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Impington Village College

IVC to introduce year group closures from tomorrow

College Closure Procedures: Covid-19
We continue to follow the guidance and advice offered by Public Health England, the Department for Education and local school leaders and will post these updates on the college website, Fac…
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We continue to follow the guidance and advice offered by Public Health England, the Department for Education and local school leaders and will post these updates on the college website, Facebook, Twitter and through Edulink.

Clearly, the latest update on social distancing for vulnerable groups and self isolation for those either exhibiting symptoms or living with those exhibiting symptoms has had an impact on our ability to staff the college safely. I want to be clear that as of this exact moment, we have no staff or student positively tested with Covid-19 therefore the closures set out in this communication are totally based upon our need to meet a staffing reduction of 20% due to distancing and isolation.

As a result - the following students will be asked to work from home over the dates set out below. If you have any concerns about the safeguarding of students asked to work form home then please contact


Inspector Calls theatre trip cancelled - Thursday March 18th


Wednesday March 18th - Friday March 20th

Year 10 students should remain at home and return on Monday 23rd March


Monday March 23rd - Friday March 27th - Full week

Year 9 and Year 12 students should remain at home and return on Monday March 30th


Monday March 30th - Friday April 3rd

Year 7 and Year 8 students should remain at home and return after the Easter break


We understand that this presents a tremendous burden on families at a time when you least need it but we hope that this will ease your concerns about the fine balancing act between your child's wellbeing in school and the high quality learning that we want to provide students. We also have a tremendous duty of care to our college staff and are confident that these measures will enable us to ensure that Year 11 and 13 are protected from disruption as much as possible and look after our vulnerable staff. We are confident that Year 10 can work well form home with little supervision and have intentionally delayed sending Year 7 and 8 home too soon so that you have enough notice to prioritise childcare where needed.

Teachers are setting work that can be completed by students at home and details of this work will be shared via Edulink as a homework task for the relevant students.

Students who are Self Isolating will be provided with work 48 hours after we have been notified that they are isolating this will also be shared on Edulink as a homework task for all students.

We ask that you ensure that students have a quiet place in which to complete the set work and that, at the end of each week, parents complete this self declaration form to confirm that work has been completed.

Parental Declaration Form


iCAS - will take place tomorrow on the 18th for Year 7-9, & 12-3 but will be cancelled for all year groups for the final two weeks of term - Buses WILL NOT pick up at 14:10 (this change is too short notice) so we will supervise students unable to leave college early until the buses arrive at 15:35 as usual. If your son/daughter is able to get home under their own steam then please do so after registering


Students in receipt of free school meals, who are absent from college due to closures, will be provided with a TESCO voucher to the value of their daily meal


For students with additional needs

who are not able to independently access the work sent by faculties, alternatives will be provided by the Special Educational Needs (SEND) department as follows.

Many students have access to Lexia and Dynamo Maths accounts and the log in details of these will be sent individually to these students.

Twinkl, a company who provides teaching and home learning resources for primary, secondary and SEND students, have also indicated that should parents contact them directly they may be able to provide resources or support.

For any specific queries regarding home learning for students with SEND please contact


Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns then please use the following guidance in order to contact the most appropriate person.

Students who need to contact their teachers for guidance on their work - they should contact the member of staff directly - they can do this through Office 365 and Outlook. When students use their account and click on the To: they will be able to search the IVC Staff list to find their teacher


SEND queries please contact

For any other questions please contact the following members of the leadership team and we will do our best to reply as soon as possible.


Behaviour and safeguarding - Ms Katie Jarvis

Website, communication and office 365 - Mr Simon Warburton -

Curriculum, assessment and other queries - Ms Victoria Hearn -

Impington International College - Ms Jo Sale -