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Impington Village College

Wednesday 15th May - Early Closure Details

Here are the details of this afternoons early closure for staff training

Here are the timings for today.  I can also confirm that all buses that we liaise with county over, the IP01/02/03/04/05 and 94 will arrive ar 14:05 this afternoon.  The 206 is unable to arrive early today so for any 206 students unable to make their own way home or be picked up - we will supervise these students in the prom until the 206 arrives at its normal time.

Period 1: 9-10:00

Period 2: 10-11:00

Break: 11-11:20

Period 3: 11:20-12:20

Period 4: 12:20-13:20

Lunch: 13:20 to 13:55

Tutor time: 13:55-14:05