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Impington Village College

Parent Pay and College Meals

ParentPay at Impington Village College

What is ParentPay?

The College uses a service called ParentPay which enables parents to pay for their child’s lunch, educational visits and trips online. ParentPay offers you the freedom to make payments whenever and wherever you like 24-7, safe in the knowledge that the technology used is the highest internet security available. Your family will have a secure online account, which can be accessed with a unique user ID and password.
Making a payment is easy, simply select the item to pay and follow the instructions to complete your payment. You can pay for multiple items during a single online session. ParentPay holds an electronic record of your payments to view at a later date should you wish. No card details are stored in any part of the system.

How do I use ParentPay?

You will be issued with a unique username and password as soon as your child is registered at the College, which is normally in June. Once your child has been enrolled on the first day of term, your account will be activated. Simply go to and login. You will need to change your password and you may also change your username to something more memorable. Also, register your email address here so receipts of payments can be sent.

What cards can I use?

ParentPay accepts MasterCard and Visa credit cards and Maestro, Switch, Delta, Electron, Solo and Visa debit cards. 

Is it safe to make payments on the internet? 

Yes. In fact, it is as safe to pay online with ParentPay as it is to use your credit card in a shop or over the phone! ParentPay uses leading technology to process your credit/debit card transactions securely. All communication with the bank is encrypted. Neither ParentPay nor the College have access to your card details and your card details are never kept by ParentPay or the College. 

What about our personal information?

ParentPay uses a very limited amount of information about you and your child solely for the purpose of administering your account, and does not share or give information to any other organisations. They operate under strict guidelines set out by the Data Protection Act 1998, which ensures the protection and care of personal information. This means that any information sent electronically will only be used for the purpose that you intended. ParentPay will never contact you by phone, email or mail and ask you to divulge confidential information like passwords or card numbers. If you are ever contacted by someone claiming to be from ParentPay, please contact them immediately on 08700 420550.

If you have any queries regarding ParentPay, please telephone the College and select the Finance Office option.

VeriCool and Cash-Free Catering 

The College uses a computerised fingertip scheme called VeriCool. Below is a brief outline of how the scheme works, the benefits to the College and parents, and what children are required to do. 

What is VeriCool?

VeriCool is the way in which students pay for lunches at the College. The software verifies a student’s identity by reading their fingertip and confirming who they are.

How it Works

The system uses fingertip digital signature recognition. We enroll all students and teachers capturing 120 data points from each middle finger on both hands. 

At no time do we capture a fingerprint. The data points captured are very similar to reference points on an Ordinance Survey map, and they are stored on a stand alone, encrypted server. This information is for use within the College and is not released to anyone outside of the College and is subject to the same level of security as all other student data.

Cash-Free Catering

The College operates a cash-free catering service with the VeriCool fingertip system.

The system helps us to improve the service provided for your children in the following ways:

  • It enables the students to be served more efficiently and quickly and keep queues to a minimum
  • It ensures complete confidentiality for students entitled to free school meals
  • It is a unique verification. No one else can use your child’s finger tip
  • It helps us to prevent bullying, by ensuring that student’s no longer need to carry cash to College
  • It ensures that money provided by the parents to pay for schools meals is used only for that purpose.

Cash-free catering is run by Impington Village College in conjunction with Caterlink who provides catering facilities for the College. The system operates in the following way:

  • You need to assess how much your child will spend on breakfast, break and lunch each day.
  • A default maximum spend has been set up of £5.00 per day. If you wish to raise or lower this limit, please state on the slip below.
  • Before a student can use cash-free catering, they will have to enroll on VeriCool. We aim to carry out registration during the Year 6 Induction Days in June each year. If this has not been possible, registration will take place on the first day of the Autumn Term.  

Please complete the attached permission slip, and return to the College via your child as soon as possible. Alternatively, please return to the Finance Office.  We will set up an account for your child. That account requires funds to be deposited before they can use it. This can be done in several ways:

  • The easiest and quickest way is by using “ParentPay” which is an online secure method of payment where parents can log on from home and commit funds to lunch or other College activities (see above). The funds will be automatically credited to your child’s account removing the need for them to queue or bring cheques/cash into College. Please see the ‘ParentPay’ information sheet (enclosed) for more details.
  • Cheques can be written payable to Cambridgeshire County Council. These should be delivered to the Finance Office clearly marked with the student’s name and form. Please note there may be a small delay in processing if cheques are deposited in the College canteen or late in the day.

As a back up on the first day of term, when accounts are being set up and fingertip registration is taking place, a cash till will be available.

Please ensure that your child has cash for use at this till until the account is set up and has funds available.

Your child will be able to check the balance of their account from either the Finance Office or the Canteen.

If you have any queries regarding VeriCool, please contact the Finance Office

Free School Meals 

Free School Meals: Children who are entitled to free school meals will automatically have £2.10 added to their daily account. Parents who wish to add to this amount can send in money to the College. The free school meal allowance ‘purse’ will be used up before the personal ‘top-up’ purse is used.

Please visit this link for the free school meals application form.

Cashless Catering Prepay form, Food & Drink price list and Menu Rotation available below