blowdrying
  • Hair up
  • All aspects of Hair styling
  • Basic colouring
  • Marketing
  • Working in the Hair and Beauty industry
  • Retail products and display
  • Team work
  • Industry and occupation awareness

You will work in a realistic working environment as well as undertaking the theory of hairdressing.

Assessment and Examination:

Assessment is by a combination of observation, of practical assessments, Coursework a Portfolio and assignments.