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Impington Village College

Where are they now?

At IVC, we recognise that you, our alumni, have gone on to have amazing lives and careers, taking you across the world to reach your goals, gaining families along the way. Through our increasing connections, we have been able to produce a document titled “Where are they now?” which details the biographies of some of our alumni members. This is not only incredibly interesting, but it is extremely useful for current students. It enables them to see what other people have achieved beyond College, therefore providing them with a passion to pursue their own dreams.

Alumni Profiles

Here you can read some of our alumni stories, and if you would like to submit your own piece for inclusion, please email

  • Graham Horkley

    Principal Systems Analyst; Financial Services

    Graham graduated from Impington in 1977. At the time, he had a conditional offer from Pembroke College, Cambridge, having taken the Cambridge entrance examinations earlier. He achieved the A level results required and was ready to set up life at university. Although he lived so close to Cambridge, there was never any question of living at home during his college days – Graham’s parents wanted him to enjoy the full experience – so he took up residence in Pembroke.

    Graham Horkley graduated with a BA in Natural Sciences (he specialised in chemistry, and also studied mathematics, physics, and material science). After his first degree, he stayed at Cambridge to earn a Diploma in Computer Science.

    He then worked as a consultant with Logica, based in London, but doing computer system development work for clients in England and abroad. During an assignment in Massachusetts, USA, Graham met his wife-to-be, Kathy. He moved to the United States, where they married, and he now lives in Washington, DC, having worked for several companies, currently as a Principal Systems Analyst for a major financial services company.

    Graham and Kathy have two sons – joint British and American citizens – both now doing graduate degrees, and Graham became an American citizen in 2011.

    A Piece of Advice
    “Play to your strengths, but pay attention to what is going on around you and expect to adapt those strengths and yourself. Although I got into university on the strength of my chemistry abilities, I didn’t end up using that knowledge professionally – what I did end up using was the ability to learn. My postgraduate diploma was in computer science (I don’t think I knew what that was when I was at Impington) and I have earned my living doing jobs that didn’t exist when I was at the College. I had no plans to visit America before that business trip, and now I live here – so prepare for anything!”