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Impington Village College


The approach to Home Learning at IVC is currently being reviewed to be launched in September 2018. For more information please contact Victoria Hearn (Vice Principal).

To help understand what is required when it comes to homework, we have laid out some useful information. Each subject area has a home learning pledge in their curriculum section.

What is the purpose of Home Learning?

The purpose of Home Learning at Key Stage 3 is to establish good working procedures for children so that they allocate a regular slot each evening to completing work and preparing for the next day. It is not the nature of the work that is so vital at this stage, it is the establishment of regular working habits so that these are in place to assist the transition to Key Stage 4. We hope you find this information useful in helping to support students with Home Learning. 

We recommend that Year 8 spend approximately one hour per evening on Home Learning tasks comprising of set home learning tasks and extension tasks from MOODLE or direct from the teacher.

In Years 9 to 11, the completion of Home Learning tasks is directly related to the grades that young people eventually achieve. If they have not established a good routine early on it will be more difficult for them to do so at the age of 14.

We recommend that Year 9 spend approximately 90 minutes per evening on Home Learning tasks comprising of set home learning tasks, revision and extension tasks from MOODLE or direct from the teacher.

Please click here for Home Learning Ideas

and finally…

for students with a spare moment, why not:

  • Have a go at a Sudoku puzzle
  • Challenge a friend to a game of Articulate
  • Do a crossword
  • Compile your own word search on a topic of your choice
  • Watch a programme on the Discovery/History channel
  • Play Scrabble or Boggle
  • Watch Countdown
  • Watch the BBC news and report to your tutor group on a topic you feel very concerned about
  • Challenge yourself to do an extra 30 minutes physical activity
  • Join a College club that is outside your usual area of interest
  • Find out, with some friends, what opportunities there are for young people in your area to become involved in clubs, projects, etc.
  • Read the lead story in a national newspaper
  • Astound your friends – delve into a dictionary and find the meaning of two words you didn’t know and use them the next day
  • Interview one of your grandparents about their school days and see how they compare to yours
  • Get together with a group of friends and carry out one activity to improve the environment of your immediate area.

In Year 9, all homework tasks should take at least 45 min to 1 hour per week.

In Year 10 and 11, this will increase to at least an hour per week, if not more depending on the time of the academic year.

Revision for tests and preparation for controlled assessments will also be classed as homework tasks and should be recorded in the planner as such.

  • Subject areas may change the setting day as necessary if there is an exam coming up.
  • Languages Option subjects may set more than once a week due to the nature of the tasks, vocabulary learning etc.