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Impington Village College

FGB Minutes 09-12-13

Impington Village College

Meeting of the Full Governing Body

Monday 9 December 2013 at 6.30 pm in the Library


Present: Martin Rigby (Chair), David Jenkins, Claire Beressi-Jones, Rob Campbell, Brian Harrison, Hildegard O’Kane, Alan Rodger, Elizabeth Sadler, Julian Mellor and Paola Pizzigallo.
In Attendance: Fran Difranco (Vice-Principal: Business and Administration [VPBA]) and Joe Greenway (Clerk)
1 Approval of Absences
Apologies were received from Jayne Green, Jake Reynolds, Patricia Labistour, Huw Jones, Paula Carter, Suzy Offord, Lauren Allin, Simon Guest and Nick Morley
2 Declaration of Business Interests
Martin Rigby declared that his partner was employed by IVC as an Adult Education Tutor.
3 Minutes of the meeting of 19 November 2013
The minutes of the meeting held on 19 November 2013 were agreed and signed as a correct record.
4 Matters arising from the meeting of 19 November 2013
There were no matters arising. The Chairman commented that he thought that the more relaxed approach taken in the November meeting had been productive and proposed that a similar format should be adopted for one FGB meeting per year. This was agreed.
5 Financial statements to year end 31 August 2013
The Chairman of the Audit Committee fed-back on the outcomes of the meeting of that committee that had been held earlier in the afternoon. He reported that the External Auditors advised that the Academy was:
• in sound financial health (much better than many other academies),
• had good internal controls
• that the headlines figures in the draft audit report would not change and that there would be some minor changes to some commentaries
• in a position for the auditors to present an unqualified audit report.
The Chairman of the Audit Committee commented that the process was too long and complicated and that he hoped it would be simplified in due course. He also advised governors that, for next year, FGB would meet a week later than the Audit Committee with the intention that FGB be able to approve final rather than draft accounts. His recommendation was that the FGB approve the accounts in their current form.
Governors asked about the cause of the high figure against ‘Debtors’ in the Balance Sheet. The VPBA reported that this was largely VAT. There were no other comments or questions.
The Chairman of the Audit Committee then proposed the following resolution:
That subject to the final version having only minor changes to some commentaries that the Financial Statements for the year end 31 August 2013 are approved.
The resolution was seconded by Elizabeth Sadler
Decision: The resolution to approve the Financial Statements for the year end 31 August 2013 was approved nem con.
6 AoB
Staffing Changes
The Principal informed governors about some changes to CET. He reminded them that two members of CET, Steph Franklin and Nick Morley had been on long-term sick leave. He reported that a compromise agreement had been concluded with Steph Franklin and that Nick Morley had tendered his resignation. Both members of staff would officially leave the College on 31 December 2013. He read out the statement about the departure of Steph Franklin that would be issued to staff this week. Governors commented that Ms Franklin’s long and excellent service at the College needs to be marked, perhaps with the planting of a tree.
The Principal then explained how CET would be reorganised for the remainder of the academic year.
• FD is to take on role of ‘Director of Finance and Resources’ (to increase oversight of business/non-teaching matters, including the Sports Centre, and to cease being ‘Vice Principal’)
• Ryan Kelsall has been promoted to Acting Vice Principal with particular responsibilities for Quality Assurance and Student Progress.
• The salaries of the remaining Assistant Principals would be increased slightly to recompense additional responsibilities
• There would be a slight increase in staffing (teaching) to relieve CET of some teaching load and to cover SF’s and NM’s teaching, plus the additional duties of KJ
• The overall salary savings would be in the order of c. £125,000 over a whole year.
Governors asked whether there would be a back-filling of posts for September 2014 and, given the additional work-load being placed on the remaining senior staff, had any consideration been given to their work-life balance.
The Principal responded saying that the structure would be reviewed during the spring term of 2014 to judge whether the team is coping with their new workloads and whether an additional appointment is required.
The meeting closed at 7.00 pm.