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Impington Village College

Curriculum Model 2014-2015

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IVC Standard Curriculum Model 2014-15


Please note: This is the ‘standard’ curriculum experienced by the majority of students. Some students will have an adjusted curriculum to meet their particular needs. The allocations of hours may change from time to time based upon staffing, curriculum/examination changes or to meet the particular needs of a cohort.


Ma – Maths   Com – Computing   En - English    Sc – Science   ML1 – Modern Languages (French)   ML2 – Modern Languages (Spanish or German)

Hu – Humanities       ICE – ICE programme Core        Dr- Drama           Da – Dance         DT – Design Technology       Ar – Art         Mu – Music

IT – Information Technology    Ph – Physics    Ch – Chemistry         Bi – Biology      EPS – Ethics/Philosophy (Religion)       PE – Physical Education

Gg – Geography    Hi – History   PD – Personal Development   TOK – Theory of Knowledge     Men – Mentoring   CAS – Community/Action/Service

IBDP – International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Subjects studied at ‘Standard’ level are usually taught for five hours a fortnight, ‘Higher’ level for seven.

IBCC – International Baccalaureate Career related Certificate

AS/A2 – ‘A’ Levels. AS level subjects are taught for between 8 and 10 hours per fortnight, with A2 subjects usually receiving 10 hours teaching.