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Impington Village College

FGB Minutes 23-09-14


Tuesday 23 September 2014 at 5.45 pm in the Library

Impington Village College


Present:    David Jenkins, Rob Campbell (Principal), Jayne Green, Elizabeth Sadler, Claire Beressi Jones, Simon Guest, Valerie Hastings, Suzy Offord and Stephanie Norris.


In Attendance: Doug Brechin (CASSA), Joey Rozek (Chaplain), Fran Difranco (Director of Finance & Resources [DFR]), Richard Spencer (Vice Principal Teaching & Learning [VPTL]), Ryan Kelsall (Vice Principal Quality Assurance [VPQA]), Sue Burton (Assistant Principal Foundation Subjects APFS), Victoria Hearn (Assistant Principal Humanities & Pupil Premium APHPP), Dan Wright (Assistant Principal Languages & ICT APLICT), Jo Sale (Assistant Principal Post-16 AP Post-16), Rebecca Mead (Assistant Principal Science AP Sci), Mike Murray (Assistant Principal Staff Development APSD) and Joe Greenway (Clerk)


  • Meet and greet the new CET

Member of the new CET introduced themselves to governors who wished them well in their new roles.

Sue Burton (Assistant Principal Foundation Subjects APFS) Victoria Hearn (Assistant Principal Humanities & Pupil Premium APHPP), Dan Wright (Assistant Principal Languages & ICT APLICT), Jo Sale (Assistant Principal Post-16 AP Post-16), Rebecca Mead (Assistant Principal Science AP Sci) and Mike Murray (Assistant Principal Staff Development APSD) then left the meeting.

  • Apologies


Apologies were received and approved from Huw Jones, Jake Reynolds, Martin Rigby, Brian Harrison, Alan Rodger, Julian Mellor and Katie Jarvis (Assistant Principal Discipline & Inclusion [APDI]),

  • Teaching Schools Alliance


Simon Guest arrived during this item at 6.18 pm

Doug Brechin of the Cambridgeshire and Suffolk Schools Alliance (CASSA) made a presentation on the work of CASSA whilst referring governors to his paper.  He told governors that Teaching Schools Alliances had started 10 years ago in London schools to address issues of years of under performance.  These alliances shared good practice and had joint CPD.  The work of the alliances had lead to substantial improvement in schools` performance and so they were being rolled out nationally.

TSAs are focussed around

  • Initial Teacher Training ITT
  • Career Professional Development CPD
  • Research and Development R&D
  • School to School support

The ethos of CASSA involved through-phase cooperation from 3 years to 18 years with data being shared among partners.  Within CASSA there are currently 11 primary schools, 5 secondary schools, 2 LEAs and the Faculty of Education of the University of Cambridge amounting to around 650 teachers and 9000 students.  In any alliance at least one of the participating schools has to be an Ofsted outstanding school.   CASSA is undertaking NQT training which is being delivered across the primary schools in the partnership using the “best” teachers in the partnership.

Governors asked whether there are any more alliances locally.  The Principal said that Histon and Impington Junior was already  in another partnership and commented that he would not take IVC into any alliance that did not have the same ethos as IVC.  He also stated that membership of any alliance would not stop the link work that IVC currently undertakes with local schools.  He concluded that CET was in favour of joining CASSA.

There being no further question Mr Brechin was thanked for his presentation and left the meeting.

4     General Meeting of Impington Village College Academy Trust

4a                Present: David Jenkins, Rob Campbell (Principal), Jayne Green, Elizabeth Sadler, Claire Beressi Jones, Simon Guest, Valerie Hastings, Suzy Offord and Stephanie Norris

4b                 In Attendance: Fran Difranco (Director of Finance & Resources [DFR]), Richard Spencer (Vice Principal Teaching & Learning [VPTL]), Ryan Kelsall (Vice Principal Quality Assurance [VPQA]) and Joe Greenway (Clerk)

4c                Apologies: Apologies were received and approved from Huw Jones, Jake Reynolds, Martin Rigby, Brian Harrison, Alan Rodger, Julian Mellor and Katie Jarvis (Assistant Principal Discipline & Inclusion [APDI]).

4d                New Members

The Clerk took the Chairmanship of the meeting for this item.  He advised the meeting that the term of office of Martin Rigby expired at the end of September 2014 and that he wished to continue to serve on the Governing Body.  The Clerk asked the meeting if there were any objections to Mr Rigby being proposed as a Co-opted Governor, for which there was a vacancy.  No objections were raised so he asked for a proposer and seconder to nominate Mr Martin Rigby as a co-opted Governor.  Martin Rigby was proposed by Claire Beressi Jones and seconded by Elizabeth Sadler.  There were no other nominations.

Decision:  Martin Rigby was elected Co-opted Governor from 1 October 2014 for a period of 4 years nem con.

4e             Election of Chairman and Vice-Chairman
The Clerk informed the meeting that Martin Rigby had previously agreed to act as Chairman of the Governing Body for the academic year 2014-15.  The Clerk invited nominations for the position of Chairman from governors.  Martin Rigby was proposed by Stephanie Norris and seconded by Suzy Offord. There were no other nominations.

Decision:  Martin Rigby was elected Chairman of the Governing Body for academic year 2014-15 nem con.

Similarly David Jenkins had previously agreed to act as Vice-Chairman of the Governing Body for the academic year 2014-15.  The Clerk invited nominations for the position of Vice-Chairman from governors.  David Jenkins was proposed by Elizabeth Sadler and seconded by Claire Beressi Jones. There were no other nominations.

Decision:  David Jenkins was elected Vice-Chairman of the Governing Body for academic year 2014-15 nem con.

The General Meeting of Members of Impington Village College Academy Trust closed at 6.35 pm.

David Jenkins chaired the meeting from this point.

5    Minutes of the meeting of 26 June 2014

      The minutes of the meeting held on 26 June 2014 were agreed and signed as a correct record.

6    Matters arising from the Minutes

      Joey Rozek arrived during this item at 6.40pm

The Chairman advised those governors who may not have been aware that Lauren Allin had had to resign her position of Governor over the summer for personal reasons.  On behalf of the Full Board he formally thanked Lauren Allin for her work over many years.  The Clerk reported that he had written a thank-you letter to her. 

The Chairman then reported that Claire Beressi Jones had offered to take on the role of Governor with responsibility for the oversight of Safeguarding and also SEND.  The action to organise training of safeguarding was on the agenda of tonight`s meeting.

Agenda item 11  Governing Body organisation, processes and governor retention

Claire Beressi Jones offered to replace Lauren Allin on the working party set up to discuss governor recruitment and communication.  The Principal agreed to facilitate the meeting of this working party.

ActionPrincipal to facilitate a meeting of the working party referred to above to allow it to feedback at the November meeting of the FGB.

7     Report from College Chaplain

The College Chaplain, Joey Rozek, referred governors to his report for 2013-14.  He advised governors that the post had allowed visible and available pastoral care to be offered to students and that this had been taken up in sufficient numbers such that he regularly had his two days of attendance at College full of appointments.  He had also talked to groups of students, visited classes and led assemblies and services. 

Governors asked how students could arrange to visit the Chaplain.  He replied that they self referred, either personally or by email, or that they were directed to him for support by either Sue Childerley or Katie Jarvis.  He concluded that he was grateful for the support received from the Principal and college administrative staff.

Governors thanked the College Chaplain for his work over the last months and noted his report.

Joey Rozek left the meeting at 6.55pm

8    Safeguarding Training for Governors

The Principal advised the meeting that it was now not possible to offer any training to governors on safeguarding this evening as the loss of Lauren Allin as the governor with responsibility for safeguarding made the training of Claire Beressi Jones in her new role more of a priority.  She would then need to meet with Katie Jarvis (senior manager with overall College responsibility for safeguarding) and the Principal to plan future steps.  He emphasised that it is important that the FGB has at least one governor to be able to challenge the College that is adequately discharging its responsibilities with regard to safeguarding.  The Clerk reported that suitable training for CBJ was available in November/December.

The training of the full governors would thus be delayed until the new year, maybe until the next Away Day, but the Principal was of the view that it was best to do such training “properly” and not to rush it at the start of another meeting.  He agreed that CBJ, KJ and himself should meet to review current guidance as soon as possible.  The Chairman (DJ) asked to be invited to this meeting.

ActionPrincipal to facilitate a meeting of CBJ, KJ, RC and DJ as soon as reasonably practicable.

Governors asked how they could be confident about the oversight of safeguarding in the interregnum before CBJ has been trained and whether it would be worthwhile to have another governor also trained so this issue does not arise in the future.  The Principal responded that he had been trained in safeguarding procedures and that, as he was a governor as well there would be nominal oversight as a result.  He also supported the proposal of there being a “shadow” governor with responsibility for safeguarding.  The Chairman asked governors to consider whether they would wish to undertake such a role with a view to seeking a volunteer at the next FGB.

Some governors were still concerned about the management of the interregnum and asked the Clerk to contact the National Governors Association for advice.

ActionClerk to contact the National Governors Association to seek their advice regarding the management of the above circumstance.

9     Principal’s Report

      Simon Guest left during this item at 7.00

The Principal referred governors to his paper highlighting the following sections:

  • College Development Plan 2013-14


The 4 elements of the plan now show what actually has taken place and how these outcomes relate to the published success criteria.  Additionally a cover sheet has been provided summarising the areas of success for each of the 4 elements, the priorities for further developments and a judgement based as far as possible on Ofsted criteria.  He concluded that overall he believed that 2013-14 had been a “good” year for IVC.  He confirmed that the achievement outcomes would be discussed at length at the October meeting of the Learning Committee and all other outcomes reviewed in detail at the forthcoming meeting of the Strategy & Engagement Committee.

Governors asked about the “fit” of the Impington Experience against the appraisal of Support Staff.  The Principal acknowledged that the criteria given in the Impington Experience fits better with the appraisal of teaching staff but that it was his view that as many elements of the Experience as relevant and possible should be used when appraising the performance of support staff.



The Principal advised governors that CASSA had approached the College to join the alliance, not the other way round, that there were 3 other alliances in Cambridgeshire, there would be economies of scale for ITT and CPD, that there would be negligible impact of membership on the day to day running of the College and that all the CET were in favour of joining.

In the light of the above comments governors were content for IVC to join CASSA and advised that feedback on the developing relationship be given regularly to the Learning Committee and that in any event an evaluation of the impact of CASSA membership on CPD be made in 12 months time.

ActionClerk to ensure evaluation of the impact of CASSA membership on CPD is presented to the October 2015 meeting of the Learning Committee.

  • Sixth Form Recruitment


The Principal highlighted the decline in recruitment to the sixth form with only 138 students currently enrolled compared with 185 in 2013.  He commented that the reasons given in his report might not actually be the explanation for the decline.  He also stated that there were challenging pastoral issues with students last year that may have been as a result of students on course combinations that were not wholly suitable.

Governors asked that this issue and actions to be taken to address it be discussed at the next meeting of the Strategy & Engagement Committee.

ActionClerk to ensure Sixth Form Recruitment is an agenda item on the October meeting of the Strategy & Engagement Committee.

  • i75


The Principal thanked all those involved for the successful launch weekend of the Impington 75 celebrations over which the College had over 1000 visitors.


  • New developments for 2014-15


The Principal identified the new developments that would be happening throughout 2014-15.  These are:

  • Impington Curriculum Experience (ICE) for Year 7
  • House system (for Years 7–10)
  • New Behaviour Policy for Years 7–11
  • New Marking Policy for the whole College
  • Skanska project on sustainability


The Principal assured governors that they would be kept fully informed on the progress of these developments.

  • Parents’ Evenings and Governor Meetings


The Principal explained that Parents’ Evenings would now take place on Tuesday evenings rather than Thursday evenings.  This had necessitated changes to some of the governors’ meetings from those published in the meetings calendar issued before the summer break.  He apologised if this caused any inconvenience.  The latest and current meetings calendar as given in the agenda papers gives the final programme of meetings.

Governors noted the Principal’s Report.

10  2014 Exam Results

The Vice Principal Teaching & Learning referred the governors to his paper commenting that despite the upheaval and change that affected results nationally they can be pleased with the performance of IVC overall.  The results were ‘good’ but the College ‘could do better’.

Headline areas of improvement include:

  • College targets for expected rates of progress in Maths and English at KS4 hit.
  • Record A/A* percentage at GCSE (30%)
  • Record number of students securing EBacc combination (41%)
  • Target of 20% gap for PP students almost hit at 25% (down from 42% in 2013).
  • PP students securing 5 A*-C (EM) up to 47% from just 18% in 2011.
  • Very healthy increase in pass rate and achievement at A2.
  • Strongest percentage of A/A* at A2 in College history.


Headline causes for concern include:

  • Decline in capped average points score (although this figure is subject to national changes and should be viewed as provisional until RAISE report is published) suggests too much within-school variation/uneven performance.
  • Missed target of 73% for 5 A*-C including English and Maths.
  • Continued under-performance in key subject areas now a significant drag on headline figures.
  • Decline in average point score awarded for IBDP and increased number of subjects with significantly low residuals against ALIS targets.
  • Continued poor pass rate at AS and significant concerns around performance in English, Media, Psychology, Sociology and History.


He confirmed that all the above items will be discussed at length at the October meeting of the Learning Committee where targets for 2015 will be also agreed.

Governors noted the Vice Principal’s report.

11   Financial Position

The DFR gave a verbal report stating that the College’s financial position at the year-end showed an overspend of just 0.45% of budget and resulted in a surplus of £470k.  He was particularly pleased to report that the staffing budget was only 0.01% (!) overspent.  The Sports Centre showed a surplus of £370k even after the commitment of substantial expenditure.

Auditors were currently in College and it was hoped that final accounts for 2013-14 would be available for approval at the FGB in November.

Governors noted the DFR’s report.

12     Skanska Retrofit update

The DFR gave a verbal report reminding governors that approval to sign contracts with Skanska had been given at the June 2014 FGB.  Unfortunately further due diligence work to cover issues with insurance responsibility, VAT and tariff has arisen over the summer so less actual building work had occurred in the summer break than had been planned.  An alteration to the model was likely to ensure that payback did not exceed the 10 years approved by governors which could involved one less biomass boiler being installed. 

On the positive side the curriculum plan associated with the project had started and had been positively received to date.

Governors noted the DFR’s report and thanked him for undertaking the unforeseen work over the summer.

13   Planning a new Sixth Form

The DFR advised governors that his papers showed what additional work had been undertaken since the last meeting but emphasised that there were no decisions to take or commitments to make this evening.  He reported that the architects referred to had approached the College, not the other way round and that he was firmly of the view that it was not possible to write a credible bid for funding from the EFA by December 2014.  He thought the fee proposed by RIBA to run a building design competition was prohibitive and that unfortunately Cambridgeshire County Council had not set any monies aside for future building at IVC.  However they confirmed that they would support any future bid made by IVC particularly if the proposed works increased capacity for pre-16 students and that they would revert back to IVC soon to clarify this position.  Finally the DFR showed how increasing the size of the sixth form from around 250 FTE now to 400 FTE could yield an additional £500k per year.

Governors were fully supportive of the views of the DFR and were particularly keen to ensure that the College achieved best value in terms of consultant appointments by using competitive tendering.  The engagement of a Project Manager was briefly discussed.  It was agreed to wait for feedback from the LEA before proceeding further.

Governors noted the DFR’s report.

14   Matters for information

       a. Minutes of Committees

Governors received and noted the minutes of the Strategy & Engagement Committee of 10 June 2014 and the Learning Committee of 8 July 2014. 

b. Register of Pecuniary Interests 2014-15

The Clerk advised Governors to complete and return to him the register of pecuniary interests form as soon as reasonably practicable and by no later than the next meeting of the governing body.  He reported that the auditors referred to under agenda item 11 had asked to see the Pecuniary Interests forms for 2014-15.

ActionAll governors and senior managers to complete a Pecuniary Interests Form and return to the Clerk as soon as reasonably practicable.

c. Calendar of Governor Meetings 2014-15

The revised and latest version of the calendar of meeting for 2014-15 (version 7) was circulated to governors.

15   AoB

1. Ely Area Bus Service

The Principal went through the paper confirming the recommendation from CET, to appoint Jan’s of Soham to run a bus contract from September 2015, and the rationale behind it.  He confirmed that the contract would only be let, probably in April 2015, if enough students from the Ely area had made IVC their first choice institution.  
Governors were supportive and requested that a ‘break even’ analysis be produced for the Resources Committee meeting in October.

The Chairman sought a proposer and seconder.  Suzy Offord proposed that Jan’s of Soham be appointed.  Valerie Hastings seconded the proposal.

Decision:  The appointment of Jan’s of Soham to run an Ely bus contract from September 2015 was approved nem con.

ActionDFR to produce a break-even analysis for the proposed contract for the October meeting of the Resources Committee.


The meeting closed at 8.07 pm.