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Impington Village College

IVC bids to sponsor the new secondary school in Cambridge

You will have seen reported in the Cambridge News right at the end of last term that Impington has submitted a bid to Cambridgeshire County Council to sponsor the new secondary school which will be built and opened on the 'Darwin Green' site in 2020. This new school, serving the two new neighbourhoods of north Cambridge, will only be 1.5 miles from IVC and offers an excellent opportunity for partnership and collaboration. Our vision for the new school is to develop it with its own unique identity but one that is closely aligned to the successful model that has been developed here.

Executive Summary

Impington Education Trust (IET) believes it has the vision, expertise, resources and plan to ensure that the new Darwin Green secondary school develops from a successful opening in September 2020 to become an outstanding school with a distinctive and effective educational provision.
The Impington Education Trust governs and manages Impington Village College, a highperforming, local 11 - 18 community College situated just 1.5 miles from the proposed site of the new secondary school at Darwin Green. Its culture and ethos has developed around its vision to be an outstanding and inspiring learning community that is inclusive, international and innovative. Its outcomes and successes grow year by year and it has the capacity and capability as an Academy Trust to sponsor the new secondary school. It has a flourishing sports centre and an excellent adult learning/community provision and knows fully and understands deeply the local context of north Cambridge and the prospective new neighbourhoods. The likely intake of the new school will be very close in character and composition to that of Impington.
The vision for the new school will be closely aligned to that of Impington. It will be an
inspiring urban community school that is truly inclusive, international and innovative. Its
curriculum, teaching and learning, and pastoral organisation will mirror closely those that have been so successful at Impington. The curriculum will be a coordinated experience uniting learning from Year 7 to Year 11, developing well-rounded learners whilst preparing them for the rigours of academic qualifications. Teaching and learning will be developed around a unifying framework called the ‘Darwin Green Experience’. To promote a strong familial ethos and to nurture powerful and productive learning relationships between all, students will be placed in vertical tutoring groups and receive guidance and academic mentoring from two tutors. All this will enable Darwin Green students to thrive academically and personally and to achieve the highest standards of attainment.
As one of the closest schools to the new site, Impington knows and understands the local context very well. It will be able to bring its experience as a highly inclusive comprehensive school to the successful sponsorship of the new school. It has an excellent track record for engaging positively with parents, through the use of forums’ strong representation and ecommunications and a thriving parental association. One of the striking benefits of our model of vertical tutoring is the close working relationships that are developed between school and families.
The Trust prides itself on its wider community engagement. Its adult learning and
community provision, alongside its flourishing Sports Centre, continue to thrive and the
successes developed at Impington will be used as the model for Darwin Green.
Governance and leadership within the Trust is robust, rigorous and unrelenting in its focus on excellence. Governance has been remodelled in anticipation of successful sponsorship of other academies and an experienced and capable senior leadership team is in place to ensure successful implementation and sound financial planning and management.