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Impington Village College

Behaviour and Sanctions Guidance

4 September 2014

Dear Parents/Carers

As a College we want to provide an environment in which all students have the opportunity to reach their full potential. To ensure this is the case we need to develop and sustain a positive working ethos where students are focused and behaviour well in all lessons. In 2012 the view of Ofsted was that overall behaviour is ‘Outstanding’ at Impington and this was confirmed following their unannounced inspection in March 2014.  However, we are always looking to refine our approach and review our systems to guarantee that these high standards are maintained.

In light of recent improvements we have made to support student engagement we are now in a position to implement further changes to our rewards and consequences policy. The aim of these changes is to ensure a consistent approach across the College embedding a positive behaviour for learning.

Our current system is not managed centrally and therefore it can be difficult to monitor sanctions and ensure a consistent approach. It is important that sanctions are applied consistently and fairly and that patterns of behaviour can be monitored so support can be provided for students where necessary. Furthermore there is currently a delay between a consequence being issues and a sanction being served on a Friday. There is substantial evidence that suggests that sanctions are most effective when served as near to the incident as possible.

As a result the new sanction system at Impington will mean all detentions are recorded centrally and will take place after each College day to ensure consistency and a more rigorous approach to monitoring sanctions and student behaviour across the College. Detentions will take place every day of the week for 30 minutes, an hour or two hours dependent on the nature of the behaviour. Please refer to the Behaviour Policy on the College website for further guidance.

Parents/Carers will be notified by email and text message via SIMS InTouch on the day that a detention is issued. If the incident takes place before Period 5 the detention will be served the following day; if the incident takes place during Period 5 the email will be sent the following day and the detention served on the day subsequent to that.

We will ensure that staff follow the College guidance and behaviour policy, based on the simple process outlined below:

Warning         →        Choice           →        Sanction

We are determined to establish a more consistent approach to behaviour management that will create a positive learning environment at Impington.  In order to do this it is vital that parents/carers support the professional judgement of the teaching staff and the College sanctions policy to allow us to manage behaviour effectively for the benefit of all.

We hope this will provide students with an even more positive experience at College and allow them to continue with their outstanding progress at Impington Village College.

Thank you for your support in implementing this new policy.

Yours sincerely

Robert Campbell