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Impington Village College

LGB Minutes 22-11-16


Tuesday 22 November 2016 at 6.00 pm in the library


Present: Martin Rigby (Chairman of Trust Board), Rob Campbell (CEO), Kate Brierton (Trustee), Brian Harrison, Elizabeth Sadler, Rachel Pegg, Simon Guest, Ryan Kelsall (Principal) and Claire Beressi Jones.

In Attendance: Fran Difranco (Director of Finance & Resources [DFR]), Victoria Hearn (Vice Principal Progress, Achievement & Pupil Premium [VPPAPP]) and Joe Greenway (Clerk).

1    Apologies

Apologies were received from Alan Rodger (Trustee), Stephanie Norris, Jake Reynolds, Valerie Hastings, Suzy Offord and Karen Momber.

2   Declarations of Interests


3   Trust Matters

Trust and LGB Governance

The Chairman of the Trust Board reminded governors that the new Articles of Association gave Trustees the authority to appoint the Chairman of a Local Governing Body.  He was pleased to announce that Karen Momber had agreed to take up the role, but unfortunately she was unable to attend the meeting this evening.  It was therefore necessary to appoint a temporary Chairman for this meeting only. 

The Clerk sought nominations and Simon Guest was proposed. 

Decision: There being no other nominations the LGB agreed unanimously that Simon Guest act as Chairman for the remainder of the meeting only.

The Chairman of Trustees continued by confirming that the Trust Board decides the powers and duties of a Local Governing Body and that these are given in the formal Scheme of Delegation and detailed Delivery document.  The Trustees have the power to appoint Trustee Governors to the LGB and the Trust Board were keen to have an open dialogue with the LGB about who these governors could be.  He reminded the LGB that the term of office of Jake Reynolds expires at the end of November and he enquired whether the LGB would be content if the Trust Board appointed him to the LGB as a Trustee Governor.

Governors were content for Jake Reynolds to be approached and hence appointed as a Trustee Governor to the LGB.

Trust update

The CEO made a presentation on the current developments within the Trust reporting that work was ongoing with creating a Vision and Values for the Trust, and with the Cavendish School application and Witchford Village College joining the Trust.  He also confirmed that work progresses in developing links with other schools and this will be helped by the Trust being approved as an Academy Sponsor and IVC being designated a National Support School with the CEO being appointed a National Leader in Education.  He confirmed that the Trust seeks to develop capacity in primary education either in partnership or alone.

Governors noted the Trust update.

4   Governance Matters

  1. Confirmation of Chairman 2016-17

Governors noted the appointment of Karen Momber to the role of Chairman of the LGB for 2016-17.

  1. Election of Vice Chairman

Governors agreed to defer this item until the next meeting.

  1. Scheme of Delegation

The Clerk referred Governors to the Scheme of Delegation, confirming that it had been drawn up with the assistance of Hewitsons, the Trust solicitors, and approved by the Trust Board.  He advised that there were a number of paragraphs where Hewitsons had requested a decision to be made.  The Clerk confirmed that the current governors would serve until their terms of office expire and that the terms of office of all new appointees would be 4 years. 

Regarding paragraph 4.1.6 Governors approved a term of office of 2 years for the Chairman of the LGB and that an existing chairman may be re-appointed at the expiry of their term.

Regarding paragraph 7.3 Governors were content for this paragraph to remain.

Governors then discussed the Scheme of Delegation and sought greater clarity on several issues, for example, the requirements for new DBS checks, the top-slicing of funds from the Academy budget for the Trust and the establishment of sub-committees.  Trustees were unable to fully reassure governors and agreed to further review the Scheme of Delegation.  Governors also advised the Trust Board to consider whether to resolve to permit Trustees to count towards the quorum of LGB meetings.

Actions: Trust Board to review the Scheme of Delegation and Delivery document as soon as reasonably practicable and to revert to the LGB at its next meeting and consider the merits of resolving to permit Trustees to count towards the quorum of LGB meetings.

  1. Calendar of LGB Meetings 2016-17

Governors noted the proposed calendar of meetings.  The merits of holding a Governor Away Day would be discussed between the Principal and Chairman

Action: Chairman and Principal to decide on whether to hold a Governor Away Day this academic year.

  1. Declarations of Interests

The Clerk reminded governors of the requirement to submit an annual Declaration of Interests form and that this information needs to be publically available on the College web-site.  He referred governors to the template he proposed using to summarise this public information.  He asked governors to note the expectation that any relative who works for the College is declared and asked Governors who have yet to submit a form or who need to resubmit to do so as a matter of urgency.

 Action: ALL Governors/Trustees/Senior Managers yet to submit a fully complete declaration of Interests to the Clerk to do so as a matter of urgency. 

  1. Governor link visits

The Principal announced that he would be reviewing the governor link allocations to take account of the changes in governance arrangements of the College.

Action: Principal to review the allocation of named governors to named College departments and to report to the next meeting of the LGB.

  1. Named governor responsibilities

Claire Beressi Jones confirmed that she was prepared to continue with her role as the named governor with oversight of Safeguarding.  She reported that she would be undertaking further training for this role in the next few days.

5.   Minutes of the meeting of 27 September 2016

The minutes of the meeting held on 27 September 2016 were agreed and signed as a correct record. 

Martin Rigby left at the end of this item at 6.35pm

6.   Matters arising from the Minutes of the previous meetings

Governors asked about the analysis of staff leavers.  Senior managers apologised for not including this item and confirmed it would be an agenda item for the next meeting of the LGB.

Action: Principal to present the analysis of staff leavers over recent years to the next meeting of the LGB.

Governors asked about the future availability of Trust Board minutes to members of the LGB and othersThe CEO confirmed that, as a matter of principle, the Trust Board wishes to appear open and transparent.  However, because much of the discussion at Trust Board meetings involve specific establishments, individuals or items of a commercially and/or strategically sensitive nature any Minutes shared with other parties were likely to be so redacted as to be meaningless.

7.   Principal’s report

The Principal prefaced his remarks about his report by advising that all future reports would include summary financial information about the College.  Referring to his paper the Principal described the challenges currently faced by the College in predicting student performance in 2017 largely due to changes in accountability measures.  IB and A level performance is predicted to be high, with GCSE and Pupil Premium to be poorer than in 2016.  He advised that the exam boards are predicting a 20% drop in the Basic Measure and the PP cohort are presenting huge challenges.

The Principal then reported the positive feedback received about the new induction programme for staff and gave information about the latest staff recruitment.  He concluded that a new curriculum model is being drawn up for implementation from September 2017 and that this will be shared with governors at the January meeting.

Governors noted the Principal’s report.

8.    FFT Aspire School Dashboard

The Principal referred governors to the FFT Aspire report which gives information about how IVC compares with other schools.  He stated that it is not surprising that IVC compares very favourably with other schools given the exceptional results achieved in 2016.  He confirmed that in those subject areas where performance is below expectation interventions are taking place to bring about rapid improvement.

Governors noted the FFT Aspire School Dashboard

9     Child Protection Monitoring and revised policy

The Principal presented the Safeguarding Report on behalf of the Assistant Principal Behaviour and Inclusion which summarised the key actions undertaken with respect to safeguarding during the year.  He also advised of the revised policy which is based on the template policy issued by Cambridgeshire County Council and that he sought governor approval for this new policy.  Governors advised that the title of paragraph 6.0 contained a significant grammatical error and that paragraph 6.2 needs to be updated. 

Decision: With the proviso that the above amendments are adopted Governors approved the revised Safeguarding policy nem con.

Governors noted the report on Safeguarding.

10   Data Dashboard

The Vice Principal made a presentation on the current Data Dashboard figures highlighting which Year 11 GCSE subjects are showing an impressive performance and which are requiring improvements.  She asked governors to particularly note that the performance of Pupil premium students is much poorer that in 2016 due to the nature of the abilities of the cohort.  She advised that a more up to date prediction will be made in a verbal report to the January Governors meeting immediately after the mock exams.  Following the mock exams there will be review meetings held in each department where rapid improvement plans and targeted interventions will be drawn up.  This process will also be followed following the sixth form mocks where there are now only terminal exams which make predictions more challenging.

Governors asked whether the interventions will improve the data for both the individual and the College and the VP responded that it should. 

The VP then reported that the Progress 8 figures shows a gender gap in performance in English and Maths that is broadly in line with national averages and not unexpected.  She advised that the College needs to make a ‘push’ on improving the reading skills of its students in the lower years and the College has more lower attainers in English and Maths than previously.

       Governors noted the report on the data Dashboard.

Brian Harrison left the meeting at 7.45pm

11   SEF 2016-17

The VP referred Governors to the latest Self Evaluation Report for the College asking them to note that managers graded the College ‘outstanding’ in each evaluation category.  Governors were pleased with the evaluation; concurred with the judgements made and asked managers to ensure that clear examples of the evidence cited are readily available should it be necessary. 

The Principal concluded that the College needs to maintain this position as far as is possible.

The CEO reported that he had contacted Ofsted to request a section 5 inspection so that this position could be formally recognised in an Ofsted report and that he had received a non-committal response.

Governors noted the SEF.

12   AoB


The meeting closed at 7.50 pm.