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Impington Village College

LGB Minutes 09-10-18


Tuesday 9 October 2018 at 6.00 pm in the library


Present: Karen Momber (Chairman), Rachel Carrington, Elizabeth Sadler, Chris Savage, Rob Campbell (MET CEO), Martin Rigby (Chairman of Trust Board), Claire Beressi Jones, Steve Blatch, Kate Brierton, Laura Pearce, Magdalena Charytoniuk, Guy Noble and Ryan Kelsall (Principal).

In Attendance: Pippa Mugan (Lead Practitioner), Arpana Shafi (Lead Practitioner), [both for agenda item 2] and Joe Greenway (Clerk). 

1.    Workshop Activity – Performance Review

Following an introduction by the Principal governors undertook a group activity covering many aspects of student performance in the summer 2018 examinations and fed back the outcomes of their discussions to the meeting.  The overall conclusion was that the results were impressive but, as anticipated, not as high as in 2017, because of the nature of the cohort.  Governors confirmed that they had been made aware of the challenges posed by the cohort at previous meetings.  Key successes include:

  • Very impressive final outcomes: 19 students increased their overall P8 by at least +1.0 between mocks and exams, 73 students by at least +0.5.
  • Overall P8 better than forecast, following intervention.
  • More able students performed exceptionally well, with 15% Grade 9s and 43% 7+.
  • Outcomes in key areas were excellent, including Science, Languages (French and Spanish), and Humanities (significantly better than forecast, especially at the top end).
  • IB results continue to be outstanding, including eight students achieving 40+ points.
  • A-Level outcomes in Photography and Drama were excellent.
  • BTEC outcomes excellent, with large numbers of Merit, Distinction and Distinction*.
  • Attendance broadly in line with last year, especially for exception groups.

The workshop activities allowed governors to identify the elements where improvement is required, and the Principal confirmed that these are:

  • Achievement of PP students, especially in Maths.
  • Achievement of boys, particularly at the top end.
  • Lower Progress than in 2017 (although this was anticipated).
  • Legacy GCSEs not performing well at the top end (all discontinued).
  • Humanities and English Lit A-Levels lower performing subjects (all discontinued).
  • To improve persistent absence of PP and meet overall targets of 96% and 94% for whole and PP cohorts respectively.

The Principal concluded by outlining the proposed actions the college intends to make to address the areas that need improvement and confirmed that these will form a large part of the College’s Development Plan for 2018-19.  The key actions are:

  • Rapid Improvement Plans (RIPs), each with specific focus in the following subject areas: English, Maths, History and German.
  • For the current Year 10 when they go into Year 11:
  • A period 6 programme for targeted students for all EBACC subjects (students below +0.7).
  • Targeted withdrawal of students from subjects to access core small group teaching.
  • 1 to 1 tuition in core subjects for PP students.
  • Engagement report and an Extended Day (run by SLT, supervised study to 5.15pm) and parental meetings for all students with low P8 score.
  • For the current Year 9 when they go into Year 10: implementation of new curriculum pathways to support progress, behaviour and attendance (and recruitment into Post-16 at IIC).
  • Appointment of a Director of Student Progress to overhaul PP strategy.
  • Introduction of research bursary for boys’ achievement.

Governors thanked the Principal for his presentation and offered formal thanks and congratulations to all college staff for their work in producing these excellent results.

2.   Learning Visit Report - Foundation

Ms Pippa Mugan and Ms Arpana Shafi, Lead Practitioners, made presentations to governors based on the outcomes of recent Learning Visits which are appended to and form part of these minutes.  Key outcomes include the conclusions that the department shows that:

  • Leaders continue to be very ambitious and dedicated, with a strong vision for their subject areas
  • Leaders continue to have very high expectations, which are shared by the members of their team and are evident across all aspects of teaching, learning and assessment
  • Outcomes at both KS4 and KS5 (where relevant) are outstanding, including for Pupil Premium students 
  • There has been successful implementation of new courses at KS4 which has allowed for increased success in the Open Bucket for the College and significant achievements for individual students
  • Leaders (and teachers) are very clear on what excellence looks like a focus on the development of core skills at KS3, with challenging assessment criteria, allows students to prepare successfully for the demands of the GCSE course.
  • Leaders are ambitious and dedicated, with a strong vision for their subject areas
  • Leaders have very high expectations, which are shared by the members of their team and are evident across all aspects of teaching, learning and assessment
  • Leaders ensure that the curriculum is carefully planned, assessment is robust and impactful, and that intervention is implemented where needed to facilitate outstanding progress
  • In Sport staff have successfully introduced a greater range of extracurricular opportunities in alternative sports and results have improved across all sports qualifications.

The LGB were particularly impressed with the amount of work undertaken by the department during the year in celebrating cultural diversity at IVC and look forward to the international evening planned for July 2019.  The Chairman thanked the staff for their work and the presentations made at the meeting.

Governors noted the Foundation Learning Visit presentations.

3.   Welcome, Apologies and Declarations of Interests

The Chairman congratulated Magdalena Charytoniuk and Guy Noble on their success in the recent elections to the role of Parent Governor and formally welcomed them to their first meeting of the LGB.

Apologies were received from Victoria Stubbs (Link Trustee).

There were no declarations of interest.

4.   Minutes of the meeting of 17 July 2018

The minutes of the meeting held on 17 July 2018 were agreed and signed as a correct record. 

5.    Matters Arising

  • Mental Health & Wellbeing - Leadership

The Principal confirmed that Simon Warburton will be contacting those governors who expressed an interest is discussing this matter before the next meeting of the LGB.  

Action: SW

  • GDPR

The Clerk advised that all governors, apart from those appointed last week, had completed the GDPR training                        

Action: Clerk

  • Governor Training Record

The Clerk referred governors to a spreadsheet he had written to record any training undertaken that is pertinent to their roles as governors.  He also advised that he had completed a training record for himself as an exemplar.  He confirmed that this spreadsheet will be placed in a separate Dropbox labelled ‘Governor Training Record’.  He asked governors to make a copy of the master sheet to a new worksheet, label it with their name and to complete the record.

The Chairman asked governors to complete their training record by the November meeting.                                     

Action: ALL Governors

6.    Governance Matters

  • Welcome to new Parent Governors

See agenda item 3 above.

  • Chairman to be recommended to Trust CEO

The Clerk reminded governors that the Trust’s Articles of Association require LGBs, on an annual basis, to recommend one of their number for the role of LGB Chairman to the Trust CEO for approval by the Trust Board.  Karen Momber expressed her willingness to be re-nominated and was proposed by Elizabeth Sadler and seconded by Claire Beressi Jones.  There were no other nominations.  Rob Campbell (Trust CEO) and Martin Rigby (Chairman of the Trust Board) confirmed they had the delegated authority of the Trust Board to immediately confirm the appointment of Karen Momber as Chairman of the IVC LGB for the academic year 2018-19. 

  • Election of Vice Chairman

The Chairman confirmed that Elizabeth Sadler was prepared to serve as Vice Chairman of the IVC LGB for a further year and proposed the appointment.  This was seconded by Kate Brierton.  There were no other nominations.  Elizabeth Sadler was duly elected as Vice-Chairman of the IVC LGB for the academic year 2018-19.  

  • Conflict of Interests Declarations

The Clerk thanked those governors and staff that had submitted completed forms before or at the meeting and asked the remainder to submit them as soon as reasonably practicable.  He reminded governors that external auditors check trust compliance with this requirement every year.                                       

Action: ALL governors and senior staff

  • Calendar of Meetings 2018-19

The Chairman advised that the Governor Workshop will take place at the college on Thursday 1 November 2018 and asked the Clerk to re-issue the Calendar.

Action: Clerk

  • Governor Training Record

See agenda item 5 above.

Governors noted the various governance matters.

7.    Standing Reports

The Chairman thanked governors for their prompt provision of questions regarding the standing reports.

a & b) Principal’s report and Data Dashboard

The Principal confirmed that, as previously advised, the Results Dashboard and its analysis, the Academies At A Glance (AAAG) report and College Development Plan will be circulated after the meeting.                  

Action: Clerk

  1. Safeguarding Report

Governors asked about the Child Protection monitoring report, bullying, the lockdown procedure and careers education.  The Principal advised that the college has introduced a new on-line CP monitoring system called ‘MyConcern’.  This has had the inevitable teething problems but is now bedding in and will be more secure than the paper-based system.  It will generate reports that will be more useful for governors in in the discharge of their oversight responsibility.  Rob Campbell confirmed that the Safeguarding Policy will be amended to include a procedure for allegations against the Trust CEO.

Action: Trust CEO

The Principal reported that there is no comparative data on bullying in Parent View but was pleased to report that in the latest survey of parents’ opinion only 8% of parents disagreed with the statement that bullying is addressed effectively by the college, the figure from the previous survey being 20%.  He confirmed that the college is much more proactive in involving parents in any bullying concerns. 

The Principal reported that the college had successfully trialled the application of its new Lockdown procedure and ensured that everyone was as calm as possible during the process.  Chris Savage offered to help in a professional capacity.  Finally, the Principal advised that feedback from students and parents is gathered from every careers event that is held in the college, especially from the Year 10 and 11 events and he offered to share feedback at a future LGB.  The June 2019 LGB meeting was agreed as the most appropriate.

Action: Principal

  1. MET Update to LGBs

Rob Campbell (MET CEO) referred governors to his report.  He confirmed that the AAAG is standardised across both IVC and WVC. He also explained the differences between In-Year and Cumulative deficits and confirmed that the Trust’s financial plan should remove all school deficits by 2020-21.  The exceptional financial performance of MET-L, in particular the IVC Sports Centre, ensures that the Trust is in a secure and positive financial position.

Governors expressed concern that the changes to the management of HR across the Trust would put undue pressure on existing staff and sought reassurance that HR would be continued to be managed effectively.  Production of supportive procedure manuals were suggested.  The Chairman agreed to forward the concerns of LGB members to the Trust CEO and Martin Rigby confirmed that these matters would be discussed at a future Trust Board and feedback given to the LGB in due course.

Action: Trust CEO & Chairman

The CEO then advised that Valerie Hastings and Laura Pearce would be maintaining the Single Central Record.

It was hoped that more schools would join the MAT in 2018-19.

Finally, on behalf of the Trust Board, Martin Rigby (Chairman of the Trust Board), thanked the IVC LGB for their efforts over the last year.

Governors noted the Standing Reports and the responses to their queries.

8.    Scheme of Delegation

Governors were referred to the updated Scheme of Delegation, recently approved by the Trust Board.  Governors asked about staff safe recruitment and appraisal.  The Principal responded that all staff interview panels are chaired by a member of SLT, all of whom have undertaken Safer Staff Recruitment training.  The Chairman reminded governors that Claire Beressi Jones has also undertaken this training.  The Principal then went on to advise that all staff appraisals are undertaken by either himself or the Vice Principal, to ensure consistency, and that staff objectives are always linked to the college strategic objectives given in the College Development Plan.  Progress and impact are reviewed mid-year as well as at the end of the year.

Finally, Governors requested that when future updates of the Scheme are released the changes are highlighted so that they can be easily identified.

Action: CEO

9.    Policy Approval

The Local Governing Body noted and approved the following policies nem con.

  • Safeguarding and Child Protection (CP) Policy
  • Lockdown Policy
  • Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance Policy plus Appendices

10   Mission and Vision Statements

he Local Governing Body noted and approved the minor changes to the Mission and Vision Statements.

Governors requested that when future minor changes are proposed the changes are highlighted so that they can be easily identified.   

Action: Principal

11   Focus 2018-19

The Chairman wished governors to focus particularly on their link visits during 2018-19 and intended to discuss priorities for this at the forthcoming workshop.  An updated allocation of governors linked to college areas will be issued before the workshop.                                      

Action: Chairman

The Chairman thanked those governors who attended the recent parents’ evenings.  Governors who attended were very positive about the events and were impressed by the enthusiasm of the staff present.

12   Governor Training

The Chairman confirmed that she would be issuing various papers for study prior to and for the forthcoming workshop on 1 November 2018.

Action: Chairman

13   AoB

The meeting closed at 8.05 pm.