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Impington Village College

LGB Minutes 08-10-19

Tuesday 8 October 2019 at 5.30 pm in the library


Present: Karen Momber (Chairman), Elizabeth Sadler (Vice Chairman), Steve Blatch, Kate Brierton, Claire Beressi Jones, Guy Noble, Laura Pearce and Ryan Kelsall (Principal).

In Attendance: Victoria Hearn (Vice Principal) (for agenda item 12) and Joe Greenway (Clerk). 

The minutes reflect the order that the agenda items were taken.

      1. Apologies and Declarations of Interests

Apologies were received from Rachel Carrington, Victoria Stubbs (Link Trustee) and Rob Campbell (MET CEO).  There were no declarations of interest.

The Clerk welcomed governors to their first meeting of the academic year.

      2. Minutes of the meeting of 16 July 2019

The minutes of the meeting held on 16 July 2019 were agreed and signed as a correct record. 

3. Matters Arising

The Chairman asked whether governors had viewed the two short videos referred to in the minutes of the previous meeting and most confirmed that they had.  The Principal advised that the school is currently experiencing incidents of peer to peer abuse that are being addressed through the current safeguarding procedures.

4. Governance Matters

  • Parent Governor Elections

The Clerk reported that an election had been held in the first weeks of term to elect replacement parent governors.  Six parents had put themselves forward for election, so a ballot had been held which was now closed.  Two parents had been elected, a Mr Roberto Filippi, and a Ms Denise Walker.  The Clerk confirmed that he would be sending out their details to all governors and arranging their induction materials.  The Principal confirmed that he would be asking his PA to arrange introductory meetings between himself, the Chairman and the new governors in the next two weeks.

Action: Principal

  • Chairman to be recommended to Trust CEO

The Clerk reminded governors that the Trust’s Articles of Association require LGBs, on an annual basis, to recommend one of their number for the role of LGB Chairman to the Trust CEO for approval by the Trust Board.  Karen Momber expressed her willingness to be re-nominated and was proposed by Elizabeth Sadler and seconded by Kate Brierton.  There were no other nominations.  The Clerk confirmed that he would ask the Company Secretary of the Trust to make the LGB’s recommendation to the Trust Board as soon as reasonably practicable.

  • Election of Vice Chairman

The Chairman confirmed that Elizabeth Sadler was prepared to serve as Vice Chairman of the IVC LGB for a further year and proposed the appointment.  This was seconded by Guy Noble.  There were no other nominations.  Elizabeth Sadler was duly elected as Vice-Chairman of the IVC LGB for the academic year 2019-20. 

  • Conflict of Interests Declarations

The Clerk thanked those governors and staff that had submitted completed forms before or at the meeting and asked the remainder to submit them as soon as reasonably practicable.  He reminded governors that external auditors check trust compliance with this requirement every year.                                                                Action: ALL governors

  • Report of Governors Workshop

The Chairman referred governors to the notes of the recent workshop made by the workshop facilitator, Amy Weatherup.

Governors confirmed that their main issues were the degree of communication between the Trust and the school and to ensure better link governance in the current academic year.The Chairman confirmed that the latter will be taken forward in agenda item 10.

5. Standing Reports

The Chairman advised that a number of questions had been forwarded to the Principal and senior staff for comment.


Governors noted that 9 referrals had been made in September 2019 whilst only two were made in September 2018.  The Principal advised that this was likely to be because the referral process was now more embedded than previously and that individuals are more open to making a report.  He also commented that he much rather preferred more rather than fewer referrals and that a culture is being created in the school where referral is encouraged.  In summary he views the increase as a positive.

Governors noted that ‘domestic violence’ is now described a ‘domestic abuse’ and includes such behaviour as coercion.

MET Report

Governors asked how the MET Directors of English and Maths manage these roles across the Trust when they are also in charge of these departments at IVC.  The Principal advised that 20% of their time is in the Trust role and that they both spend around half a day each at WVC.  One Director spends time on coaching and guiding staff and also developing literacy strategies for SEND students whilst the other is working with the Learning Practitioner at WVC on lesson observations.  The Principal also advised that new staff were recruited over the summer on the basis that cover at IVC would be needed when the Directors are fulfilling their Trust wide roles.  He also stated that the Trust is paying 20% of their salaries in recognition of the Trust wide remits.

The Principal then confirmed that Victoria Hearn now has oversight of the Morris Schools Teaching Alliance which is involved in trainee teacher recruitment.  The Alliance is not eligible to apply to become a ‘teaching school’ but was pleased to report that 4 local primary schools use the MSTA literacy programme which will bring benefits to IVC over time.

Governors noted that MET Living delivered adult and community learning now, rather than just adult learning.  The Principal advised that this change in name is because a broader curriculum is now offered.

Governors asked about the subsidence identified in the Estate section of the report.  The Principal advised that this was in the Meeting Room area and that is likely to be the subject of an insurance claim.

Finally, governors asked whether they could be supplied with a list of staff, broken down by department, which they have been given in previous years.

The Principal agreed to supply this information and also the latest staff handbook.

Action: Principal

Governors noted the Standing Reports.

6. Policy Approval.

The Chairman confirmed that both she and the Vice Chairman had reviewed and fed back comments on the revised Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and advised that it was based on a model policy drawn up by the Local Authority.  She asked governors to particularly note their responsibilities under the policy which are given in paragraph 6.3 on page 18.

Governors had no questions or comments to make and approved the policy unanimously.

7. IVC/Trust Mental Health & Wellbeing Policy

Steve Blatch arrived during this item at 6.35pm

Kate Brierton advised that she had discussed the policy with Simon Warburton, the senior staff responsible for writing the policy, and confirmed that the policy was applicable across the Trust.  However, she also acknowledged that the staff involved were mainly IVC based as IVC has undertaken the bulk of the work.

The Chairman asked governors to particularly note their responsibilities under the policy which are given on page 5.

Governors had no questions or comments to make and approved the policy unanimously.

8. IVC 5 Year Strategic Plan

The Principal referred governors to the 5 Year Strategic Plan commenting that he had used it as a basis for his ‘Welcome back to Staff’ address at the start of the autumn term and believed that the staff found it useful.  He reminded governors of the 5 objectives and expressed the belief that the proposed outcomes for each objective are challenging but achievable.  The objectives are:

  • Financial stability
  • Excellent student progress and attainment
  • Positive culture for staff and students
  • Growth of IVC and IIC
  • Ensure growth and development of the MET.

The Chairman commented that she appreciated the ‘upward looking’ referral to the Trust and advised that she had recently met with the IVC Link Trustee, Victoria Stubbs, to make her concern about the lack of communication from the Trust.She reported that VS plans to make a presentation on IVC to the Trust Board in the near future.

Governors asked how Well-being efforts focus on support staff.The Principal commented that improving the well being of support staff, including teaching assistants, is more challenging than with teaching staff due to a variety of factors including the flexible attendance pattern of the staff. He opined that the college could probably improve on its efforts in supporting support staff but he was pleased to advise that increasing numbers of support staff are participating in the college organised social events.

Governors noted and approved the 5 Year strategic plan and had no further comment to make.

9. College Development Plan

The Principal referred governors to the College Development Plan commenting that it is similar to previous plans but with the focus this year being on disadvantaged students.  He advised that the numbers of SEND students are steadily increasing and that this is proving more challenging to manage.  The current inclusive practice is not sustainable due to the wide ability range, so the college is exploring adaptations to the curriculum.  He reported that he has had a positive meeting with the Local Authority about SEND matters.

The college also intends to work on delivering a more consistent tutorial experience across the piece and that focus groups held with students have been most beneficial.

Governors noted and approved the College Development Plan.

10. Link Governor Priorities

The Chairman ran a workshop covering link governor priorities.Governors were divided into two groups of three and asked to consider areas that would be good to focus on in future link visits in terms of student results, the college development plan and the governor workshop outcomes.Governors were then asked to decide which of these focuses link to their currently allocated link areas of the college.The following areas were identified:

Steve Blatch: Engagement in ICAS and University of Wolverhampton work on raising attainment

Claire Beressi Jones: Staff workload, including support staff.

Kate Brierton: SEND, Wellbeing in staff especially support staff, Post 16 SEND, new SEND curriculum and SEND results in detail.

Guy Noble: Art and PE

Elizabeth Sadler: Staff CPD.

The Vice Chairman reminded governors of the link visit process, to do ‘something’ every half term, at the initial meeting discuss the impact of new initiatives, student performance and disadvantaged students and to be mindful of time pressure on staff, staff workload and student and staff well-being.She also requested that safeguarding concerns be raised at each and every visit.

The Chairman thanked governors for their active and positive participation in the workshop.

Victoria Hearn, Vice Principal joined the meeting at 7.30pm

11. Results Review 

Victoria Hearn (Vice Principal) gave a presentation on the summer 2019 examination results, focussing particularly on the GCSE results.She stated that, in summary, the GCSE results were:

  • ‘Looking like being the college’s best ever’
  • Progress8 score around +0.67 (+0.7) (Maximum score is 1.0)
  • Performance of boys better than previous years’
  • Most faculties gave a strong performance

Concerning the improved performance of the boys the VP was able to advise the estimated Progress8 score is +0.42 which compares favourably with the national boys Progress8 score of -0.25.  The Progress8 score for girls at IVC is +0.96 and the gap between IVC boys’ and girls’ performance is broadly in line with the national figure.  Positive improvement was shown in all subjects except PE, French, Art, Dance and Japanese.  Particularly pleasing was the improvement in English which had an individual P8 score of +0.257.  Pupil Premium boys also had a positive P8 score of +0.099 which includes 2 EHCP (Education, Health & Care Plan) students, that is those with special needs.

The VH reported that the college had identified the following areas for attention:

  • Foundation Subjects
  • Pupil Premium.

Art and PE are the subjects at Foundation level where the the impact of adverse moderation affected the results.  These are subject to appeal.  For Japanese the cohort is very small.

Concerning Pupil Premium student performance, outcomes were below expectations and progress was negative (-0.18).  A high proportion of PP students are also SEND and this impacts on the data with the P8 for PP/SEND being -0.51 and for EHCP/SEND -0.83.  This being said the college is still within the top 30% of the country for PP performance.

Analysis of the data to discover why the outcomes of PP students was so poor concludes that too few student shifted in the -0.1 to +0.1 range, the English was weaker, PP students did not perform well in History and engagement in intervention is lower, which makes rapid progress in Year 11 harder.  The VP then showed a slide that summarises published research into how to improve PP performance and she was able to confirm that the college follows all the recommendations.  She summarised the key actions that the college will now take as:

  • Implementation of interventions in English, Maths and Science in Years 7 and 8.
  • A new pastoral structure with greater focus on PP
  • Prioritised Interventions for Year 11 PP students
  • Research with the Social Mobility Commission with IVC being a case study
  • Focussing on developing a cultural capital programme for September 2020
  • Ensuring the new teaching and learning framework and CPD programme focusses on PP.

Governors asked about the discrepancy between the P8 scores for English Language (+0.41) and Literature (+0.80).  The VP advised that the department are undertaking a detailed analysis to identify and address the issues.

The VP then reminded governors of the outstanding IB results which were announced in July and also the excellent outcomes for the BTEC and A Level cohorts (with the latter being the final one at IVC):

  • 74% A-C/Merit & Distinction
  • 93% A-E/Pass

Importantly the BTEC results were outstanding in all three subject areas with 100% Pass and approx. 75% Merit+ and 50% at Distinction.

The Chairman thanked the VP for her presentation and, on behalf on the governing body, formally congratulated and thanked the staff of the college for their work in delivering such excellent results.

12. AoB

a. Open Evenings

  The Chairman asked whether governors had any comments to make about the recent open evenings.Governors thought the Year 6 evening went particularly well with parents queuing for some of the events.

The Chairman reminded governors that the sixth form open evening is on 17 October, 6.00-8.00 pm and requested a governor presence if possible.

The meeting closed at 8.06 pm.