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Impington Village College

Science faculty teams up with Tassomai Learning Programme

This week the IVC Science department were excited to launch the use of a program called Tassomai with our Year 10 and 11 students.

Tassomai has taken each Science syllabus and broken it down into quizzable micro-facts, covering everything students need to know for their exams. These quizzes are multiple-choice and can be used on any internet-enabled device.  The algorithm adapts to what the students already understand and what they don’t yet master. The program then prioritises topics based on where the students are struggling and gradually increases the demand of new content, whilst interspersing previously covered material to boost recall and retention, to ensure the best possible preparation for the summer exams.

Research has found that targeted repetition, done little and often, is the most effective and efficient way to implant knowledge and prepare for exams, and this is exactly the method applied by Tassomai. According to Tassomai 95% of students who used Tassomai regularly achieved a C or higher in 2016 (and 56% got an A or A*).

Additionally, Science teachers will be able to log in to Tassomai and analyse each individual student and class’s understanding. Teachers will then be able to target their intervention based on this information and focus on those topics which we know the students are struggling to grasp.

Completing Tassomai quizzes has now replaced traditional Science homework at KS4 and students are expected to log on to Tassomai daily for around 10 minutes to complete their quizzes. Students can simply track their progress for course completion by using the performance wheel. By keeping the wheel green or blue, students can ensure that they will have covered the whole course before their exams in the summer of Year 11. The Science department is looking forward to seeing an improvement in knowledge recall in the weeks and months to come, as well as having students who are more confident in their knowledge.