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Impington Village College

PSFA ignite

Do you want to enhance the learning experience of your child at IVC?

We are inviting you as parents to get involved with an exciting new programme that may impact on your children.

The Ignite programme, led by the PSFA and the College leadership team, aims to support teaching and enhance the learning for our children and young people at IVC. We do this by …

  • Winning grants to provide equipment and learning experiences
  • Bringing in parents and stakeholder experts to work with staff in delivering successful learning outcomes
  • Tapping into the vast expertise of parents and stakeholders to support the College

Ignite volunteers can work directly in the classroom, delivering workshops or supporting lessons, or can work behind the scenes, coaching staff or assisting in specific projects for managing the school.  Ignite volunteers will not work unsupervised with students, therefore a DBS check is not mandatory.

Ignite projects can be specific and short-term (like a classroom workshop), or evolving over a longer period of time (like sports coaching or ‘Advisers-On-Call’), it all depends upon how much time you wish to commit.  As an Ignite volunteer you must never feel under pressure to offer more time and commitment than you wish to.  This is why we have an agreement between the volunteer and the staff member that will always be set out at the beginning of the project.

The ignite team has identified the following broad roles, for which we need volunteers.

ignite Programme Roles 

Grant research and securement

Winning grants is a highly profitable area of support for the College, and a real achievement for the person who wins them.  Grants can fund equipment, extra-curricular activities, teacher training and educational trips.  If you’re a thorough, organised person with good writing skills and some capacity during times to suit you, we need you to:

  • identify and research grant opportunities

  • work with staff to compose winning grant applications

  • Submit and monitor grant applications

  • Report back to the ignite co-ordinator on progress, wins and recommendations to abandon

Winning Resources and Support Projects

These are short-term projects which can be done at your own pace and in your own time.  Some experience in Marketing, Communications or in the specific areas below would be helpful.

  • Alumni Relations

    • Past students of schools and colleges provide a rich seam of practical support in the public school sector, and for Universities.  We need someone to explore the possibilities of working with this target group.
  • Corporate investigation

    • Local businesses offer grant-funding and employee schemes to assist local charities, and sometimes a lot more.  We need someone to identify corporate partnering opportunities.

Special Agents

Come into the classroom and work with teachers to deliver enhanced learning opportunities. Hold a workshop, come and give a talk, judge a competition, or provide insights into your area of expertise.

Staff are currently asking for:

  • PE – Assistance with fixtures (after school clubs, competitive fixtures at other schools)

  • PE – Coaching. Do you have specialist knowledge of a sport?  A person who has a played a sport, and is up to date on the rules can be an invaluable asset, either during school hours or extra-curricular.

  • Bilingual parents to provide in-class bilingual support to new to English EAL students.

  • Support for events such as future Library Book Weeks, National Poetry Day, Holocaust Memorial events, literary picnics, Friday 13th library sleepovers and Tardis construction.

  • Expertise in the following areas: novel writing, performance poetry, book illustration, manga, story telling, acting, sword-fighting, furniture design, carpentry.

Day Trippers

Using a supply teacher to accompany school trips typically costs the school around £200. Volunteer to be an accompanying adult, and have a free day out whilst saving the school money.

Career Inspirers

Come into the classroom and show and tell about your job.  Inspire the next generation of scientists, administrators, actors, bakers, and business owners.


Take part in mock University interviews (Dragon's Den style) for 6th form students.


Experts willing to provide opinion and advice on strategic issues that affect the school, typically working with Governors and Trustees.  Joining working groups to advise on projects within their area of expertise.

People Persons

  • Student wellbeing.  IVC strives to offer the highest support to students who need it, are you a professional in this field, who can help enhance the service offered?

  • Staff wellbeing. Can you help our staff help our students?

  • Professional learning - helping our staff stay top of their game.  Are you an HR or Learning and Development professional, who can input with new ideas, maybe workshops and developmental programmes?


The PSFA are always looking for volunteers to organise and help out at fundraising events, providing a vital revenue source for projects which directly benefit students.  Activities can include serving refreshments, running box office, secondhand uniform sales.

Sign-up here!

Please sign-up to join the ignite programme by filling in this online form. If you'd like to know more about the programme, please email Lisa Bowley, from the PSFA.

Once you have filled in this form, your details will be matched with staff members seeking expertise in the areas you offer.  If there is a current project need, you will work with the the staff member to scope out exactly what’s required, and your time commitment.  There may not be a current project need; in this case please rest assured that your offer is being kept on file and cross-checked with requests at regular intervals.