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Impington Village College

College Uniform

Dress Code

A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all students and staff. We expect that students should wear the correct College uniform at all times. All staff will monitor uniform throughout the day.

Full dress code 

IVC House Polo Shirts

Sky blue IVC House logo polo shirt ONLY

IVC House Sweatshirts

Blue: Year 7, 8, 9 and 10

Blue, green or maroon: Year 11

The College sweatshirt will bear the College logo in the correct house colour.


Plain black trousers or skirts.

(Tailored short maybe worn in the summer term.)


Must be plain, narrow, black, and fitted through belt loops of trousers.


Branded College ‘Hoodies’ only may be worn around the site but must always be removed in lessons. Other ‘Hoodies’ are not permitted.

Socks and Tights

Tights must be plain, opaque, black or flesh coloured. Socks worn with skirts must be plain in colour and ankle length.


The College reserves the right to request that hair is tied back in circumstances where students’ health or safety is put at risk.


Plain black sensible footwear, preferably flat. No logos, coloured flares, coloured stitching or laces, high heels or boots.

Trainers to be completely black all over. No sandals or sling backs.


Coats, scarves, gloves and hats can be worn to and from College but not in lessons or the Library. Coats must not be worn in place of College sweatshirts but they can be worn as well as. Where students travel to and from College on foot or bicycle, we recommend that they wear reflective gear and helmets.


Bags must be durable, big enough to fit an A4 folder and work books. At the College, we are adopting more sustainable and environmentally friendly policies; therefore, we believe plastic bags are not acceptable as an alternative to the main College bag.


One pair of discreet stud earrings (no larger than a five penny coin). No other forms of visible piercing are allowed. No bangles or rings. Necklaces should not be visible. No more than one watch should be worn.

Make Up

Discreet make-up may be worn. The College reserves the right to instruct students to remove excessive make-up and nail polish.

 PE Dress Code



Black embroidered IVC shorts
Green embroidered IVC polo shirt
IVC Rugby shirt
Green IVC socks
Football boots
Shin pads
Gum shield



Black embroidered IVC shorts
Green embroidered IVC polo shirt
IVC Rugby shirt
Green IVC socks
Football boots
Shin pads
Gum shield

Not Compulsory

Not Compulsory

IVC Black jumper IVC Black jumper
IVC Black rain jacket IVC Black rain jacket
Black tracksuit bottoms Black tracksuit bottoms

Dance Kit Girls and Boys - Compulsory

IVC black t-shirt
Black dance trousers / track suit bottoms

 Purchasing Uniform

Impington Village College uniform is supplied by Orchard Clothing. To place an order please visit or phone 08452 080471.

All students are required to wear sweatshirts and polo shirts with the IVC logo on. Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 wear blue sweatshirts, and Year 11 have the choice of either blue or maroon.

The sweat shirt and polo shirts must all have either the IVC logo in the appropriate house colour or an iron-on stipe in the case of using pre-existing uniform.

Main uniform:

  • Sweatshirts: £10.95
  • Polo shirts: £8.95

PE Kits:

The following items are compulsory for Boys and Girls:

  • Football Shorts, Black - £6.25
  • Polo Shirt, Emerald - £8.95
  • Sports Socks, Emerald - £4.95
  • Reversible Rugby Shirt (Compulsory for girls Y7, Y8, Y9 & Y10) - £16.50

Non-compulsory items available are:

  • Amazon Rain Jacket, Black/White - £22.75
  • Icon ½ Zip Fleece, Black/White - £16.25
  • Long Sleeve Body Shirts, Black - £13.20

Summer Delivery Dates:

Place order with Orchard Clothing by:

Ready for Collection from IVC:

30 June

15 July (until the end of term)

10 August

1 & 2 September

Please note: the College will not be open during the summer holidays for uniform collections.

These prices include VAT and delivery to the College. There is an extra charge for home delivery. Should you have any queries please contact the Student Office for assistance.

 Lost Property

Lost property is held in the House Hub (G6).

If it is found to have a name on it, it will be returned to the student at tutor-time. If the item is un-named it will remain in the House Hub until claimed.

If at the end of the year it is not claimed it is sent to recycling or charity.

Any property left on the school buses please contact the firms directly. The numbers for this are:

IP01 – Cambridge Bus and Coach - 01954 432015

IP02 – Collins Coaches - 01223 420 462

IP03 – Cambridge Bus and Coach - 01954 432015

IP04 – Collins Coaches - 01223 420 462

IP05 – Collins Coaches - 01223 420 462