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Impington Village College

FGB Minutes 27-01-15


Tuesday 27 January 2015 at 7.00 pm in the Gropius hall

Impington Village College


Present:   Martin Rigby (Chairman), David Jenkins, Rob Campbell (Principal), Jayne Green, Brian Harrison, Stephanie Norris, Elizabeth Sadler, Alan Rodger, Huw Jones, Rachel Pegg, Simon Guest, Julian Mellor, Suzy Offord, Karen Momber, Valerie Hastings and Claire Beressi-Jones.

In Attendance: Fran Difranco (Director of Finance & Resources [DFR]), Ryan Kelsall (Vice Principal Progress & Achievement [VPPA]), Katie Jarvis (Assistant Principal) and Joe Greenway (Clerk).


1    Introduction

The Chairman welcomed board members, other attendees and members of the public to the Annual General Meetings of Impington Village College and Impington Sports Centre Limited and the annual public meeting of the Governing Body. 

2    Apologies

Apologies were received from Jake Reynolds.

3   Declaration of Business Interests


4    Academy update

      The Principal made a presentation that covered a review of 2014, the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the College and the priorities for 2013-17.

  • Review of 2014


    • A very good year with the second highest GCSE results (68% 5 ‘good’ GCSEs).  Sixth Form continues to perform & recruit well
    • Introduction of Houses (ahead of Vertical Tutoring for September 2015), a new curriculum for Year 7 (ICE), developing the ‘Moodle’ & making feedback to parents the core part of our work
    • The Sports Centre continues to perform well and offers much to the community & College
    • New College Executive Team in place & having real impact


    • Budget continues to be the main issue, in spite of the ‘Fairer Funding’ promise
    • The Sixth Form accommodation is not befitting the provision


  • 75th Anniversary

Highlights include:

    • Renovation and restoration of the Hall & Prom
    • Exhibition celebrating 75 years
    • Anniversary weekend was a great success with over 1000 visitors
    • ‘1939’ Day held in October
    • ‘Sunday Cinema
  • Priorities 2013-2016


The Principal outlined the main priorities for the College which are to:

    • Have outstanding Teaching & Learning in IVC (main school)
    • Have a world-class Sixth Form with facilities to match
    • Increase the membership and participation and expand the facilities for the Sports Centre
    • Maintain and honour the Henry Morris vision through vibrant Adult Learning and community engagement 

7     Questions to the Governing Body

The Chairman invited questions from members of the public.

‘Please could you explain the reason for the recent ‘snap’ inspection by Ofsted?’

The Principal responded by saying that this was a section 8 inspection and occurred as a result of Ofsted being made aware, anonymously, of some safeguarding issues at the College.  The Principal confirmed that there were two issues, both of which the College was aware of and had addressed and Ofsted were content that this was the case during their inspection.

Does the College take every opportunity given by the i75 celebrations to raise much needed funds?’

The Principal responded that the i75 celebrations were not about fund raising per se but were for developing sustainable links with alumni that may in the future lead to donations.  The questioner commented that he thought the i75 celebrations had been particularly well run.  He also made a request for volunteers to sit on the committee of the PSFA.

‘Please could the College confirm that it is stopping the IGCSE qualification?’

The Vice Principal confirmed that this would be the case as changes in government policy meant that the IGCSE qualification would no longer count when the new GCSE specifications are introduced in 2017.

‘Please could the College explain its progress with the 0 to 19 initiative?’

The Chairman and Principal explained that this topic had been a focus of a recent Governor Away Day, that they both attend meetings with partner schools on a termly basis, and that there is improved activity among partners but that the vision for the 0 to 19 initiative is not yet clear.  The Principal stated that he had enjoyed the challenge of leading an assembly in partner primary schools.  The Chairman confirmed that the governing body aspires to fulfil a vision for 0-19 but that further work needs to be done on the matter.

The Chairman thanked the members of the public for their penetrating and thought-provoking questions.  He invited them to stay for the remainder of the meeting and said he would offer another opportunity for them to ask questions at the conclusion of the main agenda items.

5    AGM of Impington Village College

5a     Present:   Martin Rigby (Chairman), David Jenkins, Rob Campbell (Principal), Jayne Green, Brian Harrison, Stephanie Norris, Elizabeth Sadler, Alan Rodger, Huw Jones, Rachel Pegg, Simon Guest, Julian Mellor, Suzy Offord, Karen Momber, Valerie Hastings and Claire Beressi-Jones.

5b    In Attendance: Fran Difranco (Director of Finance & Resources [DFR]), Ryan Kelsall (Vice Principal Progress & Achievement [VPPA]), Katie Jarvis (Assistant Principal) and Joe Greenway (Clerk)

5c     Members of the Public in attendance: Six members of the public were in attendance

5d     Apologies and Quorum: Apologies were received from Jake Reynolds.  There were no proxy votes.  The Chairman noted that the AGM was quorate.

5e     Receipt of Annual Accounts

                  The members of the academy trust received the accounts of Impington Village College for the year end 31 August 2014.

5f      Re-appointment of Auditors

Brian Harrison (Chairman of the Resources Committee) proposed the re-appointment of MacIntyre Hudson as auditors for Impington Village College for the next financial year.  This was seconded by Huw Jones.

The appointment was approved nem con

The AGM of Impington Village College closed at 7.40.

6     AGM of Impington Sports Centre Limited

6a     Present:   Martin Rigby (Chairman), David Jenkins, Rob Campbell (Principal), Jayne Green, Brian Harrison, Stephanie Norris, Elizabeth Sadler, Alan Rodger, Huw Jones, Rachel Pegg, Simon Guest, Julian Mellor, Suzy Offord, Karen Momber, Valerie Hastings and Claire Beressi-Jones.

6b    In Attendance: Fran Difranco (Director of Finance & Resources [DFR]), Ryan Kelsall (Vice Principal Progress & Achievement [VPPA]), Katie Jarvis (Assistant Principal) and Joe Greenway (Clerk)

6c     Members of the Public in attendance: Six members of the public were in attendance.

6d     The Chairman note that the meeting was quorate since the sole member (Impington Village College) was present and represented by its governing body.

6e     Receipt of Annual Accounts

                  The members received the accounts of Impington Sports Centre Limited for the year end 31 August 2014.

6f      Re-appointment of Auditors

Brian Harrison proposed the re-appointment of MacIntyre Hudson as auditors for Impington Sports Centre Limited for the next financial year.  This was seconded by Huw Jones.

The appointment was approved nem con

The AGM of Impington Sports Centre Limited closed at 7.45.


8    Minutes of the Meeting held on 16 December 2014

The minutes of the meeting held on 16 December 2014 were agreed and signed as a correct record. 

9    Matters arising from the Minutes of the Meeting held on 16 December 2014


10  Principal’s Report

The Principal drew governors’ attention to the following items in his report, the other items being covered in the main agenda.

  • College Self Evaluation Form (SEF)


The Principal reported that CET was developing a document, based on Ofsted guidance, during this term that will be an evaluation of the College’s current performance and that this will be presented to the FGB for discussion next term.

  • Regional Schools Commissioner for the East of England


The Principal reminded governors the RSC is the new middle tier of governance established by the DofE to monitor the performance of schools, particularly those schools outside of LA control such as academies like IVC.  He reported that Cambridgeshire is the worst performing county in the eastern region in terms of children being able to attend a good or outstanding school.  He further reported that there is a wide variation of performance within the county with schools in South Cambridgeshire (in which IVC is located) actually performing well. 

The main issue is that insufficient numbers of children are making three levels of progress and he was pleased to report that this is not the case at IVC where rates of progress, particularly in English, are strong.  He concluded that the RSC is clearly looking for academies to be more ‘outward looking’ and for governors of academies to provide strong strategic direction. 

Governors asked whether the RSC has a role in school improvement in terms of offering financial support.  The Principal reported that additional funding did not form any part of the debate with the RSC.  Another governor highlighted the Ofsted report on the East of England which had as a recommendation the need to improve governance in Cambridgeshire.  He offered to circulate this report to governors for their consideration.

Action: AR to circulate the Ofsted Report of the East of England 2013-2014 as soon as reasonably practicable.

  • Preferences September 2015


The Principal reported the very good news that the number of parental preferences for next year’s Year 7 was up on this current year and had exceeded the PAN allocation. 
He confirmed that the College would always admit a child who lived in the catchment area and there would be some parents outside the catchment area who are likely to be disappointed.

Governors noted the Principal’s report.

11   RAISE Online Report

The Vice Principal Progress & Achievement reminded governors that the RAISEonline report is an annual publication from Ofsted that shows College performance for the academic year just ended.  He also stated the report will be discussed by department level at the March meeting of the Learning Committee.  He also reminded governors that, as a result of the decision made last summer by the then Secretary of State, RAISE only counts the first entry for GCSE that a student makes and that the College took the decision to press ahead with a November entry for all students in GCSE English Language, and for all Foundation level (grades G-C) students in GCSE Maths.  Consequently, the 2014 RAISE only reflects these results for English and Maths.  Where possible he has shown BEST entry statistics alongside first entry for comparison in the summary given to governors.

The highlights of the report are:

  • The Value Added score of 1010.04 is very pleasing - higher than 2013 with a percentile rank that is similar (36).  Add to this the better results achieved by English and Maths in the summer and the College would probably have secured a much higher percentile rank (estimated at 20).
  • The curriculum is strong. Even on first entry, students are securing significantly higher average points scores in their best 8 GCSEs than average.  Pleasingly, this is also the case for Pupil Premium eligible students, whose average point score is now Sig+.
  • The proportion of students securing the English Baccalaureate combination of subjects is high and Sig+ nationally.
  • Rates of progress are very strong in English.


Areas for concern are:

  • Persistent absence rates for Pupil Premium students were significantly in excess of national averages.  This is mostly down to three or four students with significant difficulties but nevertheless requires improvement.
  • While the attainment of SEN/D students without a statement was generally positive, the seven students classified as ‘School Action Plus’ did significantly less well.  This group requires close attention in 2014/15
  • While Pupil Premium attainment ‘gap’ is down below the national average (27%) at 25% based on BEST entry, RAISE shows a still significant gap and current tracking of Year 10 indicates this to be a significant issue for that cohort.
  • Rates of Progress in Maths were not as strong as they should be for middle ability learners in 2014, even when allowing for best entry.


The VPPA reported that all the above areas for concern are now subject to specific interventions, for example there are changes proposed to the staffing of SEN/D that will be presented to the next meeting of the Resources Committee.  Analysis of the current Year 11 Pupil Premium students shows an underperformance.  Staff are working hard to engage the students and have targeted a minimum of 6 students to move to A*-C and, if accomplished, will reduce the Pupil Premium achievement gap to the target of 30%.  The VPPA further referred to the updated forecasts for summer 2015 that would, if achieved, show an improved performance on the 2014 RAISE.  The VPPA confirmed that staff would be ‘hugely vigilant’ over the next 6 months to ensure students give their best performance.

Governors asked for clarification of a particular statistic.  The VPPA said he was unable to answer this specific query and referred them to the full RAISE report.

Governors noted the RAISEonline report.

The Chairman then took a question raised by a parent about the inconsistency of feedback regarding their daughter’s progress as demonstrated by her change in performance between the November and January reports and the issue of postcards.  The Principal and VPPA responded to the parent’s comments, expressing disappointment that the parent thought the process was inconsistent.  They advised the parent that the reports are meant to be a catalyst for dialogue between parents and the College.  In that dialogue any changes in student performance or possible mistakes in data made by the College could be addressed.  They strongly recommended that the parent make contact with the Head of Year as soon as possible if he had not already done so.

12   Improving Governor Effectiveness

       David Jenkins left during this item at 8.30.

The Chairman referred governors to the minutes and actions as given in the Minutes of the FGB of 16 December 2014 and reported that the Governance Working Party had since met and drawn up the Terms of Reference for the proposed Executive Committee.  These were now before the meeting for approval.  The Working Party had concluded that more work was needed on the Skills Audit and that the revised Articles were now with the College’s solicitors.  It was the intention that these documents be available for the March 2015 meeting of the FGB.  A governor commented that professional skills could be bought in from outside; therefore the skills audit should be identifying other types of skill.

A governor expressed concern that the proposed Executive Committee could become a ‘cabal’ with a small group leading the College without any oversight from the rest of the FGB.  The Chairman disagreed with this and stated that the Executive Committee would be held to account by the FGB and that the challenge is to ensure that members of the committee are people who have the skills and confidence to robustly challenge the CET and who will work collectively for the benefit of the College.  He was confident that those governors who were not on the Executive Committee would still be able to effectively challenge and oversee the CET and EC.  He reminded governors that the Executive Committee would only ‘take on’ the responsibilities currently held by the Resources and Strategy & Engagement Committees; the Learning Committee would still exist. 

He confirmed that there were some minor grammatical adjustments needed to the Terms of Reference and asked whether there were any more points to be made.  There were none.

Decision:  Governors approved the Terms of Reference for the new Executive Committee nem con.

13   Full House System Implementation Plan

With great enthusiasm the Principal made a presentation on the implementation of the full house system, which is now entitled ‘Vertical Tutoring’.  He referred governors to the comprehensive implementation plan in their papers that had been produced by the CET following very successful sessions with the former Headteacher of Sharnbrook School.  This school has successfully run a vertical tutoring system for many years.  CET is firmly of the view that Vertical Tutoring will:

  • Transform learning relationships in the College
  • Greatly enhance staff to peer and peer to peer relationships
  • Enable all students to be known and supported personally by staff
  • Ensure the students make even greater progress through effective academic tutoring
  • Develop the College as a more effective ‘system’


To implement Vertical Tutoring from September 2015 the College will:

  • Appoint, train and develop 120 staff to act as Lead and Co-Tutors
  • Place students in one of 60 groups of c. 18 students
  • Hold a programme of genuine induction and progression to VT (particularly Y11 & Y7)
  • Place the (new) Year 11s in positions of leadership (in the VTGs) until October half-term


These actions will make tutors sit at the heart of home-College relationships.  Other actions that need to happen are:

  • Re-organisation of the calendar to place ‘Academic Tutoring’ across the year (times specific to years and held over the week, with 30 minute appointments for parents with tutors)
  • Re-configuration of the College Day with a probable slot for ‘Tutoring/Assemblies’ after Period 2 and before break

Governors asked if a Year 9 student shows potential for ‘leadership’ will they be able to undertake such a role and not just Year 11 students and how will the quality of tutorials be judged.  The Principal responded that any student who shows leadership potential will be encouraged to fulfil that potential and that there will be a small team of staff who will observe tutorials in a similar way to lesson observations to make quality assessments.  Governors then asked whether it had been possible to cost Vertical Tutoring and the Principal responded that this had not been done.

            Governors noted the Vertical Tutoring report.

14   Financial update

       Rachel Pegg left the meeting during this item at 8.50pm

The DFR referred governors to his paper and reported that the College is in a healthy financial position after period 4 of the financial year with a current reserve of c£418,000.  He informed governors that there were no funding indications for 2015-16 as yet but he did need to say that any increase in funding from the LEA is likely to be eaten up by the increase in pension contributions that will need to be paid.  Maintenance expenditure is ahead of budget profile at the moment so this may be exceeded before the year end.

The DFR was also pleased to report that the Sports Centre is in similar robust financial health with a current surplus of c£330,000 with growing numbers of users.

Governors noted the financial update reports.

  • Any other business


1. Governor Profiles on the College Web site

The Chairman issued all governors with their current profile as displayed in the governance section of the College web site and asked them to review and update as necessary and return to the Clerk.  If they wish they could also provide a new photograph.

Action: ALL Governors to supply the Clerk with a revised profile for the entry on the College Web-site or confirm to the Clerk that they are content with the current entry as soon as reasonably practicable.

The meeting closed at 9.05 pm.