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Impington Village College


What are the gym opening hours?

Monday to Friday 6.30-20.30 (closed 13.30-14.30)

Saturday and Sunday 8.30-15.00

We have temporarily restricted opening hours to allow for an increased level of deep cleaning and to ensure the safety of the members and staff. Once safe to do so we will gradually return back to our standard operating hours.

What facilities are open?

The gym and group exercise will re-open July 27th.

The swimming pool and sports hall activities will remain closed until further notice.

Changing facilities, showers, lockers and café will remain closed until further guidance given.

Reception will be available only for essential enquiries for members during their pre-booked session.

Will there be capacities?

Yes. We will be following the government’s recommendations to ensure social distancing. Capacities are set by 100sq foot per individual.

Will I need to book to get into the gym or pool?

Yes. To provide equal opportunity and whilst we understand demand all sessions including gym, pool and group exercise need to be booked in advance. Sessions can be booked 7 days in advance with a maximum of one session per day.

This will be constantly reviewed and any changes communicated ASAP.

Booking slots will only be required if your gym has especially busy periods. Otherwise, you will be able to visit whenever you'd like. Although it is unlikely that your gym will require this, you will be able to book via the app and we will let you know in advance.

How do I book? 

Bookings are available through the Members Area

You must register your account. Your membership number can be found under the barcode on your membership card starting IMP or alternatively the ISC number within your signed membership form.

You need an active email account to link too.

If you are an existing member click Register not Join Now. 

All booking information can be found here Fitness

I can log in but cant book sessions. 

If you have an active Direct Debit or Annual membership and can log in then you should be able to book. 

If you cannot you need to clear your 'cache and cookies'

How long will each session be?

Pool and gym sessions will be 50 minutes in total and group exercise 45 minutes. This is to ensure we can run a timetable which avoids crowds and follows social distancing.

Members will be notified 5 minutes prior to the end of the session through the PA system. We ask that you monitor your time effectively to ensure you leave promptly at the end of a session. 

Do I need my membership card?

Yes. To monitor safe capacities and for contact tracing it is essential that all members have their membership card with them. If you do not have your card your session may be delayed as we will prioritise getting all other members into their session first.

Will I have to queue?

With the help of all members sessions will run on time with easy and fast entry. Therefore, where possible we ask that you remain in your cars until your session is due to start. A one way queue system will then be in place to allow safe entry.

For all gym sessions we will be using the main entrance. For group exercise we will be using the school and conference room fire exit to limit the queues.

Are the changing facilities available?

No.  To maximise the safety of members and due to guidance changing facilities will not be available. We ask that you come ready to train and bring only essential belongings with you.

Changing rooms will be open for toilet facilities only.

A selection of lockers will be made available outside of the gym suitable to store small items. We cannot store any of your belongings in our offices or at reception.

Leaving bags on the gym floor is also prohibited.

Will Group Exercise be running?

Yes, but we have made some essential changes to keep members safe. We will be running a reduced timetable with the plan to gradually re-introduce sessions as safe to do so. Class capacities have been restricted and all measures taken to avoid sharing of equipment. You will be asked to wait to enter the session so that our team can allocate you an area for your session.

All classes must be booked, there will be no waiting lists and we will not be able to accept walk-ins. The team will have a list of all attendees and we will take care of ensuring your attendance is logged.

Come ready to train as there will be no access to changing facilities or lockers. Toilets will be available.

I cant find the class I want.

We are currently running a reduced timetable with the plan to phase in new classes when possible. 

We understand for some this will be disappointing but it is essential to guarantee we meet government guidelines and ensure social distancing. 

We have carefully picked our classes to offer a diverse range for all members. 

Classes will be gradually added with the hope to return to a full timetable as soon as safe to do so. 

What support will be available in the gym?

For the time being we will not be offering inductions or programmes to limit the sharing of equipment. We will however be happy to design you a programme. Just speak to the team.

Personal Training will be available but following strict social distancing guidelines.

What support is being offered to shielded/vulnerable members?

Yes, we will put a number of measures in place to support members that are in a vulnerable group. Full details will be available when your gym re-opens.

What can members do to help?

Respect social distancing, wash and sanitise your hands and clean down you equipment.

Follow the booking procedure and be punctual on arrival and exiting of the centre.

Lastly, log onto your online account and update your contact information for contact tracing members area.

What will happen to my payments?

All Gym direct debits will start back on the 1st August following the same terms of agreement. Swim and Thermal Spa memberships will not start back up until the facility reopens.

All annual agreements will be extended by the time that has been lost.

What if I am not ready to come back?

If you're not ready to come back when the centre reopens you will have the opportunity to extend your frozen period whilst restrictions are in place. To do so email

How do I book if I am not a member?

For the time being we will be running gym sessions as a member’s only facility.

Group exercise can still be booked through our booking system as a casual. 

How do I renew my annual membership? 

All members with memberships that came to an end during the closure will be contacted via email.  

All time lost during this period will be automatically extended. 

What if I cancelled my Direct Debit during the closure? 

We understand that during the closure there was a great deal of uncertainty. We will therefore be offering all members who cancelled during this period the option to reinstate. 

To do so you will be required to complete a new Direct Debit and membership form at reception. This may mean a small delay in returning. 

As reception will not be operating as normal you will be required to pre book to do this. Please email to arrange. 

Do I need to wear a face mask? 

No. Currently the guidelines do not state that masks are compulsory. Therefore, masks are worn at the individuals discretion. 

When will the pool re-open? 

All pool information including timescales, booking information and timetables can be found here swimming.

Is the Thermal Spa open? 

No. Government guidelines currently mean this part of the facility remains closed. 

I have tried to call the centre and there is no answer. Who do I contact if I have a question?

As we will be running a reduced staff rota email will be our only form of official communication to ensure staff time is spent on the members in our facility. If you have a question please email