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Impington Village College

Progress and Achievement

Marking, Feedback and Assessment
At IVC we have a whole-college assessment policy which aims:

  • to ensure that students receive consistent, regular, high quality formative feedback
  • to encourage students to engage with and respond to feedback provided be teachers to improve their progress and attainment

The Marking, Feedback and Assessment Policy is focused around the evolution of our ‘IMP Stamp’.  Our "IMP Stamp" clearly identifies for students the following aspects of their work:

  • impressive… What students have done well
  • improve… What students need to do to develop the quality of their work and level of attainment
  • imp (i make progress)… An opportunity for students to respond to the teacher’s feedback and demonstrate their understanding of what is required to make progress in the future.

Students are provided with green ‘Progress Pens’ to respond to teachers’ feedback and to peer and self-assess
their work.

Assessment Books
To develop the use of the IMP stamp further, we are introducing Assessment Books this year for each subject
area where students will complete formal, marked written work. This will allow students to see their progress
easily and to extend their learning each time they receive feedback on their work. Students will complete their
feedback in green pen, provided by the College. In most cases, these books will remain in College to ensure they
are not lost or damaged; we will, however, send them home with students occasionally during the holidays to
support with revision and allow parents to look at the work their children have been completing in lessons.
Assessment Books will also be available for you to view at Parents’ Evenings.