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Impington Village College

FGB Minutes 25-06-13

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Impington Village College 



Tuesday 25 June 2013 at 6.00 pm in the Library





Note the Chairman made adjustments to the order of business and so the minutes reflect the order that the agenda items were taken.


Present:   Martin Rigby (Chairman), David Jenkins, Claire Beressi-Jones, Rob Campbell, Jayne Green, Jake Reynolds, Elizabeth Sadler, Julian Mellor, Patricia Labistour, Alan Rodger, Nick Morley Huw Jones, Brian Harrison, Hildegard O’Kane, Suzy Offord, Paula Carter and Lauren Allin.

In Attendance: Richard Spencer (Vice Principal Teaching & Learning and KS5 [VPKS5]), Fran DiFranco (Vice Principal Business and Administration [VPBA]), KJ Norton-Berry (Assistant Principal), and Joe Greenway (Clerk)

1    Approval of Absences   

Apologies were received from Michael Truscott.

2    Minutes of the meeting of 19 March 2013

The minutes of the meeting held on 19 March 2013 were agreed and signed as a correct record. 


3    Matters arising from the meeting of 19 March 2013

Agenda item 2 Presentation on the IBCC – Governors asked whether the verification visit for the new IBCC qualification had been successful.  The VPKS5 reported that the visit had gone well; that the College was approved to offer the qualification from September 2013 and that official confirmation was awaited.  Governors suggested that this success would be eminently suitable for a positive press release.


Action: Development & Engagement Manager to issue a suitable press release once official confirmation has been received.

The Chairman reminded governors that there was also a brief meeting during the Away Day when the matter of the college day was discussed and voted on.  The proposal to change the structure of the college day was amended slightly, increasing the lunch break by 10 minutes so pushing the end of the college day back by 10 minutes to 3.05pm.  Governors were supportive of this proposal subject to being content with any possible change to the student transport costs

4     Notes from the Away Day


Huw Jones arrived during this item at 6.10 pm


Governors expressed much satisfaction about the Away Day and were particularly impressed by the performance of the students from the Student Executive.  The VPKS5 reported that he had recently visited Milton Primary School to conduct an assembly and would be visiting other local school before the end of term.  Governors were pleased with this and looked forward to reports of further visits.

Governors confirmed that the Notes of the Away Day were a good summary of the outcomes of the day.

6    Catering Working Party

The VPBA reminded governors of the context of this item, that the Resources Committee proposed that a Working Party be set up to meet with the Chef and management of the Catering company to seek to bring about improvements to the menu offer and other matters that fall with the purview of the catering contract.  The Working Party will consist of representatives from students and staff and it was thought appropriate that a governor, particularly a parent governor, should also participate. 

The Chairman asked for volunteers and Paula Carter and Jake Reynolds put themselves forward.  The Chairman thanked them for their enthusiasm for this role.

Action: VPBA to convene a meeting of the Catering Working Party as soon as reasonably practicable.

7     Budget 2013-2014

Elizabeth Sadler and Rob Campbell both arrived during this item at 6.35pm and 6.50pm respectively

The Chairman of the Resources Committee referred Governors to the paper written by the VPBA and also fed back on the outcome of the recent meeting of the Resources Committee when the Budget for 2013-14 was discussed at length.  He reminded the meeting that the College is statutorily required to submit a balanced budget to the DfE by 31 July 2013 otherwise it will be issued with a ‘Notice to Improve’ which is an unacceptable option.  The budget as submitted is balanced.

Key changes to the income streams showing the increases and decreases compared with 2012-13 are given in the table below:


2012-13 predicted out turn

2013-14 budget



School Budget Share




New funding formula





College pays first £6k

Post 16




IB a large programme

Pupil Premium



+ £23K











£450k carried forward from 2012-13 AND £83k contribution from Sports Centre







The reduction of £280k in the SEN budget is because it is assumed that £6000 per SEN student is paid out of the School Budget Share. 

Assumptions made to estimate expenditure include:

  • All staff other than UPS drifted up to the next point
  • LGPS employers pension contribution increased from 21.9% to 23.3%
  • 1% pay award for non teaching staff included
  • TA structure reduced by 16 staff
  • College Development Fund consumed
  • Contribution required from Pupil Premium and EOTAS
  • Sixth form incentive of £70k removed
  • Learning Resources less 10% next year
  • ICT Development cut back
  • Contribution of £83k from Sports Centre

The VPBA advised governors that the College cannot continue to be sustained by carry forwards from the previous financial years as for 2013-14 it is not possible to include provision of a carry forward.

Governors asked about the impact on Teaching Assistants and also what other colleges were ‘suffering’ in terms of SEN funding.  The VPBA responded that the plan is to maintain the current quality of TA provision by reducing the overall number of staff and having fewer, more qualified individuals.  He also stated that officers of the EFA had reported that there would be no changes to any funding until 2015-16 and so that schools that recruit many students with statements will be hardest hit.  The College also suffers from being in Cambridgeshire and also not being in an area of high deprivation.

Governors expressed satisfaction that the College can get through 2013-14 but AR advised the meeting that preparation for the challenges of 2014-15 and beyond should start now.  The Chairman offered the following suggestions for raising additional funding to support the College:

  • Working with other colleges
  • Creating a ‘private’ sixth form
  • Building on the record of the PSFA
  • Creating Alumni
  • Reaching out to parents and the wider community

He also reminded the meeting of the need to improve employment practices by linking pay to performance and productivity and ensuring there is flexibility in the labour force.

Action: Chairman to outline his thoughts for alternative sources of funding at the next meeting of the Resources Committee (15 July 2013).  Clerk to invite Alan Roger to attend this meeting.

The Chairman of the Resources Committee then proposed the following resolution:

The budget for 2013-14, as presented, is approved by the Full Governing Body.

The resolution was seconded by Elizabeth Sadler

Decision: The resolution to approve the budget for the year 2013-2014 was approved nem con.

5     Principal’s Report


The Principal referred governors to his paper and made close reference to the following items:

Keeping in Touch (KIT)


This is a process Cambridgeshire County Council uses to review the performance of its schools and results in the completion of the document provided.  As IVC is now an academy it is not obliged to complete document but did so as a good working relationship with the Council is clearly in the interest of both parties.  The College will undertake a thorough review once the summer results are known but in the meantime it was agreed that the Learning Committee should consider the report at its next meeting.  In simple summary the data are broadly positive.

Action: Principal and Clerk to ensure the KIT form is an agenda item for the next meeting of the Learning Committee (9 July 2013)

Strategic Priorities

Following the Away Day the Principal had reviewed and improved the milestones and offered up the final version of the Strategic Priorities for comment and approval.  Governors were overall positive about the document but were clear that, given the emerging issues with the financial position as previously discussed, the milestones and priorities must become reference points to the financial imperatives at the time.  It was agreed that the milestones would need to be reviewed annually.  It was also agreed that the College may need to consider working towards a single ‘Business’ plan given by merging the Strategic Priorities, College Development Plan and Financial Plan.

Decision: Governors approved the Strategic Priorities within the Strategic Vision Document 2013-2017 nem con.

College Day

The Principal referred back to this item as noted under agenda item 3 above and reported that the additional cost for student transport to fit in with the new timetable was £7500.  However the County Council had reported that it was now too late to change the transport arrangements as the tendering process was now under way and so it was not possible to change to College day in time for September 2013.  The College had therefore decided to review the position for September 2014 and reflect on how to improve the consultation process.

Governors advised that if a change is proposed then something ‘big’ should be offered back to parents in return.

Pay Policy

The Principal introduced this item summarising the context and emphasising that a policy needs to be in place for September 2013 so that it can be applied from September 2014.  He reminded governors that they are legally responsible for promoting and securing high quality teaching and that it is the DfE’s advice that, to ensure this, revised arrangements on flexible pay polices are needed.  In essence it will mean that progression through the pay scale is no longer automatic. 

The Principal then made a presentation on the College’s plans to make changes to the teachers’ pay structure as summarised by the bullets points below.

Aims of the new IVC Pay Policy:

  1. To provide a policy that recognises, values and rewards the contribution of teaching staff
  2. To enable the College to develop further and to become a truly ‘Outstanding’ institution with ‘The Impington Experience’ at its heart
  3. To ensure the College is a place where staff want to come to and to stay and where they will flourish professionally
  4. To ensure the College recognises the contribution made by individual members of staff
  5. To be a policy that is fair, transparent, consistent and subject to scrutiny

Summary of (national) changes to pay

  1. Current scales become ‘references’
  2. Abolishes Advanced Skills Teachers (ASTs) and introduces new Leading Practitioner posts
  3. Teachers’ Standards (2012) are the only professional standards
  4. No obligation to meet pay (on recruitment) and no starting salary limit
  5. Pay progression can be annually and by more than one point
  6. Progression will not be automatic and will be based on performance assessed against objectives and other evidence

Ofsted and Pay


  1. Robustness of performance management and effectiveness of strategies for improving teaching will be evaluated by:
  2. Robustness of monitoring T&L and tackling under-performance
  3. Strong link between performance management and appraisal and salary progression
  4. Academies are not required to apply the TS but will be scrutinised how they promote high quality teaching
  5. Governors will be evaluated on the role they play in securing the highest standards (of T&L)


IVC ‘Headlines’


  1. Introduce an ‘IVC’ scale that uses the current one as reference
  2. All Appraisals will be moderated for consistency
  3. ‘The Impington Experience’ becomes our reference point (as this incorporates Teachers’ Standards and Ofsted)
  4. Those with leadership responsibilities will be leading the drive to securing high quality teaching
  5. Abolish the existing (two) AST positions (with assimilation or safeguarding)
  6. Lead Practitioners (initially) introduced in English and Maths (in lieu of ‘draft’ roles of Subject Leaders)

Next steps


  1. Develop and submit Pay Policy to Govs (Monday 17 June)
  2. Draft Pay Policy approved
  3. Tuesday 18 June – consultation on draft
  4. Briefing for Full Governors (25 June)
  5. Feedback on consultation (by 5 July)
  6. Re-draft of policy to Govs for approval (15 July)

The Chairman asked the teaching staff governor present how teachers were feeling about these proposals.  He responded by saying that they were ‘generally supportive’ and commenting that ‘if you are doing the job you are supposed to do then there shouldn’t be any problems’. 

The Principal reported that the ‘Impington Experience’ document was the outcome of substantial staff consultation and so an internally agreed mechanism for assessing teaching quality and this would assist greatly in giving staff confidence in the process.  CET would moderate all appraisals to ensure consistency and would standardise the interpretation of the success criteria for moving up and through the scales.

Governors noted the proposals and looked forward to a report from the Resources Committee on the matter in due course.


The Principal brought to the attention of governors the staff who were leaving the College at the end of the year highlighting Terry Moore, grounds-man, who is retiring after 47 years service.  LA suggested a tree be planted in recognition of his services to the College which was unanimously supported.

Action: Principal and VPBA to make the arrangements necessary to plant a tree in recognition of the work and service of Terry Moore.

8     Annual Child Protection Report

The AP Inclusion referred governors to his paper and advised them that there were no matters that needed to be brought to their attention.

Decision: Governors approved the Annual Child Protection Report for 2012-13 nem con.

9          Actions taken to secure improvement to GCSE results 2012

The VPKS5 referred governors to his paper commenting that the College is now cautiously optimistic about the improvement in student performance for summer 2013.  In all 4 quoted key measures predicted outcomes in 2013 are well above those achieved in 2012.  The VPKS5 explained the rationale behind the confident predictions.  He also reminded governors of the various intervention strategies used by the College to secure this improvement.  The VPKS5 concluded that if these outcomes were achieved the results could be described as good but certainly were not yet outstanding.

Governors asked if the shift in the grade boundary ‘goalposts’ that occurred in 2012 was likely to be repeated in 2013  The VPKS5 responded that he thought changes in grade boundaries this year were possible but unlikely.

Governors noted the report and looked forward to improved results in summer 2013. .

10   Governor Data Dashboard

David Jenkins and Clare Beressi-Jones left during this item at 7.55pm and 8.00pm respectively

The AP Data referred Governors to his paper and the attachments reminding Governors that the data therein was not new it is just expressed in a format that Ofsted believes will assist governors in their role of monitoring College performance.

Governors were clear that the use of the Dashboard falls within the purview of the Learning Committee.  It was agreed that the Learning Committee is to evaluate the effectiveness of the Dashboard in 2013-14 and to have training from college staff if necessary.  It was also agreed that the Dashboard should not be circulated more widely than to governors and internally within the college until a full evaluation had taken place.

Governors received and noted the Data Dashboard.

Action: Clerk to ensure the Governors Data Dashboard is an agenda item for appropriate meetings of the Learning Committee during 2013-14.

11   Health and Safety Matters

The VPBA reported that the recent meeting of the Health and Safety Committee had received a Risk Management Audit Report with which the College was shown to be compliant apart from a few minor items which have now been addressed.  He also reported an urgent item of works concerning the electrical wiring in the George Edwards building.  The Resources Committee had considered and approved the necessary works.  Finally he had to report that an accident had occurred in the Sports Centre that resulted in the loss of finger by a member of the public.  The incident had been reported to the HSE and is the subject of a full investigation which will be reported to the next meeting of the Health and Safety Committee.

AR, as governor member of the Health and Safety Committee, reported that governors should be content with the management of health and safety in the College and that it is getting better all the time.

Governors received and noted the progress made.

12   Skanska update

The VPBA reported that it was not possible for governors to sign off on the project at this meeting as had been the intention.  The current stumbling block is that the location of one of the biomass boilers is being queried by the Conservation Officer.  A meeting to resolve this matter is to take place between Skanska and the Conservation Officer.  If successful the final contract may still yet be ready for approval by Governors before the end of term

Governors received and noted the progress made.

13   Calendar of Meetings 2013-14 

The Clerk shared the proposed calendar of meetings for 2013-14 and asked for feedback by email in time for a final version to be issued by the end of term


14   Minutes of Committees 

Governors received and noted the draft minutes of the Resources Committee of 25 March 2013, the Learning Committee of 7 May 2013 and the Strategy & Engagement Committee of 20 May 2013.

15   AoB

  • Paper from Huw Jones on the 0-19 vision

HJ tabled his paper commenting that the partnership schools expected a quick response from IVC.  It was agreed to set up a working party to improve partnership schools liaison with HJ to contact the Chairs of Governors of the schools to invite them to participate.

Action: HJ and Chairman to contact the Chairs of Governors of local schools with a view to establishing a Working Party to improve Partnership schools liaison

  • IBCC

The Principal reported that he was just in receipt of the Certificate of Approval to run the IBCC so a press release could now be issued.

LA reported that she had been asked to speak at an IB conference in September 2013.

The meeting closed at 8.20 pm.