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Impington Village College

Library Service

Welcome to the library at Impington Village College. 

Here are the times when you will be able to visit us during the school term:

Monday 9:00am - 4:00pm
Tuesday 9:00am - 5:00pm
Wednesday 9:00am - 4:00pm
Thursday 9:00am - 5:00pm
Friday 9:00am - 4:00pm

Our library is a busy, lively place filled with great books and people who are enthusiastic about reading them and recommending them to others. We try to provide novels written by the most exciting and significant authors currently being published while also ensuring that our stock contains an excellent range of classic novels from the past and from around the world and of more accessible texts for developing readers.

The Librarian, Mrs Gage, has a joint honours degree in English and librarianship, is a chartered librarian, has worked as a school librarian in London, Scotland, Suffolk and Norfolk and was one of the 32 school librarians who were shadowed by HMI/Ofsted as part of their research into ‘Good school libraries’. She is passionate about books and has read most of the novels shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal for the last twenty years as well as thousands of other books for adults and younger children so she is well placed to help students find books to enjoy.

Some sections of the mural on the outside wall of the library that was created by local artist Tim Shuker-Yates  and his team using images from books suggested by our students in February – April 2017.

We participate in ‘shadowing’ the Carnegie medal each year and also take teams of our keenest book lovers in years 7 and 8 to compete in the  Kids’ Lit Quiz so a large proportion of the library’s annual budget is spent every year on providing a wide range of carefully selected, high quality novels. In addition, all students in years 7-9 spend one English lesson a fortnight reading mostly fiction in the library so it is necessary to buy large quantities of manga, graphic novels, short stories, science fiction and some fascinating resources on factual subjects to meet that demand and to encourage students to try authors, genres, styles and subject matter that may be new to them.

There is still a good variety of non-fiction and reference materials to support both the curriculum and our students’ broader interests but most subject-based curriculum research is obviously now conducted on-line. We are fortunate to have a library large enough to provide enough study space for a whole class at one end of the library and 28 newly upgraded computers with internet access at the other end.  There is a black and white printer, a colour printer and a photocopier/printer which may all be used by students. We have easy chairs and beanbags for our students to use for more relaxed reading during breaks and lunch times and there is a whole separate, slightly sound-proofed room at the back of the library for the exclusive use of our 6th form as a quiet study area. Sixth formers are also welcome to use the computers in the main library and elsewhere on the college site but there will be times when those are in use for timetabled classes.

Most of our work in the library is focussed on encouraging children to become confident, enthusiastic readers and independent researchers and we run special events throughout the year to ensure that they continue to be excited about books, ideas, literary debate and the pursuit of knowledge.

The Librarian runs a Homework Club on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 3.35 – 5 pm.  She is supported by volunteers from our international sixth form who provide help to the younger students in the subjects they are studying at a higher level for their International Baccalaureate qualifications while fulfilling the ‘Creativity, Action, Service’ component of their courses. Mrs Gage also runs, with the college Chaplain, an informal discussion group which we call ‘The Thinking Forum’. This is held in the library during one lunch break a week and is for anyone interested in philosophy, politics, religion, ethics and the ‘big questions’ in life generally.

Mr Kelsall, the Principal, with the top placed students and their ingenious entries for our 2017 World Book Day competition, ‘Create a book in a box’.

Events and competitions related to books and readings are held throughout the school year. Here are some photographs of a few of our most popular activities that have happened since 2016:

Several photographs from the ‘Big Carnegie debate’ day in June 2016 when the winner of that year’s Carnegie Medal was about to be announced. To celebrate, we invited over 100 students and teachers from six other local schools to join us to eat cake and talk about the books, vote on their own favourites and wait for the judges in London to announce the winner.
The wonderful cake made by our Head of Art, Mrs Elmslie, to represent in edible form one of the books on the 2016 Carnegie shortlist; ‘Fire colour one’ by Jenny Valentine.
Here are some pictures of the Central England heat of the Kids’ Lit Quiz, held at Comberton Village College in November 2016, in which one of our two teams of students in years 7 and 8 was placed second.
The team from IVC which almost made it to the British final of the Kids’ Lit Quiz in November 2016 (with author Chris Priestley and charismatic Quizmaster Wayne Mills in the background with the black and purple hat).
A tiny fraction of the 300+ books that the librarian and her wonderful team of library helpers wrapped up for students in years 7, 8 and 9 for a special bookish Christmas treat in December 2016.
These books were mostly chosen by Mrs Gage as surprises for the students who’d signed up for what she called ‘The Big Wrap’. (They were returned to the library in the New Year).
A few members of the much larger group of children and teachers who went on to devote three months to reading the eight novels shortlisted for the 2017 Carnegie Medal. Most of these same readers fully intend to read the books which will be shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal in 2018 – and beyond.

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