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Impington Village College

ParentView - Feedback for IVC

Dear Parents/Carers,

Today has been given the dismal moniker of Blue Monday, a name with even more unpleasant connotation for me as a fervent Manchester United fan.  Thankfully, the staff at IVC are far more cheerful so that we can ignore the blatant advertising gimmick of travel agents everywhere and encourage the students to approach the New Year with real enthusiasm and reflection.

It is with reflection and self-improvement in mind that causes me to write to you.  Parent View is a website that gathers parental feedback on 12 questions that can be used to help review how a school is perceived to be performing by its community.  These 12 questions, outlined below, are also used by us as part of our self-evaluation with students within college. 

At the moment, for this academic year, we have 4 responses from parents and as a result we cannot see any feedback.  It would be hugely useful for us if we could have an increase in responses by parents during this week to enable us to carry out our on-going self-evaluation throughout this term.

The survey is very easy to access at and all you need to do in order to leave feedback is to be a parent of a child attending the college and have an email address.

Once you have registered you are asked to search for the college (you can use either the name or the post code, CB24 9LX) and then you are asked to complete the 12 questions.

You have the option to sign up for an alert which will notify you when the results for IVC become publically available and when the number of results changes in the future – you can opt in for this and select the relevant frequency of notification or you can opt out.

The national average for response rates for the survey is 4.2% which seems very low indeed.  Our target for this January is promote the awareness of Parent View so that we can encourage 10% of our parents to leave feedback on what we are doing well.

Could you please take the 5 minutes necessary to register on the Parent View website and leave your feedback?  If you want to expand on the feedback or want to provide us with more detail then please do not hesitate to contact us.


Yours sincerely,


Simon Warburton

Assistant Principal

Parent View - Give Ofsted your view on your child's school