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Impington Village College

Impart Newsletter September 2015

Welcome or welcome back to IVC! This is ‘Impart’, a half-termly newsletter scribed by the Principal that aims to provide updates, news and information on life in and around the College – particular greetings to those who are new members and families of the College. I hope everyone enjoys a great year as we look forward positively to building on the very many achievements of 2014-15.


We welcomed a number of new colleagues to IVC at the start of this term. We had a very successful season of recruitment last year and the team we have appointed to the College, added to the existing colleagues is, in my view, the strongest yet assembled during my eight years at Impington. We wish all of them every success in the years ahead:

Emma Aldridge Teacher of Science
Laura Baker Teaching Assistant: Level 3 Vocational
Lorena Brondani House Support Assistant
Sarah Carbonero Teacher of Science and Maths
Susan Conroy Lead Teacher: Art
Sam Crawford Teacher of Science and Maths
Nick Harrington Lead Teacher: KS5 Humanities
Clare Hunter Teacher of Spanish
Yamna Kahn Teacher of English
Alastair Kirk Teacher of English
Saskia Marchant Teacher of English
Mo Middleton Lead Practitioner: Humanities
Amy Miller Teacher of SEND
Jane Milne Director of Performance School
Vicki Parry Teacher of Physics
Sadie Scott House Support Assistant
Roger Stokes Teacher of Physics
Sian Thomas Teacher of Latin
Sarah Williams Lead Practitioner: Science
Bronwyn Wilson Teacher of Maths
Sarah Wakerley Central Administion Assistant
Angie Wocha Central Administion Assistant

Contact details for all staff can be located via the Our Staff page.

New Website

IVC has a new look to its website! This has been many months in development and I am sure you will agree it is greatly improved and a very impressive piece of work. Well done to all involved in its construction. Do have a peruse, and whilst you’re there, it would be an ideal opportunity to watch the i75 film made to ‘close’ the year-long celebration; produced by Steve Wallis, it’s a great representation of all that took place last year to commemorate 75 years of IVC.

Any Questions?

Impington is delighted to have been chosen by Radio 4 to host next week’s edition of its topical show, Any Questions?. This will be a wonderful opportunity for the College, especially as the show will be broadcast from the Gropius Hall, one year after its re-opening following its refurbishment. We understand the guests currently to be Tristam Hunt, Owen Jones and UKIP’s Suzanne Evans, with one further guest to be announced. Unfortunately no further tickets are available for the show. However, do tune in on either Friday night (at 8:02pm) or on Saturday afternoon at 1:10pm.

Pleasing GCSE Results

Closely in line with expectations, last year’s Year 11 cohort performed well. Currently 66% of students achieved 5A*-C including English and Maths – just 2% lower than 2014, although we are awaiting some remarks. This means that the last three years have produced the College’s best ever GCSE results at a time when there has been increased turbulence in the exam system and more reported issues for schools. There were some excellent results for many individuals and teams, including History, Geography, Drama, Expressive Arts, Biology and Art. In addition, over a quarter of all grades were either at A* or A and 37% of students achieved the new ‘benchmark’ of the English Baccalaureate (which requires students to get a C or above in English, Maths, two Sciences, a language and either History or Geography).

A very pleasing outcome to report is the GCSE Religious Studies undertaken by Year 10 (a year early than other students across the country). In the past, this has always been a very strong indicator of what the overall results will be (last year, the cohort achieved a pass-rate of 62% and then 66% on the ‘headline’ figure of 5A*-C including English and Maths). This year, the new Year 11 achieved an excellent 76% A*-C – the highest ever for a cohort and a 14% improvement on 2014. Well done to the teaching team and especially to Mr Green who oversees the GCSE programme! This is actually a great indicator that we are on course to deliver the cohort target of over 80% 5A*-C including English and Maths.

Well done to our Sixth Formers

After the great success of the IB cohort (where students recorded some of the highest outcomes on record), it was pleasing to see the very positive improvements in key subjects at A2. Overall, the College had a pass-rate of 91% and over half of grades (56%) were at C or higher. AS results were particularly positive and look very encouraging for A2s 2016.

Vertical Tutoring

After much debate, discussion, challenge, questioning, planning and preparation, the progression to Vertical Tutoring has finally taken place. Last Thursday we welcomed the new Year 7s and 11s into their groups and followed this on Friday with the remaining three years. Clearly it will take time to settle and have the lasting impact I know it will achieve. One of the key elements of VT is that the tutors (Lead and Co) are first point of contact for students and families. Hopefully you should know the name of your son’s/daughter’s tutors. Contact details are on the website under ‘11-16’-‘About’-‘Our Staff’.

Open Evening & Day – Monday 5 October and Tuesday 6 October 2015

For 2015, we will be continuing the model we developed last year for prospective students and will be combining an Open Day (which gives children and families unparalleled access to the whole College) with an Open Evening which allows families to visit at the end of a working day. We offered this model in 2014 for the first time and it went down very well with families. The Open Evening takes place on Monday 5 October from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Anyone wishing to visit can simply arrive during those times. On the following day, Tuesday 6 October, one of two visit slots is available during the day at either 9:00am or 11:40am. Contact the College for more details.

IVC bids to sponsor the new secondary school in Cambridge

You will have seen reported in the Cambridge News right at the end of last term that Impington has submitted a bid to Cambridgeshire County Council to sponsor the new secondary school which will be built and opened on the ‘Darwin Green’ site in 2020. This new school, serving the two new neighbourhoods of north Cambridge, will only be 1½ miles from IVC and offers an excellent opportunity for partnership and collaboration. Our vision for the new school is to develop it with its own unique identity but one that is closely aligned to the successful model that has been developed here, namely:

  • An inclusive, international and innovative school that reflects the community vision for education of Henry Morris
  • An inspirational organisation that wishes to see all its members flourish
  • A school that nurtures young people who want as adults to make a better world

An executive summary of our bid can be found on the front page of our website under latest news.

MOODLE Training for Parents

I am sure your sons and daughters are fully conversant with you about the delights and wonders of ‘MOODLE’, our learning platform. Whilst students and staff are au-fait with its workings, the same may not be true for parents! Fear not… help is at hand in the shape of Mr Wright, our Assistant Principal for Languages and ICT. A MOODLE training session for parents is taking place on Wednesday 16 September from 6:00pm to 7:00pm in the Hall. Just come along!


Our Parents, Staff & Friends Association is a wonderful group that does so much for our community, whether this entails raising much-needed funds or organising events that enable families and friends of the College to meet and socialise. We always need and welcome extra support and if you are interested in finding out more, its first committee meeting of the year will take place at 7:00pm on Monday 14 September. See you there!

And finally…

I wish everyone connected with IVC a most excellent year and look forward to seeing you at one of the many events across the next 11 months.

Robert Campbell, Principal