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Impington Village College

FGB Minutes 19-03-13

Impington Village College


 Tuesday 19 March 2013 at 6.00 pm in the Library


Note the Chairman made adjustments to the order of business and so the minutes reflect the order that the agenda items were taken.


Present:   Martin Rigby (Chairman), David Jenkins, Claire Beressi-Jones, Rob Campbell, Jayne Green, Michael Truscott, Jake Reynolds, Elizabeth Sadler, Julian Mellor, Patricia Labistour, Alan Rodger, Nick Morley and Lauren Allin.

In Attendance: Richard Spencer (Vice Principal Teaching & Learning and KS5 [VPKS5]), Steph Franklin (Vice Principal KS4 [VPKS4]), KJ Norton-Berry (Assistant Principal), Mike Stagg (Deputy Head of Sixth Form), Jo Sale (Head of Sixth Form), Roland Lewis (Maths Faculty), Katie Jarvis (Head of Sport) and Joe Greenway (Clerk)

1    Approval of Absences   

Apologies were received from Huw Jones, Brian Harrison, Hildegard O’Kane, Suzy Offord and Paula Carter,

2    Presentation on the IBCC


      The Head and Deputy Head of Sixth Form made a presentation on the IBCC which is attached to these minutes.  They explained the rationale for the qualification: offering vocational options in addition to the current fully academic IB and so broadening its appeal to potential students.  The vocational pathways offered from September 2013 are a BTEC Sports Diploma and a BTEC Performing Arts Diploma.  15 students have been offered places to date, 14 of them male electing the Sport option.

Governors asked about:

  • The synergy of the IBCC with the current IB
  • International applicants
  • Link with the proposed strategic development of the College
  • Student destinations

The staff responded by saying that students on the new programme will be taught together with students on the existing programme for those elements that are common to both.  This will make them feel part of the overall IB programme.  There are no international applicants to date; most are already students of IVC.  All applicants and their parents demonstrated very good motivation and commitment at this stage.  The programme fits very well with the strategic development planned for the College, complimenting the existing curriculum offer and providing opportunities for the College to expand its vocational provision, whilst maintaining the very high standards of the IB.  As this is a new qualification universities have yet to make any offers but staff do not anticipate this being an issue. 

The Awarding Body will make a final verification visit in June 2013 which the College must pass to offer the qualification.  Staff are confident this will occur.

Governors commended the work of the staff to date, thanked them for their informative presentation and looked forward to receiving reports about the success of the new qualification in due course.

Jo Sale and Mike Stagg left the meeting at this point.

6    Review of College Day

Lauren Allin joined the meeting during this item at 6.35 pm.  David Jenkins left the meeting during this item at 6.55 pm.

A College Maths teacher and the Head of Sport made a presentation on the outcomes of a review of the structure of the College day which is attached to these minutes.  They explained that the review was generated from a working party set up specifically for the purpose and followed discussions held at faculty and whole college meetings. 

The conclusions of the working party were as follows:

  • The format of the day remains as it currently is; five teaching periods with one after lunch.  The changes would be:
  • Start time moved forward to 08.50 am
  • Registration moved to the start of the day at 8.30 am
  • The end of the day moved to 2.55 pm

The rationales for these changes were given in the presentation.

Governors asked about:

  • the implications of an earlier start,
  • possible effects of making the lunch break earlier,
  • the effect on student transport and
  • how much consultation with stakeholders had taken place.

Staff responded that, following consultation with parents, the earliest possible start time from their perspective was 8.30.  This is the same as in most local schools.  Research consulted by the group showed that teaching and learning are more effective during the morning.  Moving registration to 8.30 would also mean that lessons would actually start only 10 minutes earlier than currently.  Staff were confident that students would not treat the tutor time following registration as an opportunity to arrive late and those that did would be subject to the disciplinary process.  All staff were clear that teaching after lunch is only effective if it lasts for a short time; periods in excess of 60 minutes are not effective.

The contract for student transport is up for renewal from September 2013.  Thus there will be an opportunity for some re-negotiation but governors were advised to anticipate an increase in transport costs whether there is a change in the College day or not.

Staff consultation to date was generally in favour of the new structure.  Wider consultation with more stakeholders is the next stage with a view to bringing the results of this and a final proposal to the Governors’ Away Day in May for approval.

JG offered alternative evidence that starting early results in poorer performance from adolescents and advised that the College should consider moving the start to later in the day as a consequence.  A discussion of the merits of this opposing opinion then followed.

JG was asked to provide the evidence to which she had referred and this is attached to the minutes, together with an explanatory note

Governors commended the work of the staff to date, thanked them for their informative presentation and looked forward to receiving the results of the wider consultation and further review of appropriate evidence in time for the Governors Away Day on 11 May 2013.

Katie Jarvis and Roland Lewis left the meeting at this point.

3    Minutes of the meeting of 5 February 2013


The minutes of the meeting held on 5 February 2013 were agreed and signed as a correct record. 


4    Matters arising from the meeting of 5 February 2013



5    Principal’s Report

The Principal drew Governors’ attention to the following items in his report.

  • Ofsted ‘Data Dashboard’

The Principal reminded governors that the data in this report is from 2012 and, not surprisingly, shows the performance of IVC as poor, with the college being in either the third, fourth or fifth quintile. 

Governors asked about the possible negative impact on the college if parents of potential students were to access this information from the Ofsted website.  It was agreed that the College should not make direct reference to the dashboard on its own website and should have a robust assertion of how the College is working towards being outstanding.

Action: Principal to ensure that appropriate statements are in place on the College website reflecting the aspirations of IVC.

  • College Development Plan

The Principal referred to his report on progress on the implementation of the College Development Plan and highlighted the impact the new Teachers’ Standards are having on the staff and the actions the College is taking to manage this and also the developments in the new Middle Years Programme for Years 7-11.

  • Preferences – September 2013

The Principal informed Governors that applicants are currently below PAN, at 204 vs 210.  There are reductions in the numbers of possible students in College feeder schools, in the numbers of students with Statements and with some students planning to go to other religious based colleges.  Governors asked about the impact of the lower than expected student numbers on Teaching Assistants.  They were assured that this is manageable as most TAs are on yearly contracts.

  • Budget 2013-14

At the time of the meeting the College still had no firm information as to the budget for 2013-14.  Governors agreed with the Principal that this was a deplorable state of affairs.

Governors received the Principal’s report and noted the progress made on the various matters discussed.

7     CAP Partnership Agreement

 The Principal reminded Governors of the history behind the Cambridge Area Partnership and commented that to get the agreement of 28 schools and college Principals to a document was no mean feat in itself!  IVC benefits in many respects from being part of the CAP, for example, with the coordination of Open Evenings.  The Principal recommended approval of the agreement as it stands.

Decision:  Governors approved the College’s participation in the Cambridge Partnership Agreement nem con.

8     Actions taken to secure improvement to GCSE results 2012

The VPKS5 referred governors to his paper and reminded them that the contents had been fully discussed at the 5 March 2013 meeting of the Learning Committee. 

Changes since that meeting are that the College has received the results for the Unit 1 English examination taken in January 2013.  This has allowed the predictions for the final outcomes of the GCSE Results for 2013 to now include external examination data as well as data from controlled assessments and mock examinations.  The current headline situation shows an improvement in performance in all 4 of the main measures as shown in the table below:


5 A*-C

(Including English & Maths)

5 A*-C






Final 2012





March 2013






Thus the College now has some confidence that performance in 2013 will be substantially better than in 2012. 

Governors noted and were encouraged by the report.  They commended the actions undertaken and look forward to an updated report at the FGB meeting of 25 June 2013.

ActionClerk and VPKS5 to ensure a report on progress to secure improvement to GCSE results 2012 is presented to the FGB of 25 June 2013.

9     Away Day Programme

Governors discussed the Away Day programme and suggested some amendments.  They were informed that invitations had gone out to appropriate stakeholders for the 0-19 session.  A revised programme is attached to these minutes.

Action: Facilitators (Principal, Chairman, Vice Chairman and Huw Jones) to meet to plan their Away day sessions.

10   Skanska update

The Principal referred Governors to the VPBA’s report.  It is hoped that the final contract will be ready for approval by Governors at their June meeting and that work can commence on the project over the summer.  Governors were reminded of the new and unique nature of the proposed project and hence the time it has taken to ensure that all matters are correct is not unreasonable.

Governors received and noted the progress made.

11   Minutes of Committees


Governors received and noted the draft minutes of the Resources Committee of 25 February 2013, the Strategy & Engagement Committee of 26 February 2013 and the

Learning Committee of 5 March 2013.

12   AoB


  • Interviews for Assistant Principal posts

The Principal asked if any Governors were available to participate on the interview panel for the post of Assistant Principal English on 27 March 2013.

  • College Chaplaincy

A governor asked for a progress report on the appointment of the Chaplain.  The VPKS4 responded informing governors that a post description had been written and interviews were planned for the summer term.  It was hoped that the appointee could take up post at the end of the summer term in order for them to prepare themselves better for the new academic year.  ES has been fully involved to date on behalf of the governing body.

The meeting closed at 7.50 pm.