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Impington Village College

Home Learning

Home Learning at IVC

We have just relaunched our approach to Home Learning, IMP@Home, following a year of planning, preparation and research into best practice. IMP@Home is designed to provide clarity for students and parents and to ensure that tasks are meaningful. We believe that Home Learning should:

  • provide opportunities for structured independent study, which is meaningful and challenging
  • be aimed at preparing students for assessed tasks in class, or for end of topic tests/examinations
  • allow students to establish routines and become independent learners, responsible for their work and progress

Homework at IVC is carefully phased, with years 7 and 8 following a reduced homework programme. From year 9 onwards, all Home Learning tasks are set using the IMP@Home framework. There are prescribed tasks each half term that teachers will choose from, which will be shared with parents via the website and MOODLE. An example for each has been included at the end of this leaflet. Tasks have been carefully planned in subject areas to prepare students for their written exams, and will come from one of three overarching strands that we believe will impact positively on student progress:


tasks designed to build students’ independence using flipped learning. This could include doing research, some reading or recapping prior learning before a lesson.


tasks designed to support students’ learning, based around Learning Scientists themes. They will include a focus on memory, revision techniques and note-taking. They will also encourage ‘spaced practice’, to ensure students revisit previous learning regularly.


tasks designed to help students secure their progress by practising/preparing for the next assessment. This could include planning or completing exam style questions.

If you would like to read more about our approach to Home Learning, please click here.