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Impington Village College

Parent View


23 November 2015

Dear Parents/Carers

RE: Parent View

As we draw towards the end of our first term of the year not only is it time to review our progress with Vertical Tutoring but it is also the time of year we reflect on our strengths and what we need to develop as a college. We very much value working in partnership with parents and carers; one of the main drivers for implementing Vertical Tutoring was to improve the communication between the College and you as parents.  In order to help us continually enhance the quality of the education that we provide we would be very grateful if you could spend 5 minutes to complete an online questionnaire.

Established by Ofsted, Parent View is a helpful tool for schools and colleges to benchmark parent and carer views as it is used across the country.  OFSTED use this questionnaire as one of their main methods of gathering parents’ and carers’ views about a school prior to inspection so it makes a great deal of sense that we incorporate its results in our ongoing self-evaluation.

The link to setting up a login to review IVC can be found on the homepage of our new website or alternatively you can access it by clicking on this link:

You will be required to enter an email address and a password before completing the questionnaire to ensure the security of the website. If you fill in the questionnaire for IVC more than once using the same email address in the same academic year, your previous entry will be overwritten.

All entries to Parent View are anonymous and the College will not have access to any information that can be used to identify a respondent. If there are parents or carers who hold different views about the school, each person is able to complete the questionnaire but must use a different email address.

Parent View asks parents and carers to give their views on twelve aspects of your child’s experience at IVC ranging from the quality of teaching, to how well the school deals with bullying and poor behaviour. You are able to give your views using a four point scale, from strongly agree to strongly disagree.

The results of questionnaires that have been completed are published in real time and are available to IVC, other parents or carers and the general public. At the end of the academic year, the results for IVC will be frozen and a new set of results will begin. This allows us to make comparisons between the results from one year to another.

We very much appreciate and value the time that you give up to feedback your views about IVC through the completion of the questionnaire on Parent View. If you have any further questions or concerns about the process, please do not hesitate to contact me on 01223 200400 or email:

Yours faithfully

Simon Warburton

Vice Principal