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Impington Village College

FGB Minutes 28-01-14




Tuesday 28 January 2014 at 7.00 pm in the Gropius hall




Present:   Martin Rigby (Chairman), David Jenkins, Rob Campbell (Principal), Jayne Green, Brian Harrison, Hildegard O’Kane, Elizabeth Sadler, Alan Rodger, Huw Jones, Paola Pizzigallo, Simon Guest and Lauren Allin.

In Attendance: Fran Difranco (Director of Finance & Resources [DFR]), Richard Spencer (Vice Principal Teaching & Learning [VPTL]), Ryan Kelsall (Acting Vice Principal), Rebecca Jermy (Assistant Principal), Katie Jarvis (Assistant Principal), Amy Wormald (Development & Engagement Manager [DEM]) and Joe Greenway (Clerk)

1    Introduction


The Chairman welcomed the members of the academy trust and other attendees to the Annual General Meetings of Impington Village College and Impington Sports Centre Limited and the annual public meeting of the Governing Body and expressed disappointment that no members of the public were in attendance.

2    Apologies

Apologies were received from Claire Beressi-Jones, Jake Reynolds, Paula Carter, Julian Mellor and Suzy Offord.  The Chairman reported the resignation of Pat Labistour.

3   Declaration of Business Interests



4    Academy update


      This item was to specifically inform parents and other visitors about the current state of the Academy.  As no parents etc. were present it was agreed that this item was unnecessary.


5    AGM of Impington Village College


5a     Present:   Martin Rigby (Chairman), David Jenkins, Rob Campbell (Principal), Jayne Green, Brian Harrison, Hildegard O’Kane, Elizabeth Sadler, Alan Rodger, Huw Jones, Paola Pizzigallo, Simon Guest and Lauren Allin.

5b    In Attendance: Fran Difranco (Director of Finance & Resources [DFR]), Richard Spencer (Vice Principal Teaching & Learning [VPTL]), Ryan Kelsall (Acting Vice Principal), Rebecca Jermy (Assistant Principal), Katie Jarvis (Assistant Principal), Amy Wormald (Development & Engagement Manager [DEM]) and Joe Greenway (Clerk)

5c     Members of the Public in attendance: None

5d     Aplogies and Quorum: Apologies were received from Claire Beressi-Jones, Jake Reynolds Paula Carter, Julian Mellor and Suzy Offord.  There were no proxy votes.  The Chairman noted that the AGM was quorate.

5e     Receipt of Annual Accounts


                  The members of the academy trust received the accounts of Impington Village College for the year end 31 August 2013.

5f      Re-appointment of Auditors

Brian Harrison (chairman of the Resources Committee) proposed the re-appointment of MacIntyre Hudson as auditors for Impington Village College for the next financial year.  This was seconded by Alan Rodger

The appointment was approved nem con

The AGM of Impington Village College closed at 7.10.

6     AGM of Impington Sports Centre Limited


6a     Present:   Martin Rigby (Chairman), David Jenkins, Rob Campbell (Principal), Jayne Green, Brian Harrison, Hildegard O’Kane, Elizabeth Sadler, Alan Rodger, Huw Jones, Paola Pizzigallo, Simon Guest and Lauren Allin.

6b    In Attendance: Fran Difranco (Director of Finance & Resources [DFR]), Richard Spencer (Vice Principal Teaching & Learning [VPTL]), Ryan Kelsall (Acting Vice Principal), Rebecca Jermy (Assistant Principal), Katie Jarvis (Assistant Principal), Amy Wormald (Development & Engagement Manager [DEM]) and Joe Greenway (Clerk)

6c     Members of the Public in attendance: None

6d     The Chairman note that the meeting was quorate since the sole member (Impington Villge college) was present and represented by its governing body.

6e     Receipt of Annual Accounts


                  The members received the accounts of Impington Sports Centre Limited for the year end 31 August 2013.

6f      Re-appointment of Auditors

Brian Harrison proposed the re-appointment of MacIntyre Hudson as auditors for Impington Sports Centre Limited for the next financial year.  This was seconded by Alan Rodger.

The appointment was approved nem con

The AGM of Impington Sports Centre Limited closed at 7.15.

7    Questions to the Governing Body



8    Report on Progress of Impington 75 (I75)


      The Development and Engagement Manager was please to confirm that the College was successful in obtaining a grant of £100,000 from the Heritage Lottery fund to support remedial building works on the Gropius building.  Further grant funding is also being applied for.  She reminded the meeting that the hall was an internationally renowned building and that it would be used throughout the year-long celebration of the College’s 75th anniversary for many events, for example, learning opportunities for students involving architects and community events and open days.

      The I75 celebrations will be launched the weekend 13/14 September following which there will be a programme of activities including a film festival and exhibitions from the archives.  There will be a public meting held at the College at 7.00 pm on Thursday 30 January to discuss the celebrations and to seek ideas for more activities and also support.   The DEM asked governors to contribute any ideas they may have to further celebrate the anniversary.

      Governors acknowledged the work to date of the DEM and in particular the positive impact she has made on raising awareness of the College in the local community and also in generating income and thanked her for all she has done.


      The Chairman asked Simon Guest whether he could use his contacts in the University of Cambridge to involve the Architecture Department in the activities planned for the Gropius Building.  The Vice Chairman reminded the meeting of the Neighbourhood Planning meeting of the local Parish Council in the first week in February and invited a representative of the College to be present.


ActionPrincipal to ensure a member of CET attends the Neighbourhood meeting of the Parish Council as referred to above.


      Governors noted the report of the DEM and the progress made on the plans to celebrate the College’s 75th anniversary.


      Amy Wormald left the meeting at 7.50

9    Minutes of the meeting of 12 December 2013 and Matters arising from the Minutes


The minutes of the meeting held on 12 December 2013 were agreed and signed as a correct record. 

There were no matters arising.


10  Principal’s Report

The Principal drew governors’ attention to the following items in his report.

  • Achievement – 2013 RAISEonline and Early Entry

On behalf of the Principal the Vice Principal Teaching & Learning reminded governors that the RAISEonline report is an annual publication from Ofsted that shows College performance for the academic year just ended.  He also stated that this had been discussed at length at the December meeting of the Learning Committee when the report had just been published.  

In summary performance in 2013 was significantly better than in 2012 (one of the College’s weakest years) and better in many respects than 2011.  The College is particularly pleased with its value-added score of 1009, which places it at the 34th percentile nationally. (It was at the 84th percentile in 2012).   Progress in English and Maths are equally good.  These scores allow the College to compare favourably with other Cambridgeshire Schools where it is 7th overall within the LA.  This is a much improved position on previous years but the target is to be in the top 3 of the LA. 

The most concerning statistic, which governors have already been made aware of, is the gap in performance between those learners on FSM and in receipt of the Pupil Premium and the rest which, for the 5 A*-C (EM) measure, is 40%.  The data shows that the VA score at IVC is better than the national score and that results for PP students this year are improving.  The VP reminded governors that the strategic plan target is to reduce the ‘gap’ to 20% this current year.  He also commented that performance of SEN and the Most Able sub-groups were good.

The results from the November 2013 showed a satisfactory 73% A*-C in English and consequently a prediction of 78% in June 2014.  In Maths the results were disappointing at 62% A*-C with the forecast for June 2014 again 78%.  The overall forecast for English and Maths in June 2014 is 75% A*-C.  The VP reminded governors that next year’s RAISEonline report would NOT include the results of any exams re-sat in June.  Thus any improvement in student performance in English and Maths over that achieved in November would not be reflected in the 2014 RAISEonline report. Therefore he informed the meeting that that the College would commission a shadow RAISEonline report that included the final results and that it would be these statistics that the College would publish and promote.

Governors asked whether the possible ‘poor’ data for 2014 may trigger an Ofsted Inspection, about the issues in Science and Humanities where the Value Added scores are poor and the efforts made to reduce the ‘Pupil Premium’ gap.  The Principal and Vice Principal responded by saying that poor results may trigger an inspection and that Ofsted had just issued guidance on how to view early entry data and that the VPTL was closely monitoring the activities of the staff and managers in Science and Humanities with a view to bringing about the required improvement.  Finally the VP reported on the many interventions currently underway to support the reduction of the PP achievement gap to between 20 and 25%.  The Principal also stated that achievement of a substantial reduction in the PP performance gap was one of his appraisal objectives for the current year.  Reducing the gap was essential if the College wishes to be graded outstanding next inspection.  However governors were reminded that the key criteria for outstanding is that all the lessons observed by inspectors are good or better.

Governors noted the RAISEonline report and commended CET and staff for the improvement in College performance.

  • College Day

The Principal reminded governors of the recent history around the review of the structure of the College Day and advised them that CET were now of the view that a new day should not be introduced until September 2015.  The rationale for this decision was that it would:

  • allow CET time to identify the needs of the new Year 7 curriculum once it is operating (the Impington Curriculum Experience ICE, the outcome of the MYP work)

  • allow time to plan for the curriculum (ICE) for Year 8 (September 2015) and establish how this might impact on the possible structure of the day

  • bring the review of the College Day in line with the introduction of new GCSE courses (for Year 10 in September 2015)

  • allow time to review the pastoral system and identify how the College Day might best serve its needs.

Governors supported this decision.

  • Review of Senior & Middle Leadership

The Principal reminded governors that the current roles and responsibilities of CET were ‘work in progress’ made necessary following the departure in December of 2 senior managers.  He advised the meeting that he was working on a review of senior and middle management and that a paper describing his proposals would be presented to the forthcoming meeting of the Resources Committee. 

Governors noted the Principal’s report.


11   CAP (Cambridge Area 14-19 Partnership) Incorporation

The Principal reminded governors that the College is a member of CAP, the not for profit partnership, that manages the transition process of young people from school to post-16 education.  The CAP has been praised as a model of good 14-19 practice but its current status as an unincorporated association means that it is not really a legal entity.  The CAP therefore proposes to incorporate which will give it the powers to:

  • Employ staff

  • Bid for project funding

  • Engage in new activities

The Principal assure the meeting that the risks to incorporation were as described in the paper and minimal.  To proceed to incorporation the governing body of each member of the CAP would need to formally approve the process.

Governors were minded to approve the proposal but were also aware of their overall responsibility for the integrity of Academy Trust.   Therefore it was agreed that due diligence in the form of a review of the proposed CAP Memorandum and Articles of Association, Business Plan and I&E by the Academy Trust’s solicitors should be undertaken first.

ActionPrincipal and DFR to arrange due diligence on the proposal to approve CAP incorporation as described above and to produce a report for the FGB meeting in March 2014.

12   Financial update

The DFR referred governors to his paper and reported that the College is in a healthy financial position after period 4 of the financial year with a current reserve of c£578,000.   He informed governors that initial funding indications for 2014-15 should be received in March so modelling of the 2014-15 budget can commence then.  The recent media coverage of Cambridgeshire’s low rate of schools’ funding is unlikely to generate additional monies and so avoid tough decisions in the next few months.  Alan Rodger reported on a meeting he had recently attended with the DFE in his capacity as a member of the Schools Forum.  He advised that additional monies for Cambridgeshire may be found for the high needs demographic but that there would be no further money until at least 2016-17.  Thus, in his opinion, the only options left to pursue are the judicial and political.

The DFR was also pleased to report that the Sports Centre is in similar robust financial health with a current surplus of c£267,000 and that given the growing numbers of members, potential expansion projects are being considered.

Governors noted the financial update reports.

13   Skanska update

The DFR was extremely pleased to report that planning permission for the Skanska project had been received and that a programme of works would now be drawn up for the spring and summer months.

Governors expressed great satisfaction with this announcement and advised that the College generate as much positive publicity out of the Skanska project as it can.

ActionPrincipal and DEM to generate press releases and other publicity materials to promote the Skanska project

14   Matters for discussion

  • Topics for Governors’ Away Day 17 May 2014

The Chairman reminded the meeting of the upcoming Away Day, advised them to reflect on the benefits of last year’s Away Day and to propose topics for discussion for May 2014.  Governors commented that they found the engagement work with partners particularly helpful and to that end requested an update on the progress of the local Cluster to be reported to the next meeting of the Learning Committee.

ActionsPrincipal to report on the progress of Cluster meeting to the Learning Committee meeting of 4 March 2014 and the Clerk to ensure that this is an agenda item.

Another suggestion was to review the Strategic Development Plans. The Chairman asked if members’ suggestions could be circulated to the Clerk by 4 March.

ActionsGovernors to forward their suggestions for topics for discussion at the Away Day by 4 March 2014.

  • Governor Committee Membership

The Chairman asked governors to note the current committee membership.  The Chairman pointed out that governors ideally need to sit on two committees to ensure that there are sufficient members at each meeting to cover for unavoidable absences and not run the risk of becoming inquorate, with which view the meeting agreed.’  Simon Guest agreed to serve on the Strategy and Engagement Committee. 

ActionClerk to circulate the committee membership paper asking governors to annotate this and return the paper indicating their primary and secondary committees.

The Clerk informed governors that he had received no nominations for the vacant position of staff governor and had received two nominations for the one vacancy of parent governor.  There would therefore be an election for the latter.  There then followed a discussion on how best to replace the position of co-opted governor recently made vacant by the resignation of Pat Labistour.  It was agreed that a governor from the community would be in the best interests of Academy governance.

ActionClerk to review the Articles of Association, take advice as necessary and then to discuss with the Chairman the next steps to ensuring wishes of the governing body are met.

  • Future of John Brackenbury Trust 

The Chairman advised the meeting that the John Brackenbury Foundation and been wound up and that its funds of around £6500 were now within the College accounts and under the control of the governing body.  A governing body committee would be set up to administer the fund and membership of the committee would include the former trustees.  The object of the fund is to encourage self improvement of young people and this is generally done by awarding small grants for travel expenses or sports equipment.  Lauren Allin volunteered to be a member of the new committee.

15   Matters for information: Minutes of Committees

Governors received and noted the draft minutes of the Learning Committee of 3 December 2013 and Resources Committee of 9 December 2013. 

The Terms of Reference of the Learning Committee were reviewed at the meeting of 3 December 2013.  The committee approved the proposed amendments and recommended these changes to the Full Governing Body for approval.

Decision:  Governors approved the changes to the Terms of Reference nem con.

16   AoB



The meeting closed at 8.45 pm.