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Impington Village College

The Performance School

This pathway is designed for students who wish to enter the professional world of theatre and performing arts. Students will usually take BTEC Performing Arts and one or more other subjects chosen from the range offered in the Sixth Form. In addition some students will then choose a further A Level/IB subject which need not be directly linked to performance.

The Performance School courses are:

  • BTEC Performing Arts
  • Dance IB
  • Drama A Level
  • Music IB
  • Theatre Arts IB

What course would fit your future?  

The Contemporary Dancer 

  • The IBCP Programme 
  • BTEC Performing Arts 
  • IB Dance Certificate Option 
  • IB English Literature Certificate Option 

The Actor 

  • A Level Drama 
  • A Level English Literature 
  • A Level History 
  • IB Dance 

The Musical Theatre Artist 

  • BTEC Performing Arts 
  • A Level Drama 

The Technician or Stage Manager 

  • The IBCP Programme 
  • BTEC Performing Arts 
  • IB Film Studies Certificate Option 
  • IB Theatre Arts Certificate Option 
These pathways are not the only options for those wishing to pursue the above careers, they are simply suggestions which we believe would lead to success. Many other combinations are possible based on these examples.