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Impington Village College

Where are they now?

At IVC, we recognise that you, our alumni, have gone on to have amazing lives and careers, taking you across the world to reach your goals, gaining families along the way. Through our increasing connections, we have been able to produce a document titled “Where are they now?” which details the biographies of some of our alumni members. This is not only incredibly interesting, but it is extremely useful for current students. It enables them to see what other people have achieved beyond College, therefore providing them with a passion to pursue their own dreams.

Alumni Profiles

Here you can read some of our alumni stories, and if you would like to submit your own piece for inclusion, please email

  • Diana Myers

    Retired Human Resources Manager; Charity Fundraiser, Australia

    Diana Myers admits that she was not a natural academic. She retook her O levels (GCSE equivalent) in the first year of sixth form, and struggled through her A levels. However, she went on to do a degree in Psychology and later a Master’s degree. Diana later studied full time for career guidance/education and studied human resources by distance learning while she worked full time.

    Having tried out a number of jobs before and after a degree, she decided to qualify as a careers advisor at 25, progressing to management roles in adult guidance. Ten years later, Diana retrained in human resources with management roles in finance and heavy industry. She married her partner in Mauritius in 1995 and moved to Sydney, Australia in 2000 with dual nationality.

    She has further gone on to build a property portfolio while working in human resources. 'Retiring' at 53, she plans to move to Cairns on the barrier reef in 2015, where she aims to be a fundraiser for charities. Outside of work, Diana thoroughly enjoys building/interior design, finding and selling collectables/antiques, badminton, travel, and dance.

    A Piece of Advice
    “Have confidence in yourself to overcome the setbacks and push through the barriers to succeed”.