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Impington Village College


At IVC we are passionate about teaching and learning. We believe all students have the right to access outstanding teaching, and our excellent examination results are clear evidence of the excellent experience that our students have at Impington.

Teaching is underpinned by the Impington Experience framework, which we believe embodies the different elements of excellent teaching. At IVC, all lessons should…

  • Be inclusive
  • Be challenging
  • Be enjoyable and engaging
  • Have clear direction
  • Have high expectations
  • Be carefully differentiated
  • Have progress that is measurable and understood by students

Our commitment to outstanding teaching is reflected in the high-quality, bespoke professional learning that is offered to all members of staff. Below are some of the opportunities we offer teachers to support their professional development:

Postgraduate Certificate in Educational Leadership and Management

The Postgraduate Certificate in Educational Leadership and Management enables the development of the skills required for successful managers. The qualification aims to develop personal management capabilities, make effective use of information in decision-making, operations and the development of the skills in managing people. This programme is fully funded by the College and is offered to our Lead Practitioners as part of their professional development.

iMLDP (Impington Middle Leadership Development Programme)

The iMLDP is a two-year bespoke course for leaders and aspiring leaders at Impington Village College, which utilises blended learning. In year 1, participants undertake a 360° Leadership reflection task to help give them a picture of their areas for development. There will be 4 face-to-face modules and 2 elective modules so that participants can tailor their learning to their specific needs as a leader. An online forum will pose challenging monthly questions for participants to respond to and engage in dialogue with their peers. Participants will also prepare a project for launch in year 2 if they successfully progress.

Cohort One began the iMLDP in 2016-17 and will continue into year 2 of the programme. They will be assigned a coach (from a member of the SLT) and undertake their Leadership Project during the 2017-18 academic year. Cohort Two will begin year 1 of the programme in September 2017.

Impington Toolkit

The Impington Toolkit is our Professional Learning Programme for Main Scale Teachers. The programme is based on the Research Lesson Study model and the Impington Experience. The programme is led by our Lead Practitioners and participants will attend two Face to Face sessions as well as participating in TeachMeet style workshops and joint-planning sessions throughout the year. The theme for 2017-18 is the development of excellent learners and the sessions are likely to cover the following:

  • Embedding core values into our teaching to maximise student engagement
  • Engaging different types of learner
  • Confident Classroom Management
  • Developing confidence and resilience: learning to take risks
  • Effective preparation for terminal exams: Memorisation/Stamina

NQT Induction

This is led by Jessica Webb, Professional Tutor, and takes the form of an ‘NQT Passport’. NQTs have additional time on their timetables designated for carrying out a range of induction activities including peer observations and small research projects, all of which will be tracked using our online platform, BlueSky. We also fund our NQTs to participate in the CASSA NQT Programme, which is run jointly with Impington, Linton and Sawston Village Colleges.


At IVC we host (and participate in) TeachMeets on a range of different themes. A TeachMeet usually consists of short presentations aimed at sharing good practice. Our most recent TeachMeet, on the theme of Achievement, attracted teachers from all over the county, including from Linton, Sawston, Witchford, Parkside, Soham, Melbourn and Castle Manor.


To find out more information about the range of courses we offer and more specific detail on the courses such as content and exam boards, please click on the links on the left.  If you would like more detail than is listed here then please email the Lead Practitioner for the relevant subject.  Their contact information can be found on the subject page on the left hand menu on this page.