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Impington Village College

The Morris Education Trust

On 31 October 2016 we became formally constituted as a Multi-Academy Trust.  This means that Impington Village College is no longer a single standalone academy, but is now part of a Trust which may grow to include several schools.  The Morris Education Trust reflects the character, ethos and values that are at the core of Impington Village College.

Why change now?
Establishing academies and developing Multi-Academy Trusts is very much the preferred model and approach for improving the education system in England. The Government is strongly promoting academies as the way the school system can be developed, particularly where there are existing strong schools with the capacity and desire to collaborate and partner with other schools. IVC has built itself up to be the one of the strongest secondary schools in the region; we have done that differently by being proudly inclusive and fully comprehensive. We have a truly special school here and one that we want to retain. By leading in the development of the Multi-Academy Trust, we have the opportunity to retain our ethos, values and ‘Impingtonness’ and promote this further with similar and like-minded schools. This is a unique opportunity; if we didn’t act now, we would lose the initiative. 

How will this affect the day-to-day running of IVC?
IVC will continue to be run under the guidance and leadership of the Principal, Ryan Kelsall.  Students, parents, adult learners, sports centre users and the wider community will have the same relationship with the staff at IVC.  Essentially founding the Morris Education Trust means that IVC is able to continue its great work, ensuring its character is retained.  As the Trust grows there will be chance to share best practice with other schools, as well as exploring collaborations that will enhance opportunities for students and staff at IVC.

What measures are being taken to ensure the strengths we have built at IVC will not be diluted?
It is in everyone’s interests to ensure IVC continues its successful trajectory.  The Morris Education Trust has been built on the achievements of IVC; therefore these need to be maintained for the Trust to be a success.  Key decisions will be risk managed, evaluating the benefits and costs before being made.  The high teaching standards at IVC will be maintained, and staff will have opportunity to share knowledge and practice on professional learning days with other schools within the Trust.  Staff who wish to work in more than one school may have the opportunity to do so, but only if the capacity exists within the school to release them.  IVC will also continue to work with and support schools that are not part of the Morris Education Trust.  We already have strong links with numerous academies in other trusts, and in the spirit of sharing best practice this will be even more important.

What happens next?
Life and learning at Impington Village College continues as usual.  Robert Campbell, Chief Executive Officer of the Morris Education Trust, will continue work to grow the Trust with the intention of welcoming schools in all phases including primary, secondary, and special schools who may wish to collaborate.  The Trust has submitted an application to the DfE to open a special free school for children with autism spectrum condition. We have also been approved as an academy sponsor which means it has been judged to have the capacity and capability to support schools needing more specific and dedicated improvement. Overall the Trust has identified a possible future size for the family of schools as being between 10 and 15 schools, locally based in Cambridgeshire.

If you have specific questions or feedback about the Trust, please contact Robert Campbell, Chief Executive Officer of the Morris Education Trust. You can also find more information and comment anonymously at