CCHC – Junior Development Hockey – Yr 7-9 – Tuesday 14th September – 6.30-7.30pm

Junior Development Training Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Junior Development Training Targeted at?

Cambridge City Junior Development training is focussed on Y7-9 children who have an
interest in playing hockey though have limited opportunities through school due to minimal
PE provision, extra curriculum clubs and/or lack all weather pitches. They may not yet be
members of a hockey club or they are members of a local hockey clubs and would benefit
from additional training to boost their skills.


Do I need to be a member of Cambridge City Hockey (CCHC) Club to take part?

No, membership of CCHC in not a pre-requisite – the objective of the training is to widen
access to hockey training for all and encourage more children into the sport. If you wish to
participate in the Junior Development, your child will need to be registered with CCHC for
Insurance purposes, attendance tracking, communication, and payment purposes only. This
certainly does not preclude anyone joining in the session from playing age group hockey at
another club.


Who runs the training sessions?

The Junior Development training is run with a high coach to player ratio – currently ~1:5
enabling each player to gain specific coaching to meet their needs for the next development
stage. All coaches are members of CCHC and have a mix of extensive playing and coaching
experience. The coaching staff are heavily vested in encouraging more youngsters into the
sport to broaden the skill base of those that are keen to play more hockey. The training
sessions are a mix of skills, drills and small team play with an emphasis on fun +
development rather than competitive play.


How does Junior Development Training Differ from Cambridge City Youth Training?

CCHC currently has 300+ youth members and provides training, match play and competition
opportunities for children U12 -U18 Years of age across 18 teams. Training and match play
main sessions for U12 + U14 are held on Sunday mornings with U16 + U18 sessions on
weekday evenings. For more information about CCHC Youth training please click here.


Is there a fee to attend?

This is an additional provision for those children that are already members of CCHC with no
additional fee. For those that aren’t members, two free taster sessions would be offered,
after this the fee for the season is £130.
As a club, we would never want financial reasons to exclude anyone from our community or
play the sport that we all love. If you wish to discuss support available, please reach out.


Where and when are the sessions held?

Tuesday 6.30-7.30pm,
1st session Tuesday 14th September
Pitch 2 – Wilberforce Road Sports Ground, CB3 0EQ


What do I need to bring to the session?

All that’s required is a stick, shin pads, a gum shield and a water bottle. If you don’t have a
stick, just let us know and we’ll ensure we have a spare for you to use. Aside from that – a
willingness to participate, learn some new skills, meet new friends and have fun are all that’s


If I’d like my child to join in the CCHC Junior Development Training – what do I do next?

• Email – please include:
– your child’s name, school name, year group
– parent/guardian name + contact phone number
• We will follow with instructions on how to register for the sessions


September 13, 2021