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Impington Village College

Exam Guidance

It is the aim of Impington Village College to make the examination experience as stress free and successful as possible for all candidates.  Hopefully this content will prove informative and helpful for you and your parents.

The College Exams department deals with all aspects of exam registrations and administration for both internal and external examinations.  We currently offer GCSE, GCE, IB, FSMQ, BTEC, Cambridge Nationals, WJEC Vocational, Functional Skills, ELC, ASDAN & Trinity College exams.  We also administer a range of University admissions tests such as BMAT, TSA, and STEP etc. for year 13 students.

The team is made up of the following members of staff each with their own areas of responsibility

  • Mrs Alison Difranco – Exams Manager – overall responsibility for the running of all examinations within the College
  • Mrs Angie Wocha – Exams Officer – BTEC, ASDAN & internal mock examinations
  • Mrs Emma Vinnicombe – Exams Officer – SEND access arrangements, ELC, Functional skills & Trinity College examinations

If you have any queries regarding examinations at IVC please contact the exams team via or come along to the Exams office where a member of staff will be able to help you.  The Office can be found just off of the Parr room which is down the corridor past the staff room and is open from 08:30am – 16:00pm Monday – Friday term time only.

Advice on Examinations 

Exam Regulations

The exam boards have strict criteria which must be followed for the conduct of external examinations and assessments which the College is required to follow precisely.  Listed below are the information for candidate’s documents that you must read and take notice of. Please note that if you break any of the exam rules or regulations it could lead to disqualification from all subjects. The College must report any breaches of regulations to the exam boards.

GCSE, GCE, BTEC, Cambridge National, ELC, FSMQ exams

IB exams


Exam timetables

You will be issued with your own individual timetable for all internal and external exams. These will be sent to your College email account via SIMS InTouch and can also be viewed on Edulink. These will show the subject that you have been entered for along with your room and seat number.  Your four digit candidate number will also be shown on the timetable. This is the number that you will need to write on all of your external exam answer booklets and will be the same for all exams sat at IVC.

Internal exams

Internal examinations generally follow the timings of the College day. You should go along to the exam venue and line up at least 10 minutes before the start of the exam where you will be registered.

External exams

Students taking external examinations will receive a provisional statement of entry and exam timetable in the January of the year that they are due to sit their examinations.  A further more detailed copy of their timetable showing venue and seat number etc will be issued at the end of April/beginning of May along with a copy of the College exams guidance booklet containing additional information and FAQ’s.

If you have a clash between exams the College will re-schedule the papers.  You will normally sit one paper then have a break during which time you will be supervised and must not have any communication with other candidates.  You will then sit the second paper.  It may be necessary for you to bring a packed lunch if you have exams in both the morning and afternoon as you will have to remain in isolation until both exams are completed.

You must ensure that you read your exam timetable carefully during the exam period, if you arrive in the afternoon for a morning exam you would not be allowed to sit that exam. All external examinations start at 09:30am & 13:30pm promptly.

You should also be aware that if you start the exam more than 30 minutes after the published starting time, the College must inform the examination board and it is possible that they may decide not to accept your work.  Please ensure that you allow enough time to get to College so that if you are delayed (e.g. through transport problems) you will still arrive on time.

Please be aware that examination dates and times are set by the awarding bodies, you will not be able to sit an exam on a different day to the one that is timetabled.

If anything is not clear or you have any questions please come to the Exams office to ask or email us at

Exam contingency day (external exams)

Each year the awarding bodies designate a contingency day for external examinations in case of any emergency changes to the examination schedule. This year they have designated Friday 21st May for IB exams and Tuesday 29 June 2021 for GCSE exams therefore you must be available up to and including this date.

Please note that you will not be expected in College that day unless you have a scheduled examination.

Exam essentials

Please ensure that you are fully equipped with the correct stationery needed for all exams.  These should be in a transparent pencil case or a clear plastic bag and visible to the invigilators at all times. Listed below is the suggested key stationery that students will need for each exam:

  • Clear pencil case
  • Black pens x 2
  • Pencil x 2
  • Eraser
  • Ruler
  • Calculator (if permitted)
  • Protractors
  • Compass

No food is allowed in the exam room unless required for medical reasons.  A small bottle of water in a clear container and with all labels removed is the only drink allowed in the exam room.

Candidates are required to stay for the full length of the exam. You will not be allowed to leave an exam room early or without the invigilators permission.

If you require assistance during the exam you should put up your hand to attract the invigilators attention.  You must not communicate in any way, ask for help from or give help to another student whilst in the exam.

Mobile Phones & electronic items (**see additional Covid-19 information below)

We run both internal and external examinations according to examination board guidelines.  Mobile phones and other electronic items are strictly forbidden in the exam rooms.  If you are found to have an item on you that is not allowed this will be reported to the awarding body and they may disqualify you from that paper.  For exams held in the sports hall or gym mobile phones etc. should be left in your bags which are locked in the changing room.  For exams that are in the smaller venues and where bags are taken into the room you will be required to place your phone and any other devices into the small plastic wallets that will be provided on each desk.  These will be collected in by the invigilators and returned to you at the end of the exam.

Illness or difficulties at the time of exams

If you experiencing any illness or difficulty before your exam you must inform a member of the exams office staff or an invigilator so that they can assist you at the time. Only in exceptional circumstance are candidates allowed special consideration for absence from any part of an exam.  It is essential that medical or other appropriate evidence is obtained on the day by the candidate and given to the Exams officer if an application is to be made for special consideration.

Exam access arrangements

Some students are entitled to exam access arrangements such as extra time, reader etc. A card giving details of your approved access arrangement will be placed on your desk.  Invigilators will have been made aware of these arrangements and will include any additional time when they display the finishing time of the exam on the board.

** Covid 19 information for exams

Some of the exam day processes will be adapted to factor in additional health & safety steps during exams.  These are listed below:

  • Instead of placing bags in the changing rooms, they will need to be taken into the exam room and placed underneath your desk or at the back of the room.
  • Phones should be switched off and kept in your bag, not on your person.
  • You will be required to sanitise your hands on entering and leaving the room.
  • Equipment for exams will not be given out so you must ensure you bring everything you need for your exam on the day including tissues.
  • You will be required to enter and leave the exam room swiftly and in an appropriate manner.
  • All exam tables and chairs will be sanitized before the start of every exam  

Results and post results services 

Internal exams

Results will be available to view on Edulink following each internal exam series.

External exams

Results will be available as follows:

  • IB results day                                              Monday 5 July 2021
  • GCE & Level 3 results day                         Thursday 19 August 2021
  • GCSE & Level 1/2/ results day                  Thursday 26 August 2021

IB students will be able to access their results online using the pin number that will be provided to you beforehand.  All other results will be emailed to your College email account via SIMS InTouch on results day from 08:00am onwards.  A paper copy of results will also be available to collect from College between 10:00am-12:00 noon on results day.  Unfortunately we are unable to send results to personal email accounts or over the telephone as we cannot guarantee that this is secure.

Post results

For external exams the awarding bodies make available a range of post results services such as a review of marking, access to script etc. following the publication of results.  Before any application can be made the relevant application form must be completed providing the candidates consent and payment of the appropriate fee. Please note that grades can stay the same, go down or go up so it is recommended that you consult the relevant Lead practioner of the subject as to the advisability of requesting a review of results.   Application forms for these services can be found at the back of the Exam guidance booklet and are also available from College on results day.


GCSE exam certificates will be available for collection from the College reception from the start of December onwards. Further details will be sent to you regarding this during the autumn term. Please be aware that JCQ regulations stipulate that we are only obliged to retain the certificates for one year after issue after which time certificates may be destroyed. You are therefore advised to collect your certificates as soon as possible.
Please store them safely as you may be required to show them to future employers and the College is unable to provide a replacement. If you lose them or require a replacement then you will need to apply to the exam boards directly for which they will charge a fee.

 IB certificates will be posted home during the autumn term once the College have received them.


Please note these may be subject to change as Ofqual are currently in consultation with the exam boards regarding the dates of exams next summer.




 GCSE, GCE & IB external resit exams

 4th & 5th November

 University Admission external tests

 9th – 20th November

 Year 13 internal mock exams

 23rd November – 4th December

 Year 11 internal mock exams

 11th - 22nd January

 GCSE MFL speaking mock exams

 23rd February – 10th March

 Year 13 internal mock exams

 8th – 16th March

 Year 11 internal mock exams

 12th – 23rd April

 Year 12 internal mock exams

 12th – 23rd April

 GCSE Language speaking exams

 May/June (dates TBC)

 IB,GCSE & GCE external exams

 23rd June – 2nd July

 Year 10 internal mock exams

 5th – 8th July

 Year 7,8 & 9 internal exams

Exam boards 

Subject codes and awarding bodies as at September 2020

Listed below are the subjects and entry codes that year 11 are currently following

 GCSE Subject

 Entry Code

 Awarding body







 Combined Science






 Design & Technology



 English Language



 English Literature









 Religious Studies


















 Business Studies



 Computer Science












 Media Studies






 Physical Education



 Art & Design



 Hospitality & Catering   (VOC)







 ELC & Functional Skills

 Entry Code

 Awarding body

 Step up to English



 Functional Skills English



 ELC Maths



 ELC Science




 Cambridge National

 Entry Code

 Awarding body

 Child Development



 Creative Digital iMedia



 Sports Science





 Entry Code

 Awarding body

 Creative Digital Media   Prod



 Tech award Perf Arts



 National Diploma Perf   Arts



 Extended Diploma Perf   Arts



 First award Sport



 National Diploma Sport



 Extended Diploma Sport



Exam board websites

Autumn 2020 Exam Series 

Following the outcome of the Ofqual consultation students will have the opportunity to sit the summer 2020 exams in the autumn term should they wish to do so.

A level exams will run from Monday 5th October – Friday 23rd October 2020 and GCSE exams from Monday 2nd November through to Monday 23rd November 2020. Regardless of which further educational establishment you intend to study at for post -16 you will be able to sit these exams at IVC as we are the centre that originally entered you. The exception to this would be where you have received a grade 3 or below for English or Maths, in this case you would sit those exams at your new centre.

There will be no non-examined assessments (coursework) for the autumn exams except for GCSE Art & Design. Results for all other subjects will be based solely on the examinations. Both the summer and autumn results will stand, but you will be able to choose which certificate you present to employers or education providers.

Please note that the College will not be providing any revision classes or extra-curricular support for the Autumn Exam Series.

If you wish to sit any exams in the autumn term you must complete the exam entry form below indicating which exams you would like to take and return it to the Exams Office no later than Wednesday 2nd September for A levels and Friday 11th September 2020 for GCSE exams.

JCQ Information 

Please see below for the various JCQ information documents that you can download and peruse at your leisure.