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Impington Village College


Rooms Available for Hire

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Gropius Hall



Dance Studio - Large



Size (m2)


Group 1 Gropius Hall & Prom 290 292
Group 2 Brackenbury 76 60
Group 3 Dining Hall 180 150
Dunning 55 50
Pavilion 90 50
Library 227 50
Sixth Form 178 60
Group 4 Classroom 45-50 30
Dance Studio - Small 90 100
Dance Studio - Large 94 60

Fees & Charges 

Venue Hire Rates– September 2018

  Main Hall/Prom Meeting Rooms Dance Studio/ICT suite Standard Classroom
Mon to Fri (8am to 10pm) £35 £25 £20 £15
Mon to Fri (after 10pm) £45 £35 £30 £25
Weekends £45 £35 £35 £25
School Holiday periods £45 £35 £35 £25

NB. School holiday bookings and bank holidays are restricted to hours between 8am and 4pm. Bank Holidays and after 4pm by arrangement with rates to be agreed by negotiation.

If caretakers are required to stay on weekends there is an extra charge of £10.00 per hour, plus cleaning.
Technical services are available and are charged based on your requirements.

If insurance that meets the College requirements is not provided, a 13% charge will be added to the cost.
Booking form is available to download below.

Terms And Conditions 

1. Facilities Available and Scale of Fees and Charges

These are shown above. Revision of charges may be made with effect from the 1 September each year.

2. Payment

2.1 Hiring charges quoted on confirmation of availability of facilities are payable within 30 days of receipt of invoice. The College normally issues the invoice after the function or on a termly basis for Clubs, Societies etc. Prices quoted are exclusive of VAT. A mandatory deposit of 50% or payment in full before the event at the discretion of the College is required with all bookings.

2.2 The College reserves the right to levy a request a £100 cleaning deposit. Any deposit paid by the Hirer may be applied by the College towards payment of the cost of cleaning, repair or reinstatement of the premises or any other liability incurred under the Agreement by the Hirer but without prejudice to the Colleges right to be paid the hiring fee in full.

2.3 If monies are outstanding in respect of previous bookings the College reserves the right not to agree to any future hire of college accommodation.

3. Cancellation by Hirer

The Hirer is required to notify the College of any cancellation as soon as possible. No charge will be made if the Hirer cancels a booking provided that the Hirer gives at least two calendar months in writing before the commencement of discretion and will depend on whether other requests for the accommodation having been rejected. The full hiring fee will be charged for a cancellation shorter that fourteen days and in respect of a paid deposit a refund will be at the discretion of the College.

4. Access by Children

No children under the age of eighteen will be admitted unless accompanied by an adult and with express authorisation of the College. If children are authorised to be admitted, the Hirer will be expected to take full responsibility for children in its care, at all times, whilst on college premises. This is especially important in circulation areas such as stairs, corridors and in cloakroom and lavatory areas.

5. Use of Premises

5.1 The Hirer accepts that even though a booking may be confirmed the College reserves the right to rearrange accommodation should the needs of the College mean that this is necessary.

5.2 The Hirer shall not use the facilities except for the purpose of preparing and holding the function specified. Only members of the Hirer's organisation and their bona fide guests may attend the function and the Hirer is required to restrict the number of persons attending to the number of persons specified on the Booking Form.

5.3 The Caretaker is responsible for security of the school site and premises before, during and after an event. The Hirer should assist the caretaker on duty and follow instructions in the supervision of the premises and the safety, care and well being of everyone having access to or use of the premises.

5.4 The Hirer is required to ensure that good order is kept in the premises at all times during the hiring and the College reserves the right to halt any function not properly conducted. Right of entry is reserved to any authorised member of the College who may also request the Hirer to remove any individual causing or likely to cause a disturbance.

5.5 Hirers are asked to co-operate in ensuring all users leave the premises as quietly as possible to reduce the noise intrusion.

5.6 The Hirer is required to leave the premises in a clean and orderly state and in as good condition as they were prior to use. If any additional expense is incurred in the removal and placement of furniture or for additional cleaning or works required as a result of failure by the Hirer to comply with obligations under this Agreement, the Hirer will be responsible for any such expense.

5.7 The Hirer will not bring into, set up on, or attached to the premises any fittings, decorations, furnishing, equipment or additional lights, or make any extension to the electrical installations of the premises without prior consent of the College. Any such additions to the facilities must be safe in all respects and are to be removed immediately after the conclusion of the function. All portable plug-in electrical equipment must comply with the Electricity at Work Act in respect of statutory testing. The Hirer is required to complete the relevant section on the Booking Form.

5.8 No dogs are permitted into the College grounds, premises or site accept Guide dogs.

5.9 The College operates a non-smoking policy and the Hirer shall ensure that this is observed.

5.10 Curtains in the Gropius Hall should be drawn using the cord attachments situated between each pair of curtains.

6. Damage to Premises

No bolts, nails, tacks, screws, pins, tape, Blu tac or other such objects my be used by the Hirer, without consent of the College. The Hirer will not cause, or permit any damage to be done to the premises or to any fitting therein. The cost of any damage (including accidental damage) caused by the act of neglect of the Hirer, or their agents, must be met by the Hirer. All damages and breakages should be reported to the caretaker immediately. A claim for repair or replacement will be made.

7. Insurance

It is required that the Hirer be insured for a minimum of £2 million against its legal liabilities to third parties for both personal injury and property damage, including damage to occupied premises. It is necessary to provide for inspection written confirmation from the company or broker concerned.
If no suitable insurance has been arranged by the Hirer, the Hirer may, on payment of an additional 13% of the facilities hire fee, effect this insurance through a policy arranged by the College Governors. Please indicate clearly on the hire application form if this option is to be taken up.

8. Liability

8.1 The College cannot accept liability if the accommodation is not available to the Hirer or is temporarily closed because of circumstances, which are beyond the College's reasonable control.

8.2 The College may close accommodation for periods as may be necessary from time to time, such as during Christmas, Easter and summer holiday periods to carry out maintenance work to the premises.

8.3 The College does not what so ever accept responsibility for loss of personal items brought onto college premises, damage or accidents occurring during the occupation of the premises, and particular attention is drawn to the observation of safety regulations. The Hirer will be liable for and will indemnify the College against all its costs, expenses, liabilities, damages, actions or proceedings arising from the failure of the Hirer to comply with the provisions of this agreement, or with any statues, regulations or by-laws applicable to the Hirer's use of facilities.

8.4 The College cannot accept liability for loss or damage to any item of personal property goods or articles unless caused by the wilful default or negligence of the College, its employees or agents.

8.5 The Hirer is not allowed to assign or otherwise transfer the use of the accommodation (or any other part thereof) to any other party, unless agreed by the College.

8.6 The Hirer must state clearly in any notices that it issues, the identity of the organisation and should not give the impression that the College is in anyway connected with the function other than as provider of the venue and accommodation.

9. Licensing Conditions

Should you require a licensed bar you should firstly write to the Lettings Manager with your request for consideration by the Governors. Once permission has been given you are responsible for getting the licence and running the bar. In order to comply with the College's Licence for entertainment purposes, functions should finish no later than 11:00pm Monday to Thursday, Midnight on Friday and Saturday. On Sundays provision of musical entertainment is permitted between 7:30pm and midnight. Special conditions apply on New Year's Eve.

9.1 No liquor or refreshments are to be brought onto the premises by the Hirer, agents of the Hirer or any guests attending or preparing for the function other than that specified on the Booking Form. In relation to liquor, the Hirer must have made enquiries at the local magistrates' court about the possible need for an occasional "justices" licence and have complied with any licensing requirements.

9.2 No copyright dramatic or musical work may be performed without the permission of the owner of the copyright, and the Hirer must indemnify the College against infringement of copyright, which may occur during the facilities.

9.3 The use of the accommodation for gambling is forbidden.

10. Safety/ Fire and Emergency Instructions

10.1 The Hirer shall provide such number of stewards as may be necessary to secure the efficient supervision of the premises during the hiring including responsibility for:

  • The orderly and safe admission and departure of all guests, and to take all precautions necessary for the efficient supervision of the premises to ensure safety of those present during the function.
  • If it is anticipated that a large number of people will be visiting the function please notify the College. (Please notify the College if a well-known public figure is expected to address the function, the College can them work with the Hirer to ensure adequate safety precautions.)
  • Ensure that all exit doors from the premises are kept unfastened (except for the permitted crash bars, glass bolts etc.) and unobstructed during the function.
  • Care must be taken not to impede the means of escape from the premises or to wedge or leave open smoke or fire doors.
  • Providing sufficient numbers of suitable stewards and first-aiders as may be necessary to secure compliance with all fire and other emergency regulations and that assistance is available at all times for disabled persons particularly in the event of an emergency. It is advisable for the stewards to wear identification and the College requests that the stewards make themselves known to the caretaker before the function commences.
  • Notifying all accidents and emergencies to the College.

A first aid box is held in Reception and in the Kitchen. The Caretaker on duty should be contacted for access. First aid is also available at the Sports Centre.

11. Car Parking Arrangements

11.1 Car parks are situated at the front of the College and outside the Sports Centre. If a function is to attract many cars you must inform the College.

11.2 It is essential that fire appliances have immediate and unrestricted access to the premises. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring sensible parking in the designated areas. Under no circumstances should cars be parked on the grass.

11.3 The Caretakers are under instruction to seek the removal of any vehicles which are improperly parked or which are likely to hinder access to the College buildings.

12. Visit to Premises

The Hirer of the premises is asked to visit the College before the date(s) of the function(s) to inspect and make themselves familiar with:

  • Accommodation hired
  • Fire call points
  • Fire exits
  • Telephone to call emergency services if required

Please make an appointment with the Lettings Manager who will be happy to assist you.

13. Advertising for the Event

All advertising should indicate who the organiser of the event is and that Impington Village College is the venue.

14. Summary of Cancellation by the College

The College reserves the right summarily to cancel a booking if it considers that adequate security and safety arrangements have not been made or that the function may lead to a serious breach of the peace.

Application for hiring the College premises should be made on the form provided and sent to:

The Lettings Manager, Impington Village College, Cambridge, CB24 9LX

All bookings – particularly regular bookings may be subject to room change without prior notice. We will always endeavour to give reasonable notice but this will not always be possible.