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Impington Village College

LGB Minutes 20-11-18


Tuesday 20 November 2018 at 6.00 pm in the library


Present: Rachel Carrington, Elizabeth Sadler (Vice Chairman), Chris Savage, Rob Campbell (MET CEO), Claire Beressi Jones, Steve Blatch, Kate Brierton, Magdalena Charytoniuk, Guy Noble, Victoria Stubbs (Link Trustee) and Ryan Kelsall (Principal).

In Attendance: Liz Moran (Lead Practitioner English), Sylvia Holland (Lead Practitioner Languages), Sian Mawditt (Director of Teaching & Learning), Simon Warburton (Assistant Principal) [for agenda items 1 & 2], Rosa Mottershead (Chair of Governors of St Matthew’s Primary School, Cambridge) and Joe Greenway (Clerk). 

1.    Workshop Activity – Teaching and Learning

Following an introduction by the Principal, governors undertook various activities in rotating small groups, with members of SLT, covering the following topics:

  • Reflections on the College Development Plan
  • Aspects of teaching and learning at IVC including:
    • The whole college approach
    • External professional learning
    • IMLDP (?)
    • Leading faculty professional learning
  • The evaluation of the quality of teaching and learning.
  • Further and concluding reflections on the College Development Plan.

Governors also considered how best to complete a tweet of 240 characters or less that describes the excellent teaching and learning at IVC.The three tweets produced were:

“Excellent teaching and learning at IVC is where teachers have good support giving students clear direction with challenging targets and differentiating their approach to ensure students with all levels of ability reach their potential.”


“Excellent teaching and learning at IVC is happy and contented teachers which makes for happy and successful learners.”


“Excellent teaching and learning at IVC is enjoyable and inclusive.We have high expectations that challenge all our students and staff to move in a clear direction in order to make excellent progress.”

Governors thanked the Principal and staff for their work in planning and delivering an excellent and thought-provoking series of workshop activities.

2.   Learning Visit Report - English

Ms Liz Moran, Lead Practitioner, English, made a presentation to governors based on the outcomes of the recent Learning Visit which is appended to and forms part of these Minutes. 

Ms Moran reminded governors that the area for development identified in 2017 was for the focussed dialogue between teacher and student to ensure feedback lessons are fully embedded. This was identified as a strength for KS4 and KS5, and is now becoming equally so in KS3 lessons.  She was able to show an exemplar of how marking standards have improved, the value placed on the Booster programme and library lessons and the additional activities offered to support the development of skills, for example, the debating society, critical thinking club and a GCSE English revision website.  She confirmed that it is the expectation that KS3 students undertake at least 100 minutes of homework per week.

Governors asked how the department supports students who find reading difficult.  Ms Moran advised that staff read with students in the library lessons as much as they can and acknowledged that they need to do more.

The LGB were impressed that the department continues to show outstanding practice in teaching, learning and assessment.  The Vice-Chairman thanked the staff for their work and the presentation made at the meeting.

Governors noted the English Learning Visit presentation.

3.   Learning Visit Report – Maths

Ms Sian Mawditt, Lead Practitioner, Maths, and Director of Teaching & Learning made a presentation to governors based on the outcomes of the recent Learning Visit which is appended to and forms part of these Minutes. 

Ms Mawditt first reported the excellent collaborations outside of the college that the department has which include:

  • The Faculty of Education, Cambridge University
  • The National Centre for Excellence in Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM)
  • The Cambridge Maths Hub
  • DfE Shanghai Mathematics Exchange (IVC is one of only 6 schools in England participating in this)

She then reported that the key strengths of the department are:

  • High levels of engagement and challenge
  • Collaborative approach to developing teaching
  • Embedded use of formative feedback
  • Exceptional outcomes for KS5 students and for Most Able at KS4
  • Reworked approach to homework and independent support structures proving popular

She then went on to describe the progress the department had made in addressing the areas for development that were identified in the 2017 Learning Visit.

  • To Improve outcomes at KS5 for students studying the Maths Standard level course new schemes of learning are now in place and the selection of students to undertake the Maths Standard is now more rigorous
  • To improve the procedure for parents to support their children at home: better website-based material is now produced, and parents can now see, through Moodle, what topics children are studying at any given time
  • To improve progress amongst Low Prior Attainers and disadvantaged students the mentor programme and use of sixth formers to provide support did not work
  • To ensure baseline attainment measures increase in 2018 when compared to 2017: the interventions targeting students who need to make rapid progress also did not work.

Consequently, the areas for development identified in the latest Learning Visit are:

  • To improve progress amongst Low Prior Attainers and disadvantaged students.
  • To ensure baseline attainment measures increase in 2019 when compared to 2018 (including English/Maths overlap)
  • To improve tracking of students at KS3
  • To maximise the impact of the Booster Programme in years 7 - 11

Ms Mawditt then went on to describe the various actions proposed to bring about the required improvements.

Governors asked how students respond to the firm approaches adopted by the department.  Ms Mawditt replied that the vast majority of students respond well to the ‘tough love’ approach and that the results reflect this.

The Principal thanked both Ms Mawdiit and Ms Moran for their hard work and particularly for their reflective approach in focussing on marginal gains to continue to seek improvements on the excellent results of both departments.

Governors concurred with this comment.  The LGB were impressed that the department continues to show outstanding practice in teaching, learning and assessment.  The Vice-Chairman thanked the staff for their work and the presentation made at the meeting.

Governors noted the Maths Learning Visit presentation.

4.   Welcome, Apologies and Declarations of Interests

The Vice-Chairman welcomed Rosa Mottershead. Chairman of the LGB of St Matthew’s Primary School, Cambridge, who was observing the meeting as part of her NGA study programme on Chairmanship.

Apologies were received from Karen Momber (Chairman) and Laura Pearce.

There were no declarations of interest.

5.   Minutes of the meetings of 9 October 2018 and 1 November 2018

The minutes of the meetings held on 9 October 2018 and 1 November 2018 were agreed and signed as a correct record. 

6.    Matters Arising

  • GDPR

The Clerk confirmed that he will invite the new parent governors to undertake their training on the new GDPR requirements in the spring term. 

  • Safeguarding

Rob Campbell, (Trust CEO) confirmed that the Trust’s Safeguarding Policy had been amended to include a procedure for allegations against the Trust CEO.

  • Management of HR at Trust level

Claire Beressi Jones confirmed that she had met with affected HR staff and was now more content with the HR management arrangements.

  • MET Complaints Procedure

Rob Campbell advised that the DfE had recently issued new guidance on complaints procedures for multi academy trusts.  Consequently, the current MET Complaints policy was undergoing further review and that this will also include addressing the LGB’s concern about the process of appeal against the CEO.  The amended procedure will be shared with LGBs in due course.

  • Workshop outcomes

Governors noted the workshop outcomes drawn up by the Chairman.  The Clerk reminded governors that these documents were now available in the 1 November 2018 Workshop Dropbox.

7.    MET response to LGB regards complaints policy

       See ‘MET Complaints Procedure’ Minute above.

8.    Governance Matters

  • Conflict of Interests Declarations

The Clerk confirmed that he was in receipt of all conflict of interest declarations.

  • Governor Training Record

The Clerk thanked those governors who had completed the training record spreadsheet in the Dropbox, encouraged remaining governors to do likewise and offered to undertake a short training session on the use of the Dropbox before the start of the next LGB in January 2019.

Action: Clerk

  • Governor Code of Conduct

Governors had no comments to make regarding the new Governor Code of Conduct, recently approved by the Trust Board.

Governors noted the various governance matters.

9.    Governor Link Report – SEND and Wellbeing

Kate Brierton, Link Governor for SEND and Wellbeing, referred governors to the reports of her recent visits to the college.  In her view the provision is ‘brilliant’ and she confirmed that the Local Authority is of a similar view.  She advised that IVC is the largest provider of SEND provision within Cambridgeshire and complimented the Principal on his recent appearance on local TV where he succinctly described the issues with SEND funding.

Governors noted the governor link report.

10.  Governor Link Report – Staff

Claire Beressi Jones, Link Governor for Staff, referred governors to the reports of her recent visits to the college and the analysis she has undertaken of the exit data provided by staff leavers during the period September 2017 to September 2018.  She confirmed that there had been a pleasing reduction in staff turnover in the past year and that the college was to be commended for this.  Governors asked whether leaving staff were offered an exit interview with a governor.  CBJ confirmed that she undertook such interviews and that one had taken place last year.  She advised that the return rate of exit interview forms was poor and that better returns need to be encouraged.

Governors noted the governor link report.

11   AoB

  1. Sixth Form Open Evening

A number of governors reported that they had attended the recent open evening for the sixth form.  Governors thought the evening was excellent with a real ‘buzz’ and governors were particularly pleased with how international the event appeared.  The Principal commented that the event was one of the busiest and best held in recent times. 

The Principal also reported that recruitment to the sports scholarships course for 2019 looks very promising

  1. The Cavendish School (TCS)

Rob Campbell was pleased to report that progress was now being made with TCS.There had been a change of consultants for the project made by the DfE, a new project manager had been appointed and tender documents were now being drawn up.He advised that he hoped to share these documents at the January 2019 meeting of the LGB, or certainly the March meeting.He also advised that he had written a submission for the Histon and Impington Neighbourhood Plan on behalf of the Trust and that he would share this with the LGB.

Action: Trust CEO

He reminded the LGB that the target date for opening TCS is September 2020 and that concurrent building would be taking place on site (new build for aspects of IVC provision and the new TCS building itself).

Governors noted the CEO’s report.

The meeting closed at 8.05 pm.