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Impington Village College

General Information


Free parking is available at the College on the hard playground area and at the front of the College.


There is a bus stop right outside the College. The College is on the Citi 8 route. 

We are only a short walk away from the Guided Bus stop (1 mile). Please contact the office for directions to get to the College from the stop in Histon.

Closure of College

In the event of severe weather conditions that could result in school closure, please check the website or tune into local radio for up-to-date information.

Equalities Statement

We are fully committed to equality of opportunity and welcome enrolments from everyone.

We positively encourage all learners with any concerns about specific needs which might affect their learning to discuss their requirements with us in confidence. We believe that everyone is entitled to learn in an environment that is free from discriminatory behaviour so that we build a community based on mutual trust and respect.

We will ensure that resources and equipment are accessible to all and make reasonable adjustments to ensure that all learners can access activities.

Insurance & Losses

The College cannot accept responsibility for loss of personal property left on the premises, nor for damage to cars and bicycles. 

No Smoking

Government Legislation, introduced on 1st July 2007, places a total ban on smoking in public places. Impington Village College operates a No Smoking policy. Learners wishing to smoke are asked to do so away from the immediate vicinity of the College.

Data Protection

All students will be required to complete an enrolment form for the course they are attending. Details are governed by the Data Protection Act.


We have made arrangements to ensure that you are safe at our centre. If you feel you are not safe for any reason, for example through verbal or physical abuse or you have been discriminated against, tell your tutor or the Centre Manager. We will investigate and try to resolve the situation.

Language Courses

If you are unsure about the level of your language skills, please speak to the office and we will ask tutors to contact you to discuss your needs further.

For guidance:

Beginner – No experience necessary
Improver – 50-60 hours prior experience required
Intermediate – 120 hours prior experience required
Advanced or Conversation – Over 120 hours prior experience required


If you withdraw from a course before it finishes no refund will be given.

If due to illness you need to withdraw from a course, a refund for the remainder of the course will only be given on receipt of a Doctor’s certificate, which must be submitted promptly.  A £10 administration fee will be deducted from the refund.

If for any reason a class is re-arranged (weather or illness of tutor) a refund is not available if you are unable to attend the re-arranged class.  Re-arranged classes may need to be put on in the next term.


A full refund will be give if you cancel a booking more than 1 week before the start date. 

Less than a week notice there is a £10 administration charge   

No refunds will be given if the course has started.

Terms and Conditions 2017-2018 

Thank you for choosing a course at our Centre. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before completing the enrolment form. If you have any enquiries regarding your enrolment please contact the office. As part of our commitment to equality and non discrimination we offer confidential interviews to discuss your particular learning needs and/or to support the completion of this form. Please either tick the box on the form or contact the office directly.

 You will be given details of the course(s) you have chosen. These will include:

  • The dates, times and duration of the course(s)
  • Course work and syllabus requirements
  • Other courses/employment this course could lead to
  • How to access Information, Advice and Guidance


You will not be admitted to class unless you have enrolled and paid the appropriate fee.


If the Centre has to cancel a class for any reason and cannot find a suitable alternative for you a refund will be given. In certain other circumstances a refund may be available. If you withdraw from a course before it finishes you will still be liable for the full cost of the course, even if it is being paid by instalments. Please see refund policy for further details.


If you withdraw from a course or do not complete course work or other requirements for any examinations or external assessments for which you were granted a free entry, you will be required to reimburse the full fees. In the event of ill health, a doctor’s certificate will be required. If you pay for your examination and withdraw or do not attend for 6 weeks prior to the examination, you will not be allowed into the examination unless a doctor certifies the absence.


Check our brochure and website. For further information ask at the office.

Changes to Courses

The centre reserves the right to cancel, combine or re-schedule courses and to make changes to the contact, teaching and assessment provided on any course and to any facilities offered by the centre. In the event of industrial action or circumstances which are unforeseen or beyond the control of the centre, interfering with its ability to provide educational or other services or facilities, the centre will make reasonable endeavour to minimise resulting disruption, but cannot guarantee the provision of the services or facilities.

Data Protection

The information you provide on this form will be passed to the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) and The Learner Registration Service (LRS). Both are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998. The registration is primarily for the collection and analysis of statistical data. The SFA will collect and share this information with other organisations for the purpose of administration, careers and other guidance, statistical and research purposes. This will allow the Adult Learning and Skills service and its partners to monitor performance, improve quality and plan future provision. Further information about data confidentiality is available upon request from the centre or from the SFA website. The SFA or its partners may wish to contact you about courses or learning opportunities relevant to you; if you do not wish to be contacted please tick the box on the enrolment form.

The LRS will use your information to create a unique learner number (ULN). The LRS will enable organisations allowed by law and detailed at to access the ULN and integrate it into their systems. Individuals are able to opt out of sharing participation and achievement information in their learner record with those organisations detailed at, if they wish. Details can be found on the LRS website or by calling the helpdesk on 0845 6022589.

The centre will not be liable to any user of its services or facilities for any indirect or consequential loss which may be suffered as a result of any breach by the centre of any obligations to the user or any other act or omission of the centre or its employees. If the centre is found liable to the user for any such breach, act or omission, the liability will be limited to a maximum of the tuition fee paid to the centre on behalf of the user in respect of the academic year in which the breach, act or omission occurs. This limitation applies to any liability, including liability for negligence, except where the centre's negligence causes death or personal injury.