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Impington Village College

Dear Parents and Prospective Students

Thank you for applying to our special and unique sixth form.  Impington International Sixth Form is deeply proud of its roots and traditions as an outward looking and welcoming institution. We were only the second state school in the country to be recognised by the International Baccalaureate to offer its highly prestigious Diploma in 1992. Our ethos is summed up by the words inclusive, international and inspirational. These are dear to our heart and we will continue to ensure that ethos and those values are preserved for the future.

Therefore, in the context of the result of the EU referendum in the UK, I am writing to reassure you of two things: firstly, that your son’s or daughter’s education at Impington for the forthcoming year is completely assured; we understand that it will take at least two years for the UK to negotiate and confirm its departure from the EU (and even though the actual terms affecting the movement of peoples will be debated at length). Secondly, that our students from mainland Europe are very much welcome here at the school and in the Cambridge area as they always were.  The vote to leave the EU is certainly not representative of the views of this school (indeed all students took part in their own vote and decided overwhelmingly to remain!) or indeed the wider Cambridge area, where there was a similar high support for EU membership. Our College wants you and so does our local community!

We therefore have every intention of continuing to provide a truly excellent and international education for students from this county, Europe and the wider world. I hope that you and your family will continue to support us in this and that you feel reassured that your child’s education will not be affected.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions or concerns. We welcome your feedback and views.

Yours sincerely

Robert Campbell - Executive Principal

Jo Sale - Assistant Principal: Post-16