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Impington Village College

Ofsted Inspection Dashboard Update

Last week saw the release of the latest Ofsted Inspection Data Dashboard.  It contains a whole raft of information that Ofsted use to risk assess the effectiveness of schools and prioritise the inspection visits for the future months.  Overall our dashboard is incredibly positive with vast swaths of green (green highlighted cells are strengths in this report) across a range of indicators.  Particular strenghts mentioned were;

We are now identified as a consistently high performing school - one of the strongest non-selective schools in the country for student progress

  • Progress8 for all students was at 0.7 and for more able students (roughly half the cohort) it was 0.8
  • Our ‘more able’ students were in the top 3% of students in the country
  • Reminder: nearly 15% of students achieved the new super grade 9
  • Value Added score for Science for all students was in the top 4% for the country, more able top 2%
  • Value Added score for Humanities for all students was in the top 10% for the country

A huge congratulations to all the students, staff and parents who made these results possible.  We are all working flat out to make sure that the results this year make it three-in-a-row for outstanding progress and attainment at IVC.