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Impington Village College

LGB Minutes 21-03-17 


Tuesday 21 March 2017 at 7.00 pm in the library


      Present: Karen Momber (Chairman), Brian Harrison, Elizabeth Sadler, Suzy Offord, Simon Guest,         Jake Reynolds, Ryan Kelsall (Principal) and Claire Beressi Jones.

      In Attendance: Rob Campbell (CEO), Kate Brierton (Trustee), Alan Rodger (Trustee), Daniel Wright       (Vice Principal), Katie Jarvis (Assistant Principal) and Joe Greenway (Clerk).  Sue Burton, Anna             Marcus Parker, Christine Incles and Sylvia Holland of the Languages Department were also in               attendance to deliver agenda item 7.

1    Apologies

Apologies were received from Valerie Hastings, Rachel Pegg and Victoria Hearn (Vice Principal).

     2   Declarations of Interests


     3   Governance Matters

  1. Election of Vice Chairman

The Chairman invited expressions of interest in standing for the post of Vice Chairman of the LGB for the remainder of 2016-17.  Elizabeth Sadler was proposed for the position by Simon Guest.  This was seconded by Brian Harrison.  There were no other nominations.

     Decision: Elizabeth Sadler was elected as Vice Chairman of the LGB for the academic year 2016-        17 nem con.

  1. Scheme of Delegation

The Chairman referred Governors to the Scheme of Delegation document, confirming that it had been drawn up with the assistance of Hewitsons, the Trust solicitors, and approved by the Trust Board.  Governors had two minor questions for clarification, which were answered by the CEO and Elizabeth Sadler had a number of grammatical corrections which she agreed to forward to the Clerk in due course. 

The Clerk asked Governors to note that the Scheme requires governors to share 4 roles amongst themselves: oversight of Safeguarding, SEND, Pupil Premium and Health & Safety.

     Action: ES to submit grammatical corrections to the Clerk for action in due course.

     Decision: Governors noted and approved the Scheme of Delegation nem con

  1. Change of Date of May LGB meeting

The Clerk asked Governors to consider changing the date of the May LGB as he was now unable to make the meeting planned for 8 May.  16 or 23 May were suitable alternatives.  The Chairman asked Governors to let the Clerk know which, if either, of the dates were not convenient so allowing a decision on a revised date to be made.  The Clerk would then inform governors of the new date.

Actions: Governors and Clerk to facilitate the change of meeting date of the May LGB.

4.   Minutes of the meetings of 22 November 2016 and 30 January 2017 and Matters arising

The minutes of the meetings held on 22 November 2016 and 30 January 2017 were agreed and signed as a correct record. 

22 November 2016: Agenda item 6 Staff Exit Interviews

The Principal advised that Kate Brierton had undertaken several staff exit interviews and had also done an analysis of the latest staff survey.  Staff were positive about their teaching, and the style of management of the SLT.  They made negative comments about fear of change, lack of forward planning and a perceived lack of support for new staff.  He reported that SLT have implemented actions to address the negative comments.  He also confirmed that the next staff survey will be in May 2017 and that LGB will be given an analysis of the responses.

Governors asked for details of the Staff Well-Being initiative and the Principal agreed to circulate the necessary documents.

      Action: Principal to circulate information on the Staff Well-Being initiative to Governors.

30 January 2017

The Chairman confirmed that one of the key outcomes of the workshop meeting in January was that LGB meetings will become more discursive with emphasis on link visits, governor training and workshop activities.

5.   Standing Reports

      The Chairman confirmed her remarks made under the previous item by stating that she assumed that all Governors had read the Principal’s Report and the reports on the Data Dashboard and Safeguarding and would thus not ask the writers to talk to their papers.  She asked for questions on any aspects of the papers that Governors wished to raise.  The following topics were identified:

  • ‘Resilience’
  • Pupil Premium
  • Sixth form
  • Life after Levels

‘Resilience’ (the ability of students to deal with the school challenges they face)

The Principal advised that the College is seeking to develop resilience in its students in a number of ways:

  • In the lower school ICE Core there is a 40 lesson programme over two years to develop mental health awareness and resilience.
  • Best practice schools have been visited to see how they manage and promote the development of student leadership skills.
  • To assist in the delivery of PSHE two staff are undertaking a level 5 qualification in Counselling.
  • A ‘stress-buster’ programme has been issued to all students as part of their revision programme

The Principal asked governors to note that, in comparison with other schools, very few IVC students are absent as a consequence of mental ill-health and that it is not the SEND students that appear most prone, but the brighter students.

Pupil Premium

Governors noted the current disappointing performance and predicted performance of the Year 11 Pupil Premium students.  The Principal advised that the cohort is particularly weak this year and that the new performance measures (Progress8 and Attainment8) and their calculation do not help the College in ameliorating this.  External agencies have offered the College no new solutions.  He confirmed that all PP students are receiving one to one support in English, Maths and Science as well as other interventions.  He also advised that next year the booster programme will be staffed by experienced teachers rather than teaching assistants which will make the programme more effective.

Sixth Form

Governors had noted the fall in applications for next year.  The Principal advised that he had met with various agencies and that the College was shifting its emphasis to recruit more UK learners and that this is having a positive impact.  However, it is undeniable that the international aspect, particularly in Europe, gives a very good profile to the IB and that all the implications of Brexit on the IB programme are still unknown.  He confirmed that the Trust is exploring options to recruit more students from outside the EU.

Life after Levels

The Principal advised that the English department are pioneers in this regard and that it appears to be very aspirational for the students that have experienced this.  He confirmed that all assessments and flightpaths will be reviewed before the end of the summer term.

The Chairman thanked Governors for their questions and the Principal and staff for their helpful responses.

Governors noted the Standing Reports.

6.    IVC Admissions Policy 2018-19

The Principal reminded Governors that it is the policy of the local authority that governors approve an institution’s admissions policy every year and he asked for comments on the new policy as presented.  Governors had no questions to raise.

      Decision: Governors approved the IVC Admissions Policy 2018-19 nem con.

7.    Languages Faculty Review

Four members of staff from the Languages Faculty made a Power-point presentation to Governors which is appended to and forms part of these minutes.

Governors were very positive about the quality of the presentation and the work of the Faculty, particularly the impressive KS4 and KS5 outcomes of 2016, and asked questions on assessment, the strategy used to decide which language a student takes and the position of Latin in the curriculum.  Staff responded that the new GCSE syllabuses have re-introduced the requirement for more ‘spontaneous talk’ in the target languages and so staff are having to engineer more situations in the classroom where this can occur so students are fully prepared for examined oral assessments.  They confirmed that all students in Year 7 study French, half the year group study Spanish and the other half study German.  The group studying Latin is small (20 students) but all the students are enthusiastic about the subject and actively chose to study it.

The Chairman thanked the Languages staff for their work and the presentation made at the meeting.

Governors noted the Languages Faculty Review.

8     Link Governor Report

Elizabeth Sadler, Link Governor for Primary Liaison, referred Governors to the papers detailing the records of three visits which included the observation of an afternoon of ‘master classes’.  She reminded governors that the College’s feeder primary schools are Histon & Impington, Milton, Girton and Oakington and that the vast majority of these Year 6 students come to IVC with 210 students expected in September 2017.  Masses of activities are held to give the Year 6 students more confidence when they move to senior school and this seems to raise the esteem in which IVC is held by these students.  A key activity is the ‘master class.’

‘Master Classes’ are held English, Maths, Science and Languages, all held at IVC.  The primary schools choose which of their students attend which class and they are asked to ensure that all their students attend at least one master class subject area during Years 5-6. 

Sue Burton (Assistant Principal) is responsible for Primary Liaison and she visits all the feeder primaries to agree the programme.  From next year College Coordinators in English and Maths will also visit the primaries and liaise with their primary teacher equivalents introducing of some Year 7 topics into Year 6 lessons to facilitate a smoother transition to IVC.

In conclusion, Mrs Sadler was of the opinion that the College’s Primary Liaison work was well managed and effective and she thanked Sue Burton for her efforts.

Governors noted the Link Governor Report on Primary Liaison.

9.    Governor Training Report

The Chairman advised that there was no report to make this meeting and that she anticipated making a report at the May 2017 meeting.

10   Safeguarding, CP and Prevent Workshop Activity

All Governors took part in a series of small workshop activities covering the agenda themes and facilitated by Katie Jarvis (Assistant Principal).

Governors appreciated the workshops, valued the lessons learned and thanked Ms Jarvis for her efforts.

      11  AoB


The meeting closed at 9.00 pm.