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Impington Village College

Where are they now?

At IVC, we recognise that you, our alumni, have gone on to have amazing lives and careers, taking you across the world to reach your goals, gaining families along the way. Through our increasing connections, we have been able to produce a document titled “Where are they now?” which details the biographies of some of our alumni members. This is not only incredibly interesting, but it is extremely useful for current students. It enables them to see what other people have achieved beyond College, therefore providing them with a passion to pursue their own dreams.

Alumni Profiles

Here you can read some of our alumni stories, and if you would like to submit your own piece for inclusion, please email

  • Pauline Gillson

    Retired Vice President; Council Member in Nashville, USA

    Born and raised in Cambridge, England, Pauline graduated from Impington Village College in 1958. She worked at Marshall of Cambridge Engineering and Aerospace Company where her husband also worked, before he was recruited in 1966 to go to the US to work on the space program, and eventually get the man on the moon in 1969. Pauline later transferred to Nashville in 1972 with Avco Aerostructures to work on military aircraft. Nashville became her home from then on and she has loved it ever since.

    Her career was to start The Traders Post and Wheels and Deals magazines for investor’s in 1971, and during the 26 year tenure with the company, she launched some 9 magazines until a French company purchased them all. From there, she went to Shop at Home television as a manager of the Night Call centre on the second shift. Pauline loved the TV station, and met all kinds of celebrities, from Susan Lucci (American actress) to the Astronauts on the Space station. It was all about on air sales and they used to bring in some of the top names from Hollywood to sell the products. Her next challenge was with Metro One Telecommunications. This was a huge call centre at the airport with 24/7 operations with over 300 employees answering phones for the 411 directory assistance for Nextel, Alltel, AT&T. Sprint etc. Pauline earned a Vice President title there, but this also happened at the same time as 15,000 employees, coast to coast with 53 call centres nationwide, who were all put out of their jobs by outsourcing to the Indian Ocean call centres.

    Getting close to retirement after having worked for about 40+ years from the UK to the States, Pauline decided to remodel her house and wanted Granite on her counter tops. Suddenly, the Granite Company offered her a sales job which she took to get the granite for her home cheaper. She worked with the Granite Company for another 10 years or so doing custom kitchens for builders. Finally retiring at the age of 69, Pauline decided that she deserved a rest after 52 years of working full time jobs.

    She is still however, very busy and active within her neighbourhood. Her recent accomplishment is to have been appointed by the Mayor of Nashville to the council on Ageing and Disability. Quite an honour for a Brit!

    A Piece of Advice
    “Nothing is impossible with the right attitude and personality. Always think positive and follow your dreams. My first job was taking care of chickens and horses, mucking out the stables etc. But I loved it... and to this day have a huge love of horses and animals. I have been blessed with my careers in the US but they tell me it's my bubbly personality that always gets the job. So smile and always be pleasant to everyone around you and always have a kind heart”.