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Impington Village College

Where are they now?

At IVC, we recognise that you, our alumni, have gone on to have amazing lives and careers, taking you across the world to reach your goals, gaining families along the way. Through our increasing connections, we have been able to produce a document titled “Where are they now?” which details the biographies of some of our alumni members. This is not only incredibly interesting, but it is extremely useful for current students. It enables them to see what other people have achieved beyond College, therefore providing them with a passion to pursue their own dreams.

Alumni Profiles

Here you can read some of our alumni stories, and if you would like to submit your own piece for inclusion, please email

  • Carrie Drew

    Project Archaeologist; Archaeological Services Durham University

    After studying A levels in Biology, Chemistry, History and General Studies, Carrie Drew chose to study an Archaeology BSc at University in 1999 as she absolutely loved history, but was also good at science – so it seemed a good way of combining both her strengths and interests. She then decided to continue her studies within academia and went on to do a MA and PhD in Archaeology. Carrie discovered a real interest in Environmental Archaeology, and wanted to explore this further as well as widening her career prospects.

    Carrie’s current job is working at Archaeological Services Durham University (a commercial archaeology unit linked to the Department of Archaeology) in the Environmental Laboratories. This involves studying ancient plant and tree remains to determine what the environment was like in the past at various archaeological sites, and how people were using the landscape (what crops they were growing etc) as well as studying animal bones to investigate similar questions. The best bits of her job are that she is always learning something different and new, with lots of variety looking at different ages of sites with different stories to tell. There are aspects to archaeology though where you can get pretty muddy at times, and when out on fieldwork (which she doesn’t have to do very often) you can’t stop work just because of a bit of rain (or snow)!

    A Piece of Advice
    “Do not panic if you are not 100% sure what you want to do in the future! Think about what subjects you enjoy doing and what sort of options these may open to you.”