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Impington Village College


A Bit About Us

Students should enjoy and make progress in English and Media through a varied and exciting curriculum. Links will be made to the outside world as much as possible in order to provide a real life context for learning. English provides the ideal opportunity to explore sensitive issues of social and emotional development. Students should look forward to their English and Media lessons - an environment where they feel safe, supported, challenged and enthused by what they are learning. Our teachers are passionate about the subject we teach and are committed to helping all students succeed.

Where We Teach

The faculty is housed in a recently built block shared with the Maths Faculty. There are a total of nine English classrooms, each of which has a PC and a data projector. We also have an English Office and staffroom, a friendly and welcoming place which houses the English and Media Faculty during break and lunchtimes.

The Team 

Lead Practitioner


Liz Moran

Lead Teachers


KS4 Pupil premium and SEND - Sonia Trickey   
KS5 - Neil Jones



Peter Waples

Leanne Gibbons

Nicola Convey

Yamna Khan

Saskia Marchant

Catherine Draper
Jess Webb
Natalie Goodbrand
Emily Smyth

Emma Waldock
Olivia Marsh

Support Staff


Nick Upjohn


Student Leaders

The department is supported by two student leaders from Year 11, who can often be found supporting enrichment activities, trips and clubs.


Year 7 ICE Programme

An exciting new programme has been developed to provide excellent learning opportunities to pupils arriving in Year 7.

A mix of core curriculum content, extension and enrichment activities help to provide a solid foundation and appreciation for English Language and Literature.

Cross-curricular links are built through the use of common themes, and we develop our students’ abilities as effective communicators.

Years 8 and 9

Pupils in Years 8 and 9 continue to develop literacy skills in preparation for Key Stage 4. The curriculum focuses on enhancing the pupils’ ability to analyse language closely; to speak with confidence; to listen thoughtfully to the views of others; and to write accurately in a way that will be of interest to their reader. Pupils are encouraged to take advantage of the many extra-curricular activities available within the English Department such as the book group, which meets at lunchtime on the first Tuesday of each month in the Sixth Form library, and the BBC Young Reporters Scheme.

Years 10 and 11

All students follow the AQA GCSE English Language and the AQA GCSE English Literature courses for two years.

Students are helped to learn both the curriculum content and the exam technique necessary to gain marks in their final exams. Students are given additional support through the use of revision guides, revision websites, and the College MOODLE.

Home Learning Pledges

ICE (Year 7 & 8) - 1 Task per week, maximum of 1 Hour

Key Stage 4 (Years 9, 10 & 11) - 1 task per week maximum 90 minutes