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Impington Village College


Logging into MOODLE from home

To log in to MOODLE from home, please follow these instructions.

1. Go to the website or click the log in link from the College website.

2. You should see the following web page.


You may see a pop-up box, or the MOODLE attempting to automatically log in, which will fail. This is expected, please either click “cancel” and wait for the above webpage, or click continue to get there quicker.

3. Enter the username and password sent to you in the post to complete the login.

4. You may be presented with a user profile page checking for missing details like your email address and city/town. Please fill these in and save your profile. Your email address is not used currently and will not be shared outside the College but is required for username/password reset. You should then see the following MOODLE Homepage.


Navigation of the MOODLE is grouped by blocks on the left and right of the page, the centre then used for the content. You can minimise the blocks using the “-“ button on each one.

Blocks you will see include:

Homework: A list of the next 5 due in homeworks for each child, with link to additional homeworks at the bottom in due date order.

SIMS: Shows a link to your child/children showing a range of information including attendance marks, Timetable, MOODLE assignment grade book, upcoming MOODLE homework and coursework events, any behaviour and achievement notes, and electronic documents, for example letters, relating to your child/children.

If you have any questions or problems relating to the MOODLE please email giving as much detail as possible but do not include any passwords.