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Impington Village College

FGB Minutes 17-05-14



Saturday 17 May 2014 at 9.00 am in the Sports Centre


Present:   Martin Rigby (Chairman), David Jenkins, Rob Campbell (Principal), Jayne Green, Brian Harrison, Elizabeth Sadler, Alan Rodger, Paola Pizzigallo, Claire Beressi Jones, Julian Mellor, Simon Guest, Lauren Allin and Stephanie Norris.

In Attendance: Fran Difranco (Director of Finance & Resources [DFR]), Richard Spencer (Vice Principal Teaching & Learning [VPTL]), Ryan Kelsall (Vice Principal Quality Assurance [VPQA]), Rebecca Jermy (Assistant Principal), Katie Jarvis (Assistant Principal), and Joe Greenway (Clerk)

1    Apologies

Apologies were received from Huw Jones, Jake Reynolds, Suzy Offord and Hildegard O’Kane. 

2    Welcome


The Principal and Chairman welcomed governors and staff to the Away Day.

3    Vision for IVC 2024

The Principal referred governors to his latest paper reminding them that various versions of the Vision had been through governor committees and that it was now time to share the vision with College stakeholders.  He was therefore seeking final approval of the document.  He reminded governors of the issues that the College will be facing over the next period:

  •          Impington 75
  •          A new senior team from September 2014
  •          Introduction of the ICE Curriculum from September 2014
  •          A House system of pastoral support
  •          Changes to the structure of the College Day
  •          New GCSEs
  •          The planning and building of a new Sixth Form Centre (2017-18?)

Governors expressed satisfaction with the document agreeing that it well reflects the approach and attitude of the College as a whole.  They recognised that they need to evangelise the baccalaurette approach to teaching and learning and so produce enquiring, resilient, internationally minded students that are thoroughly prepared for the world ahead of them through a challenging and demanding curriculum.

Governors were pleased to learn of the enthusiasm shown by staff about the introduction of the ICE programme and that at least 75% of Year 7 homework will be on Moodle.

Governors asked about the process of introducing the House system.  The Principal responded by informing the meeting that two parent forums will be held in June covering both the proposed House System and the new Behaviour Policy, that 4 Heads of House have been appointed and that students are in the process of being allocated to ‘nominal’ houses.  There will be a consultation on the full house system in the autumn term, an outcome of which is likely to necessitate a review of the structure of the College Day.

Decision:  Governors approved the Vision for IVC 2024 as given in the Principal’s paper for agenda item 3 nem con.


4     Behaviour Policy – Rewards and Sanctions


The Assistant Principal Discipline & Alternative Provision (APDAP [Katie Jarvis]) led on this item reminding governors that the College had identified the need to review its existing policy early on in the academic year and that the recent visit by an Ofsted Inspector had concurred with this need.  The documents presented today were the outcomes of this review.

The APDAP described the Discipline Consequence and Rewards and Praise flow charts advising governors that all the documentation would be shared with staff, students and parents, and that all incidents, both positive and negative, would be recorded on SIMS.

Governors asked whether there was an appeals process against any of the discipline consequences.  CET were not in favour of such a process arguing that students should not be allowed to challenge a teacher’s interpretation of what sorts of behaviour disrupt learning.  Governors responded by saying that the policy needs to include statements that cover possible ‘miscarriages of justice’ and the involvement of the Heads of House in overseeing the correct application of the policy.

The Staff Governor reported that teachers were feeling empowered by the new processes and also that the Year 10 students who were trialling the system understood it and generally supported a teacher’s action against a ‘culprit’.  Overall there seemed to be a positive impact on the year group behaviour.

Governors then separated into 3 groups to discuss the policy from which the following emerged:

  •          That the term ‘consequences’ should be used rather that ‘sanctions’
  •          That rewards and consequences should be issued in a ratio approaching 4/5:1 and not 3:1
  •          That detentions should take place on the day following the incident and not on the same day.

Decision:  Governors approved the Behaviour Policy as given in the Assistant Principal’s paper for agenda item 4 nem con.


Lauren Allin left the Away Day at 11.00am


5          SEF Discussion

Governors separated into four groups to discuss the SEF, each group facilitated by a CET member as follows:

Teaching                                             Richard Spencer

                 Behaviour and Safety                         Katie Jarvis

                 Leadership and Management             Rob Campbell

                 Achievement                                       Ryan Kelsall

Outcomes of the discussion groups were:

  1. Teaching:

A discussion was held of how the quality of teaching and learning in lessons is monitored.  The quality is generally good with insufficient lessons being outstanding.  However this is improving.  There needs to be an increase in the use of Moodle.

  1. Behaviour and Safety

The College needs to be more consistent in its approach, track all incidents using SIMS, and have high expectations of behaviour in feeder schools.  Issues with Pupil Premium students need to be addressed.

  1. Leadership and Management
  •          Issues from the support staff survey need to be addressed.
  •          The College needs efficient and effective staff who are passionate about & committed to the College and its vision for excellence where all are key elements/cogs in the work of the College.
  •          Establish Natural Work Team (Tesco model or equivalent) to work towards goals - Highlighting issues of work practice, direction and journey.
  •          Need to redress the balance of perception re us/them.
  •          Develop visibility of Governance.
  •          Describe and add to the detail of (i) what is done and (ii) why.
  •          Would like to see greater coherence in the SEF (and celebrating more in the success).

4 priorities for action are:

  1. Induction and development of the new team.
  2. Improve and develop re. Support Staff survey.
  3. Ensure all leaders impact on improving the quality of teaching.
  4. Audit effectiveness of the Governing Body and improvement plan for this.

ActionClerk to consider how best to audit governor effectiveness and to bring proposals to a future meeting of Governors.

  1. Achievement

Data for 2014 is looking positive overall.  There are issues emerging in earlier years, for example year 8, who are below expectation in English and Maths.

6          Planning a new Sixth Form


The DFR presented the outcomes of a conceptual exercise for the building of a new sixth form centre on site.  A two storey building of some 2800 min three locations was shown.

Option 1               New build on the site of existing sixth form centre                 £8M

Option 2               New build in the middle of the school site                              £8.5M

Option 3               New build on the hockey pitch by the tree line                       £8.5M

Governors considered option 1 a non-starter on the grounds that planning permission would never be granted.  They also expressed concerns about traffic matters and green belt with option 3.  Option 2 was thus the favoured location.  A fourth option, locating the building on the hard court area, was introduced.  Governors were content with the floor plans as presented at this stage and thanked the DFR for his work to date.

ActionDFR to reflect on the plans and to produce a paper on the way forward for the FGB on 24 June 2014.

7          Primary Partnerships

The Vice Chairman of Governors reported that he and the Principal had recently met with head-teachers and governors of feeder primary schools.  The meeting was successful in establishing a means of communication amongst institutions and that it would be a useful forum to discuss matters of mutual interest, for example behaviour policies and governance.

The Chairman was of the view that a governor from a feeder school would be an excellent community governor for IVC and the meeting agreed.  It was proposed to convene another meeting of feeder school governors before the end of the summer term to discuss governance matters and also seek nominations.

ActionChairman/Principal to arrange a meeting of feeder school governors before the end of the summer term.

8          Closing remarks

The Chairman thanked governors and CET, particularly Katie Jarvis, for a stimulating morning.

The Away Day closed at 12.30 pm.